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  1. wheredoisignup

    How is Phil so good at fighting games?

    I beat DSP once while spamming taunts.
  2. wheredoisignup

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    A certain detractor has had his twitch permabanned today
  3. Hopefully this topic doesn't end up heated or full of bullshit because I don't intend to make it for that My take on stream chat is that it should be allowed to talk about whatever it wants, within the rules of the stream obviously - people shouldn't be allowed to post toxic shit or troll/argue in chat. I don't think that you should be too hard on your chat when it's not talking about you (DSP) or the game you're playing. When people are shooting the shit about music, a different game, a different streamer, etc. they form connections with eachother in your chat. This keeps them coming back just as much as watching an entertaining broadcaster keeps them around; you chat with your friends while playing a game, or watching a sports game or a movie - as with all forms of entertainment, not everybody is 100% glued to the content at all times. Low/limited attention spans aren't uncommon in humans. My suggestion to you, Phil, if people are talking about irrelevant stuff in your chat just let them be unless it's an inappropriate topic or a heated argument. If absolutely nobody is trying to ask you questions or interact with you, then join your chat in the conversation if you feel it's appropriate for you to do so. This post is in regards to what happened during the ending credits of the 3s master challenge
  4. wheredoisignup

    I'm Suspended For 3 Days on Twitch, Here's What Happened.

    After watching the video I understand why Phil was tempbanned now, no problem with Twitch handing out the suspension. At the end of the day I feel like in any conflict both parties are responsible for what they say and do and they both fall under the blanket of ToS, despite the fact that one is more accountable than the other it still applies. But I do think the separation on what's considered "harassment" should be outlined more clearly to streamers. If anything you'd think insulting someone's IRL appearance would be fine, because generally insulting them isn't against the ToS. If I was allowed to call some chat baiter a dipshit why would I think I'm not allowed to call him an ugly dipshit or something? Twitch can't really do anything about anonymous bait accounts so the only thing that can really be done is for streamers to just ignore the BS in their chats. Good job on that Phil, hopefully this doesn't happen again.
  5. wheredoisignup

    Welcome back to Twitch DSP

    My understanding is that bits are basically their own form of currency, which means offering things in return for them likely falls under gambling/underage gambling laws somehow (the bits basically being chips at a casino). This would be why in Twitch's policies for bits they constantly say "Bits have no monetary value". Though I'm only making assumptions here, I don't know the fine details of gambling laws in America. For example the question in this Reddit post would basically be textbook online gambling, though this is a more obvious case. I'm not quite sure why this wouldn't apply to donations as well, though. In any case, bits being the touchy subject with Twitch is still a bit weird. Just wanted to put in my two-cents (or two bits?)
  6. wheredoisignup

    Welcome back to Twitch DSP

    I'm just happy Phil's back and the misinformation didn't lead to anything worse than a day. Pretty safe from false reporting now.
  7. wheredoisignup

    Welcome back to Twitch DSP

    He called it a big return and it could have been much worse so it's worth a welcome back.
  8. wheredoisignup

    Welcome back to Twitch DSP

    Excited that the stream came back up without a hitch. I'm only a little confused because I was banned for expressing excitement about the fundraiser. Still excited for it nonetheless!
  9. wheredoisignup

    Twitch Suspension

    Hoo boy, I just came back and this thread went up in flames. Sorry.
  10. wheredoisignup

    Twitch Suspension

    I went to Twitch and the stream flipped on a blank and in the chat it says "this channel has been suspended" before it flips to a webpage saying the channel isn't available. What's going on?
  11. wheredoisignup

    DSP Tries it Wax Vac

    SUCC IT OUT I loved this video
  12. wheredoisignup

    The Shower Video

    I thought the video was funny, it was self-aware so that's why it's "so bad it's good". It was just fun to watch because Phil seemed like he had honest fun making the video
  13. wheredoisignup

    The Escort was a fake story made up by Professional Scammers

    I can't disagree with Phil on anything health care related because it's frankly fucked in the USA. I had a spontaneous pneumothorax that gave me a collapsed lung and massive chest pain where I was afraid of going to sleep without waking up for weeks, and I spent 3 weeks avoiding the hospital before I finally caved and went. I've gotten cysts that I now remove myself because I have experience in medical fields and had enough knowledge to say fuck it and do it myself. Anyway, guess who's in mountains of debt now and has collectors up their ass? You guessed it, me. In my humble opinion going to the hospital for something that isn't life threatening, doesn't cause long-standing damage, and isn't fixable but preventable, is a waste of money. Even then you're damned if you do and damned if you don't, do you want to die or do you want to spend the rest of your life climbing debt mountain? The "hospital situation" can be summed up to a guy venting his frustrations about healthcare in America and that's all I ever really saw it as.
  14. wheredoisignup

    The Escort was a fake story made up by Professional Scammers

    I just watched the Jim video, I don't know much about what went down on the farms so I can't comment on the validity of everything but it just seemed like he was giving more credit to KWF for finding out the actual identities of the fake escorts and pulling them down He does have some choice shit to say about you, but he also goes on implying detractors are obsessed/autistic, and touches on the fact that people will believe literally anything said about you if it's dramatic and satisfies their distaste for you. I feel like this video does more good than bad - because the old drama is old drama, people who received it out of context (the hospital, masturbation stuff) aren't going to change their perception of those situations at this point. Let's face it, more people know you Phil from others' videos rather than your own, and those are the exact types of people that aren't going to bother doing research themselves - someone who you could tell "DSP hired an escort and paid a bunch of money to meet them" and just believe it, the types of people who would jump for joy to see a video about you by Jim - and that's one good thing about the video, it helps to clear the air a bit.