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  1. I know this thread is a few months old at this point but seeing as it's been revived; don't people do this quite easily on regular consoles too? Lagging your internet on purpose for an advantage has been a thing since Halo 2 in 2006, and people have been using turbo controllers with characters like Honda in ST for as long as I can remember too. Even one of the last streams you did I remember one of the honda players was doing hands on demand and blatantly had turbo. I'm sure there are people on FC who use macros or lag their connections to get an advantage but I'd imagine since yo
  2. I like DSP but I think there's plenty of people on this forum could do without acting so condescending towards eachother esp. with 80% of the shitposts being made by new troll accounts I know the place is dead but not every thread has to be 2-3 pages of arguing with bait til Phil deletes the troll posts or locks the thread
  3. I think complaining about chat doing what they want conversation wise is just silly anyway.. I've never seen a streamer other than DSP do it. If people are talking with eachother and it's not necessarily about you or the game you're playing, let it happen. If people form connections or friendships with other chatters that way it keeps them coming back the same way being an entertaining streamer does Even huge streamers whose chats are 100% shitposts and can't hope to be moderated because there's too much to moderate, I'd bet money a fair portion of the users who frequent those stream
  4. Banned phrases definitely need to be listed especially for things that are so vague/innocuous with decent potential to be part of normal speech. "Who is Pewdiepie?" "It's the guy that has a bajillion Youtube subs." Banned. I'd agree that more detailed rules is necessary too.. for example The last rule here is hardly ever enforced, and it's enforced selectively... people talk about detractors all the time in chat without so much as a warning, DSP brings them up on stream at times himself. But sometimes someone brings a detractor or detractor video up at the wrong time
  5. The forum doesn't need to be revived, it can remain an echo chamber used by only the same 10 people. Nothing interesting goes on here - even DSP himself has been posting less and less here as time goes on. A Discord would serve better, traditional forums were on the way out years ago and they're outdated at best now. Too vulnerable to data breaches as well. The only people who still use the forum are quick to jump at eachother's throats, attacking eachother or aggressively defending something, and sometimes angrily shaking a stick at detractors. Nothing about it is appealing enough t
  6. A certain detractor has had his twitch permabanned today
  7. Hopefully this topic doesn't end up heated or full of bullshit because I don't intend to make it for that My take on stream chat is that it should be allowed to talk about whatever it wants, within the rules of the stream obviously - people shouldn't be allowed to post toxic shit or troll/argue in chat. I don't think that you should be too hard on your chat when it's not talking about you (DSP) or the game you're playing. When people are shooting the shit about music, a different game, a different streamer, etc. they form connections with eachother in your chat. This keeps them comin
  8. After watching the video I understand why Phil was tempbanned now, no problem with Twitch handing out the suspension. At the end of the day I feel like in any conflict both parties are responsible for what they say and do and they both fall under the blanket of ToS, despite the fact that one is more accountable than the other it still applies. But I do think the separation on what's considered "harassment" should be outlined more clearly to streamers. If anything you'd think insulting someone's IRL appearance would be fine, because generally insulting them isn't against the ToS. If I was
  9. My understanding is that bits are basically their own form of currency, which means offering things in return for them likely falls under gambling/underage gambling laws somehow (the bits basically being chips at a casino). This would be why in Twitch's policies for bits they constantly say "Bits have no monetary value". Though I'm only making assumptions here, I don't know the fine details of gambling laws in America. For example the question in this Reddit post would basically be textbook online gambling, though this is a more obvious case. I'm not quite sure why this wouldn't appl
  10. I'm just happy Phil's back and the misinformation didn't lead to anything worse than a day. Pretty safe from false reporting now.
  11. He called it a big return and it could have been much worse so it's worth a welcome back.
  12. Excited that the stream came back up without a hitch. I'm only a little confused because I was banned for expressing excitement about the fundraiser. Still excited for it nonetheless!
  13. Hoo boy, I just came back and this thread went up in flames. Sorry.
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