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  1. So with this change, Patreon numbers have bombed. Phil is now down to 164 Patrons and getting lower. He's also down from 550+ subs to sub 500. With the Patron's choice playthrough being a 600 sub goal there's really no risk in it ever being an issue, but how does 600 people coming together to secure a goal, for the 79 people who pledge $5 or more to pick what game is played? EVEN if all 79 people picked the same game, 521 people who made the goal possible won't get a say. Unless they double dip and donate to Phil twice through different means. And that's the best case scenario - it's most likely that of the 79 people with voting rights, a min majority of 40 (if there's two choices) or even lower number of people will choose what 600+ people watch. It's concerning, but I doubt we'll push 600 subs any time soon. I already know what Phil's response will be so spare the abridged versions.
  2. Absolutely hilarious. I nearly tore my abdomen howling with laughter. The over the top selling of the 'brand new, never seen before' fidget spinner is probably the best thing you've done Phil!!! Nich of course he didn't prepare his lines, he hates scripted comedy, this is Phil's quick wit at its absolute finest :)
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