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  1. https://streamable.com/tngem4 Yeah it was Phil during Lost Judgment who threw the first punch.
  2. Honestly even just his transition from Twitch to Youtube should have shown everyone he's not as poor off as he wants people to think he is. From his own words, he was/is making thousands of dollars less on YT than he was on Twitch even just through subscriptions alone, but he's doing just fine... yet when he was on Twitch, it was the same story, needing to hit every tips goal or he'd be screwed, even though by his own admission he was making thousands of dollars more during that time. Phil's income in a 2-person household without any children to take care of is what a lot of people would consider "Fuck you money" and it had to have been going somewhere. The fact he is dishonest about it is what's disappointing rather than the fact he's spending frivolously on leisure & entertainment.
  3. One of his mods has admitted he makes multiple accounts just to become a member on DSP's stream so I wouldn't really call it "natural"
  4. It's his prerogative if he wants to wear whatever hat he wants to wear, but I also don't understand the concept of "I can't wear this now, or it'll force it out of the rotation", you can wear it two streams in a row if you wanna. I also don't get this idea that trolls are spite-voting on purpose to "ruin the stream", I'm not going to assume the position of "what's the point of voting if you won't do what we voted for?", but IMO what's the point of running polls and all that if you're that convinced that people are just going to vote for the """Wrong Thing'"" (heavy quotes) on purpose.
  5. I stopped supporting one day when he made $70, between one $50 tips and a few smaller tips and said "One guy donated $50 and the rest is just pittance" Still watching the streams but not receiving a cent from me.
  6. Yeah this is the final nail in the coffin for me. He does a fundraiser and has an Xbox all of a sudden? Just last night when he had $67 on stream, he was talking as if he only got tipped $17 because PastryArchy's $50 tips are "expected" and referred to the rest of the tips as "pittance". I already felt iffy about supporting the guy and now I know for sure that it's really not worth it, even if I like watching him, I can't be confident my money is actually helping him with necessities.
  7. I don't support because frankly.. it's not hard to put two and two together and get a ballpark figure for what his income is, and his wife works too but only part-time, I find it very hard to believe you can be struggling to make end's meet with the amount of money Phil alone is bringing in. For most people his income would basically be considered "Fuck-you money"
  8. He won't even play games with Patreon subs because trolls will pledge to get into games with him, he'd rather punish his fans than go through the trouble of vetting/weeding out people who join just to be rude. Discord ain't happening.
  9. I honestly have no idea why DSP is insistent on not playing GG Strive. It's my first time playing a GG game and it was super easy to pick up and learn, and the netcode is by far the best I've ever seen. I have 20 hours in it so far and have experienced like maybe two laggy matches, despite regularly playing people from different continents altogether. Seems right up DSP's alley if he can't stand lag in online fighters.
  10. rent free lmao i didnt even realize that
  11. I think his lag is bullshit in CoD honestly, I play a lot of fighting games too and I definitely experience a lot of what Phil gets, you end up with bad connections either due to distance between one another or the opponent playing on a shoddy setup like Wi-fi, which is extremely common on Playstation for whatever reason. I think he stretches the truth about the lag in fighting games too though, you get general slowdown and dropped inputs or skipped frames, but never have I ever seen a fighting game that supposedly makes your character do something you didn't do (like a kick instead of a punch, for example) due to lag. Sure, you can get dropped inputs where you press a punch button and get nothing, but if it gives you the incorrect move, 100% of the time it's because that's the button you pressed. CoD is a game where in 300 or so hours of Cold War I rarely experience any lag, and not to the extent DSP does, and I've never heard of anyone other than DSP experiencing lag to the extent that he does. A lot of the times he blames lag he just blatantly missed the guy he was shooting at too. I don't think he genuinely never lags but again, like in SF, the things he claims the lag is causing are just not possible which makes it come across as an excuse.
  12. Guy has called people faggots on his stream and calls people retards frequently, Twitch themselves doesn't take kindly to the term "retard" or anything involving using mental illness as an insult... lol Are you kidding me
  13. Pretty much this... there's already streamers like avoidingthepuddle who go out of their way to avoid saying the word "retard" because Twitch has told him that's a no-no and to avoid doing it before, and DSP calls people retards pretty frequently, as well as using a million other terms to insult their mental health or simply calling them "fucked in the head", there's also a reason people like Aris can get away with calling his chat cock-sucking bitches every stream, because he doesn't ever target the people by name, which Phil also does frequently. Their section on hateful conduct also makes it pretty clear that the intent and the way the term is used matters a lot to them too, and DSP always uses these terms to disparage random trolls in his stream chats. He also thinks hateful slurs only include racial/homophobic slurs, which I think the reason for that is probably because of the short ban Twitch gave him recently over him misspeaking on stream. Besides that, people have already dug up clips of Phil on Twitch streams saying stuff like "If you wanna listen to some faggot insult some homo, then go to Youtube!" -- he really didn't do himself a favor by saying he's never ever said racial or homophobic slurs while streaming on Twitch.
  14. He calls people retards and makes light of mental illness frequently... can he really not think of anywhere he might have used hateful slurs? He literally called them lame-brained dumb fucks in his response to their email. I am pretty sure one or two of his pre-stream songs has some pretty spicy shit in it but I can't think of which off the top of my head
  15. He said "negger", according to his own words via Twitter. He tried to say "negative", he slipped up and threw an R in after "nega" I don't think DSP is racist or that it was intentional at all, nor do I think he should've caught a ban for it, but to say it didn't sound like the N word at all is ridiculous, as is saying anyone who thinks that's what it sounded like is an idiot.
  16. Just seems like a stretch to say anyone who heard it is an idiot
  17. He said anyone that heard the N word from what he said is a fucking idiot/moron, but that's absolutely what I heard. I know he misspoke but come on, anyone who heard the word is an idiot? He insists he said "Negger" but even negger sounds like the N word.
  18. Who the hell does Dexerto think they are ? I didn't know these game journos became detractors too.
  19. Phil requires a verified Paypal and I tried to verify my Paypal with a false name and they declined it because the info on the account didn't align with the info in my bank account. So while it is possible to "get around" including that info in your account, it's also a very real possibility that you won't get verified in the first place - DSP refunds any tips that aren't verified.
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