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  1. ​Problem is his preview and review is going to be about the same thing..for the complaining he could of just talked about what happened in the past for a few minutes but made the upcoming games the meat of the video, easily 10 mins..
  2. Am I the only person who thinks this is just Phil wanting more views and is a terrible idea?..I mean Phil already does a week in preview so why does he need to do a review...are your views that low, Phil?
  3. ​Knowing Phil in his mind he doesn't have to answer anything...
  4. ​It's not that he is taking spare time out..it's the fact the he says he is in "debt" and begs for his fans for money and he does this crap, kind of feels like he is only doing patreon just to support his spending habits, when he could be using that money making his stream better..this is why I don't donate to Phil..
  5. For someone mocking "kids" he sure types like one...sorry for derail...but god..
  6. Nameless

    R.I.P. Che

    He got banned?...that sucks his post in the toilet thread was a riot!
  7. ​That's why I like boogie2988, yes he can be called a sell-out or make bad videos just like any other youtuber but with saying that, he can take criticism in stride and better himself and his content..unlike Phil who cringes at the mere thought of someone calling him a "poopie-head"
  8. Phil doesn't seem to be the type to be patient when it comes to games, look at his Dark souls II playthrough he NEVER ONCE tried to learn the dodge mechanic or imbue weapons. Now you expect him to learn Monster Hunter and crafting, he can't cheese Monster Hunter like he did Dark souls II..not to mention he will abuse stream chat, which takes the fun out of it..
  9. They planned and budgeted their time and money to get where they are now, unlike you sadly to say.. All I can say is..Welcome to the internet.. No matter how you slice it I wouldn't want to pay someone to learn how to use a green screen when they should of known how to do it already, like I said before you don't really have anything to provide your fans with.. ​A shout-out takes a few seconds...oh I forgot anything involving moving is hard and stressful.. ​I don't think the FGC would want you back, all you did was place top 10 in a broken port of SF II Turbo.. ​Problem there is, since you
  10. ​He DID put it on twitch and he DID mention of showing it on his youtube video..so.yeah..if anyone gave a damn they could get youtube on Phil's ass for that cause he did make money from stealing the ending..
  11. Your goals are quite honestly...well..crap, 6-10 hour marathon..seriously when there's people that do it for 24 hours, hell.. loop did it for 17 hour, for charity! You playing E.T., Superman 64, Sonic '06 would be bad just cause you will be forcing every reaction, just cause you don't want to play it, not to mention playing Minecraft for how much you insult the game and hate it. If you expect 25$ or 50$ just for a shoutout, which again you hate when the "big youtubers" do it, so why are you doing it? The problem is you bring nothing of worth for patreon donators, you don't make music, or do we
  12. If I were to run a stream I would host tournaments for Smash and other fighting games, pokemon, mario kart 8 you name it! Do raffles with consoles+games, having weekends where via emulation play a multiplayer retro game with fans, or a modern game. Have times during playthroughs, or on podcasts where you just sit back and talk to people on skype for the fun of it and hang out. Talking more on the forums if I had one. That to me is fan interaction, to make them feel they are just not people watching a guy play games but feel more involved. I thought about starting my own youtube but..not really
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