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  1. Someone can to a co-op and come up with stuff. I do kinda agree about the adventure thing being a problem.
  2. I dunno man. The first changes of Origins just dropped and it's looking pretty sick.
  3. Seems like NMS is getting the game ready for next gen, just thought I'd pass it along. I would buy a next gen console just for this.
  4. I wouldn't see it likely, but from what I've seen, it seems worth another shot. I also revisited Phil's old videos on NMS and something else I can add if does happen, Phil can't just rush it, cause it was just a miserable time and you're not having sense of awareness of your surroundings. The game does start you off on hazardous planet so there is some sense of urgency and make survival a bit more challenging. Dying does suck, but it does give you the ability get back what you lost and learn from a mistake. I would recommend to take a breath, relax and think, like you are on a strange, al
  5. Since Phil last played I think he just saw the beginnings of the Base update and the Next update and maybe the Visions update. Since then there's been the massive Beyond update, Exo Mech update, Living Ship update, Crossplay update, Sythithys update and Desolation update. Adding whole new avenues of gameplay. After Phil's first revisit of the game and failing after a short period, cause of the long tutorial segment and Phils protest of a grindy farming, this game might been sworn off by Phil. Still, there has been more changes to the game since. This is where I have been spendin
  6. I'm fine with it. I just see it as a gimmick.
  7. Thanks for liking them. Here's them with the appropriate sizes and transparencies and a fix for the fishing rod, cause I noticed I accidentally erased out the hook.
  8. Illager Captain/Raid emote 112x112 with transparencies Fishing in the rain emote 112x112 with transparencies
  9. I just came across a game that I had no idea existed, called Disneyland Adventures for the Xbox One. Would be another chill title if you need another.
  10. Well, when I join Phil. My goal is to not get in the way and not distract him, or be obnoxious. I still want him to work on projects. I wouldn't want to pass on the impression that he can just have me build for him and take away something he could learn. I will help with some instances where a build is large and there is some kind of repetitive block placements. That could cut the building time in half and move on to something else more interesting. I would also likely stop if he stops and gets distracted and continue when he does so we're both doing equal work. I would prefer for h
  11. Cause he doesn't want to. I don't think he's interested. Not yet anyways. I think after he's done with the world he's playing in he might do multiplayer. I've also never tried multiplayer on Bedrock. I wouldn't see why it wouldn't work, but I haven't tried joining someone's Xbox world on PC. Oh... I just remembered. Just bought an Xbox One X, should be here in a few days. Yay me. I may, or may not buy Minecraft again just for Xbox.
  12. Yeah. I've tried that and I prefer the 1x2 tunnels branch mining. If you space them 3 blocks apart you're still exposing the most surface area with mining the least amount of rock. It's all preference. Phil can totally try this method too and if he likes it better, he can stick with it. Yes, it is possible.
  13. I hear you. I've messed around with corners. I modeled it as a solid color at first, I found when corners poke out too much, it kinda makes a weird shapes when moving around it and pokes out in weird places and looks more jagged than smooth. I do like making the ellipses as round as I could, but for this model it didn't work. It's also cause it's so small, it's harder to keep a consistent profile. It would have been easier if I made it bigger, but if I did, then I think Phil would have complained about it. Also I feel like I did screw up on the presentation on the guide of the egg when I
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