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  1. jd400081

    Would You Rather

    ​I'd rather sky dive. That way if anything goes bad it'll be quick and painless! =D Would you rather watch any M. Niht Shamala (Shamalamadingdong) movie or watch Shiya Labouf in Transformers?
  2. jd400081

    Just a minor question

    ​I understand what you mean and phrasing does have a lot to do with it. However, instead of just up-front closing the thread, it could have been proposed to the topic starter to rephrase the question instead of just shutting down the whole thing. I think that at times it may seem like nitpicking, but at the same time Phil does put himself out there with a lot of his opinion and thoughts so people are bound to discuss it and depending on how yourself and those around you initially respond to or handle that criticism is going to affect you are perceived. Even a fan with the best of intentions can cause the person that they're trying to champion to appear foolish. On a side note, I appreciate the examples you provided and your well thought-out response. It's nice to have that instead of some of the usual responses I've received. =)
  3. jd400081

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    ​​The "How much" thread, pointing out how Phil has been late for streams, etc. yet he critcizes Sony for being late. The thread brought up a valid point, but because KG called "drama" it had to be closed.
  4. jd400081

    Just a minor question

    ​I don't believe he was right in closing it. It was just a simple thread for people to discuss a topic relevant to a statement Phil recently made about Sony. I agree we should get along regardless of opinions/viewpoints, but when those of a position of power snuff out those view points and opinions by locking a thread and ending all discussion, it becomes an issue.
  5. jd400081

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    So apparently now the Admins not agreeing with a topic are apparently credence to close it. And the fact that KG was part of that just proves that it's all about how much money you throw at Phil and not about constructive discussion. Pretty sad really.
  6. jd400081

    Just a minor question

    ​What's it matter? You'll probably just find some reason to lock the thread even if it's completely valid.
  7. jd400081

    Insults, slander and vote brigading?

    ​So the guy who basically joins threads just to start trouble and get the thread locked.
  8. jd400081

    Minecraft Playthrough Discussion (Yes, I Typed That)

    ​Unfortunately, no, unlike in real life a Diamond house is most definitely breakable. The only type of block that truly cannot be broken via creeper, TNT, etc. is Bedrock. However, Obsidian and Diamond are two of the more difficult blocks to just destroy. Also... um.. for him to build a house like in THIS picture would probably him to mine every diamond in the seed. XD But he could make a modest little 4x4x4 house without much trouble.
  9. jd400081

    Minecraft Playthrough Discussion (Yes, I Typed That)

    ​Actually, I like that idea; gives a stretch goal than just "get diamond because reasons". Even more funny if a creeper just happened to come along about the time he finished building it. XD
  10. jd400081

    Forum Rank Titles(Work in Progress) Suggestions Needed!

    0-200: I'm Pressing Buttons 200 - 400: I Can't Block 400 - 600: Dark Souls Beginner 600 - 800: Dark Souls Victim 800 - 1000: Dark Souls Conqueror 1000+: Real Adult Poster Gotta admit, definitely ike the Dark Souls rank idea that's already been posted, so figured I'd keep that in it. =)
  11. jd400081

    Rate The Users Avatar Above you

    Phantom/10 Masks are always fun.. 'specially ones with a nice.. big.. smile. =)
  12. jd400081

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Random Thought: I'm starting to think throwing money at people to get immunity from punishment might be the right idea after all. =D
  13. jd400081

    Patreon GOAL Suggestions Thread! (Input Needed!)

    People are just discussing it.. Pretty calm looking too... so I think people are pretty "chill" as is. =) What's the > $5 title called, out of curiosity?
  14. jd400081

    Patreon GOAL Suggestions Thread! (Input Needed!)

    ​Honestly, I don't thinks it necessary to bring back the dislike system; he's doing a great enough job proving just how toxic he is. But yeah, as far as the title goes, I think that changing it to "Most Supportive" definitely makes a bit more sense than its current one. "Most Respected"... Eh... The word "Respected" is a little strong and makes a lot of assumptions, whereas "Supportive" tells you what you need to know.
  15. jd400081

    Have Phil's feelings on Minecraft really changed?

    ​We can't even get the guy to stop shadow banning and deleting posts right and left. An apology seems almost impossible at this point.