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  1. In response to anyone saying the builds were too large and boring. I was kind of testing the waters. At the very beginning, I was a little hopeful, but I'm seeing I need to scale things back. I've had some disappointments when suggestions were turned down, put aside, or even glossed over. In some ways I understand why. I been trying to adapt to fit what he has time for, but still have places I would like to take the builds, using more advanced techniques. Call it stubbornness, naivety, or even stupidity. (e.g. The bird statue; that one did get a little away from me.) What I do to help can be it bit frustrating and thinking about letting someone else give it shot and see what happens, but the investment I put in doesn't really bother me, partly cause I see it as a challenge. It's also teaching me more about the game, just by doing things for him. I actually know squat about Bedrock and only play in Java, so in places where I screw up in a recipe, or some mechanic in the game. That's why. The pace might be painfully slow and I might have to repeat things, but sometimes I like to just watch too. It helps that I like the game too. I'm also not trying to get in the way of the streams and just do my thing, I'm going off suggestions and trying to help out. I've seen complaints of people saying that I shouldn't help so much and just let him figure it out. Also getting annoyed by my 50 bit essays, then there is some that hate that I support him at all, which was made pretty apparent back in December. It's not my intention to annoy anyone. Admittedly I have assumed to be the person to help out, cause I want to keep the series going and is one of my favorites that he has right now. Just worried that he'd give up and stop playing and if there was something I could do, I wanted to try to encourage him to keep playing and find something interesting to do. First it was just showing him some basics, but it kind of veered off in to random builds, I guess cause people were getting bored. Anyhow, it is what it is. Initially I wanted to show him just about everything about the game, but now I just feel I'm along for the ride and see where it goes.
  2. XP is not a big deal right now. When the Librarian Farm is done, it will act as an XP farm as well. He also has Spider Mob Spawner under his home. That would make an easy mob/xp farm. Building a mob and an XP farm is something I want to do eventually. I would also love to have him try something like a cathedral. A bit unrealistic now. But I would like him to try something with a bit detail to it. I would have to start smaller first.
  3. Huh. That's interesting. I think he wants to keep it single player for now. Even if he can change it, he wants to finish doing what he wants in his world first before letting people in, cause they would destroy it. Making a Realms world, would be an option, but I don't think he wants to spend the time and money on that. He would need people to be there to be admins and they might no always be there and likely turn in to a toxic place and get hacked and be an overall mess. If there is a lot of support for a Realms, he might consider it, but I think it would come down to if he has time to get it all set up and if he will have enough support to keep it open and interest wouldn't just die down and hardly anyone uses it. He tried a server once and it was a disaster. Also, people lost interest. If someone wants to make a fan server, it would be up to them.
  4. I'm totally fine with classic MYST. That was the version I was expecting initially. Get the full classic MYST frustration experience. All around, the remastered versions is in essentially the same game, so if Phil can't stand the original point and click version, there are updated versions available to kind give a more updated feel to it. But, I'm sure he's not gonna buy different versions of the same game, so there will be people like myself to help him out with hints. I think it would still be fun. MYST is a game I've been wanting to see him play for a while. Now that I'm thinking about it. It might make more sense to buy the remastered, cause you can still play MYST as the point and click adventure, or it gives you the option to play in free roam. So if one doesn't work, he could try the other. Instead of just giving up without a second chance of trying something different.
  5. If MYST is picked, I would suggest to play RealMYST. A remastered version of MYST.
  6. Based on the last Minecraft stream, I feel I need to say something. I enjoy helping Phil with builds and everyone else is doing great helping Phil when he has a question. Phil has got over a lot of hurtles of learning the game is starting to understand how to play and enjoy on his own with little help and sometimes needs a little reminding of some things. I would turst that over time will expand to other things and become even better. I tried to make a lot of guides for Phil, a lot of them took a lot of time and energy to fit a lot of information with few words, but most of them were put on the back burner until a time comes around to get back to it. It's been an interesting and fun challenge to make guides that would hopefully heighten the gaming experience. I've learned my types of builds are pretty ambitious and doesn't lend itself well with a hurried style of finishing a project in the span of two hour sessions, once a week. At least with kind of play style where the forefront of not enough action and too much collection to be entertaining is a concern. After this build that is in the works and still offer help for the ones that were partially built, but put on hold, I'll still be around, but I think I'm gonna step back as more of an observer and just let things play out on their own and see how it goes.
  7. Curious to see if there any support for this and if anyone would even go as far to donate for Phil to check out this DLC?
  8. I nominate the heck out of it. I don't know if I already answered this, I felt like I did, but anyways, I guess starting from the first Myst might be good. I might have to help him a lot just to get through it and figure he wouldn't want to spend a lot of time on it. I'd just want him to get the story. Then go through chronologically. If the people like the first one, I would suggest Riven next. Which is an awesome sequel. I think Revelations and Exile are my favorite. I'm not of a fan of Uru. That one is trash.
  9. Heck yeah, I would always be down for Myst. I tried suggesting it before, kind of as a joke, but also kinda serious, cause I would like to see him try it. I could see some good rage moments.
  10. I think noting would say holiday cheer more than classic Doom. Decking the halls with green plasma balls of the BFG, turning demons in to a festive red pile of goo. So you have your Christmas colors there.
  11. Retro gameplay classicsydephil logo_b.bmp
  12. 8 years. I'm gonna be moving suggestions to a new site, so I'm not flooding this one. It's pretty endless and I'm gonna touch on each subject at some point. Not just in understanding the basic mechanics, but how to play different game modes, what you can do in each, to mastering techniques in each. Then there is whole different realms to Minecraft, because learning to play the game well just scratches the surface. There is nearly countless types of ways you can play and interact in the game. Each platform has different editions of Minecraft and some have access to special features you can't get on others. There's over a dozen different editions and with some you can have access to newer and older release versions and experimental versions. An unlimited source of community servers, to find some inspiration. The ability to implement computer networking on your own worlds, modding, coding, testing, customization in vanilla, or with different clients and world generation in vanilla, or tool assisted. Another topic I'd want to cover is building a name to a play style, experimenting alone or seeing out a network with other experienced Minecraft players, on improving content and viewer interaction. Approached certain ways, Minecraft can be a decent source of income.
  13. Hey, Phil. I made you an updated list of things to do for Minecraft. I'll post a copy in your Twitter. Lots of stuff here hopefully should give you ideas for a while. DSP Minecraft guide.pdf
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