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  1. Yeah. I remember even back in the original Playstation era, Tekken was played by serious players.
  2. I would like to see more MK11, anyone agree?
  3. In response to anyone saying the builds were too large and boring. I was kind of testing the waters. At the very beginning, I was a little hopeful, but I'm seeing I need to scale things back. I've had some disappointments when suggestions were turned down, put aside, or even glossed over. In some ways I understand why. I been trying to adapt to fit what he has time for, but still have places I would like to take the builds, using more advanced techniques. Call it stubbornness, naivety, or even stupidity. (e.g. The bird statue; that one did get a little away from me.) What I do to help can be it bit frustrating and thinking about letting someone else give it shot and see what happens, but the investment I put in doesn't really bother me, partly cause I see it as a challenge. It's also teaching me more about the game, just by doing things for him. I actually know squat about Bedrock and only play in Java, so in places where I screw up in a recipe, or some mechanic in the game. That's why. The pace might be painfully slow and I might have to repeat things, but sometimes I like to just watch too. It helps that I like the game too. I'm also not trying to get in the way of the streams and just do my thing, I'm going off suggestions and trying to help out. I've seen complaints of people saying that I shouldn't help so much and just let him figure it out. Also getting annoyed by my 50 bit essays, then there is some that hate that I support him at all, which was made pretty apparent back in December. It's not my intention to annoy anyone. Admittedly I have assumed to be the person to help out, cause I want to keep the series going and is one of my favorites that he has right now. Just worried that he'd give up and stop playing and if there was something I could do, I wanted to try to encourage him to keep playing and find something interesting to do. First it was just showing him some basics, but it kind of veered off in to random builds, I guess cause people were getting bored. Anyhow, it is what it is. Initially I wanted to show him just about everything about the game, but now I just feel I'm along for the ride and see where it goes.
  4. XP is not a big deal right now. When the Librarian Farm is done, it will act as an XP farm as well. He also has Spider Mob Spawner under his home. That would make an easy mob/xp farm. Building a mob and an XP farm is something I want to do eventually. I would also love to have him try something like a cathedral. A bit unrealistic now. But I would like him to try something with a bit detail to it. I would have to start smaller first.
  5. Huh. That's interesting. I think he wants to keep it single player for now. Even if he can change it, he wants to finish doing what he wants in his world first before letting people in, cause they would destroy it. Making a Realms world, would be an option, but I don't think he wants to spend the time and money on that. He would need people to be there to be admins and they might no always be there and likely turn in to a toxic place and get hacked and be an overall mess. If there is a lot of support for a Realms, he might consider it, but I think it would come down to if he has time to get it all set up and if he will have enough support to keep it open and interest wouldn't just die down and hardly anyone uses it. He tried a server once and it was a disaster. Also, people lost interest. If someone wants to make a fan server, it would be up to them.
  6. I'm totally fine with classic MYST. That was the version I was expecting initially. Get the full classic MYST frustration experience. All around, the remastered versions is in essentially the same game, so if Phil can't stand the original point and click version, there are updated versions available to kind give a more updated feel to it. But, I'm sure he's not gonna buy different versions of the same game, so there will be people like myself to help him out with hints. I think it would still be fun. MYST is a game I've been wanting to see him play for a while. Now that I'm thinking about it. It might make more sense to buy the remastered, cause you can still play MYST as the point and click adventure, or it gives you the option to play in free roam. So if one doesn't work, he could try the other. Instead of just giving up without a second chance of trying something different.
  7. If MYST is picked, I would suggest to play RealMYST. A remastered version of MYST.
  8. Based on the last Minecraft stream, I feel I need to say something. I enjoy helping Phil with builds and everyone else is doing great helping Phil when he has a question. Phil has got over a lot of hurtles of learning the game is starting to understand how to play and enjoy on his own with little help and sometimes needs a little reminding of some things. I would turst that over time will expand to other things and become even better. I tried to make a lot of guides for Phil, a lot of them took a lot of time and energy to fit a lot of information with few words, but most of them were put on the back burner until a time comes around to get back to it. It's been an interesting and fun challenge to make guides that would hopefully heighten the gaming experience. I've learned my types of builds are pretty ambitious and doesn't lend itself well with a hurried style of finishing a project in the span of two hour sessions, once a week. At least with kind of play style where the forefront of not enough action and too much collection to be entertaining is a concern. After this build that is in the works and still offer help for the ones that were partially built, but put on hold, I'll still be around, but I think I'm gonna step back as more of an observer and just let things play out on their own and see how it goes.
  9. Curious to see if there any support for this and if anyone would even go as far to donate for Phil to check out this DLC?
  10. I nominate the heck out of it. I don't know if I already answered this, I felt like I did, but anyways, I guess starting from the first Myst might be good. I might have to help him a lot just to get through it and figure he wouldn't want to spend a lot of time on it. I'd just want him to get the story. Then go through chronologically. If the people like the first one, I would suggest Riven next. Which is an awesome sequel. I think Revelations and Exile are my favorite. I'm not of a fan of Uru. That one is trash.
  11. Heck yeah, I would always be down for Myst. I tried suggesting it before, kind of as a joke, but also kinda serious, cause I would like to see him try it. I could see some good rage moments.
  12. I think noting would say holiday cheer more than classic Doom. Decking the halls with green plasma balls of the BFG, turning demons in to a festive red pile of goo. So you have your Christmas colors there.
  13. Retro gameplay classicsydephil logo_b.bmp
  14. 8 years. I'm gonna be moving suggestions to a new site, so I'm not flooding this one. It's pretty endless and I'm gonna touch on each subject at some point. Not just in understanding the basic mechanics, but how to play different game modes, what you can do in each, to mastering techniques in each. Then there is whole different realms to Minecraft, because learning to play the game well just scratches the surface. There is nearly countless types of ways you can play and interact in the game. Each platform has different editions of Minecraft and some have access to special features you can't get on others. There's over a dozen different editions and with some you can have access to newer and older release versions and experimental versions. An unlimited source of community servers, to find some inspiration. The ability to implement computer networking on your own worlds, modding, coding, testing, customization in vanilla, or with different clients and world generation in vanilla, or tool assisted. Another topic I'd want to cover is building a name to a play style, experimenting alone or seeing out a network with other experienced Minecraft players, on improving content and viewer interaction. Approached certain ways, Minecraft can be a decent source of income.
  15. Hey, Phil. I made you an updated list of things to do for Minecraft. I'll post a copy in your Twitter. Lots of stuff here hopefully should give you ideas for a while. DSP Minecraft guide.pdf
  16. I'm not too concerted with a response, he has looked at it. I've been using it more of an archive to reference to later when I need to give him ideas while streaming. Other players can use it to help him out.
  17. This would be the path to dig for the daughter tunnels. Do the same for the other sides. When you cleared an entire branch mine, you can made another on top of the mine you just finished. Making multiple levels. This is a cut out side view, showing the multiple levels. The light colored blocks mark the daughter tunnels from the parent tunnels. Notice they are staggered on different floors. When you make a new level, you repeat the same steps as with the lower level, but with the daughter tunnels, you dig out notches two blocks ahead. This way, this maximizes the surface area and efficiency of the entire branch mine. As you add more levels, as you see on the third level, you copy the same pattern as the bottom floor and alternate between the two. If you decide to start at bedrock, you can make up to 4 levels using this method and at the 4th level, you'll still be at diamond level. So the amount of ore you can extract, let alone other blocks is enormous. This all looks overwhelming, but it is some thing that once you've done it once, it takes almost no thought to start a new branch mine at any time and goes by rather quickly. Especially with good tools with enchants, makes it a lot faster.
  18. Next, on the right side of each parent tunnel, dig shallow 1x2 tunnels, or notches to mark where the daughter tunnels will start. Space the notches 3 blocks apart. Place a torch inside each notch. This will keep the mine lit up well and keep mobs from spawning, as long as you keep placing torches in dark areas. You can make the branch mine as big, or as small as you want. I tend to like to make my branch mine 100 blocks wide. In this case, when you dig out the notches, you should be able to count 12 of them and that should be just the right size. There's a reason for this later. Do the same to the other parent tunnels. Make sure down each tunnel, the notches you dig out are on your right side and there are 12 shallow notches down each parent tunnel. Next, before I start tunneling out all the daughter tunnels, I like to dig out the outer perimeter of the branch mine. You can see what the outer perimeter of the branch mine looks like in the second image I posted in the first part; literally a square around the whole mine. That is what the 12th notch is for, it would mark where the tunnel for the perimeter would be. To find the corner, you can dig to the left, or right at the end of a parent tunnel about 50 blocks, or more then stop and go back to the center of the mine. Go down an end of another parent tunnel, 90 degrees to the last one you came out of and dig towards the direction of new tunnel you made and eventually the corner will meet. Repeat that that step to get the other three corners. Doing this first, you can tunnel out all the daughter tunnels and you know exactly where to stop, cause you'll run in to the outer perimeter. Of course, place torches as you start tunneling. When you exhaust a daughter tunnel of all ores, you can block off both ends with a single block and that will help you keep track of ones that you've already been through.
  19. Doing great, Phil. I have some tips on a few things, first is making a branch mine, which I think I will make make in to multiple posts. I made an example in Minecraft itself. For me, this what I would consider the most efficient branch mine, carving out the least amount of rock, which would be faster and use less durability on your tools and expose the most surface area. This is going to be a dissected birds eye view, you wouldn't normally see, cause it would be buried inside of rock. Here's what the tunnels would look like. It looks kind of like a pinwheel. This is a view from high above. Each tiny light block represents a block you would mine out. I feel this method, you will likely not miss any ore veins inside your branch mine. If the vein is only a single block, you might only miss a few, but chances are you will see it. The chances improve to find every ore if you dig out every vein you see and if you dig out pockets of dirt and gravel. You don't know what you'll find, sometimes it opens up a whole new cave system, of you can find valuable ore you'd normally miss. First you dig a center to the branch mine. This would be the hub. I recommend a 5x5 area and 2 blocks tall, that would be make it high enough to walk through and the low ceiling serves another purpose later. And this would make sort of a room and you can use the space to store chests. Next, in one direction from the center, dig out the middle of the wall to make a 1x2 tunnel out about 50 blocks. Feel free to dig out any ores you find along the way. Do the same in all directions. These are the parent tunnels, next start the daughter tunnels, which I'll go in the next post. I think there's a limit to uploading size in a certain period, so I'll have to post later.
  20. Doing great, Phil on your fourth Minecraft stream. Thinking on what to do next Minecraft is about doing anything you want and playing anyway you want. Solo, or with others. You can learn to be an expert at something; survival, building, farming, fighting PvE/PvP, redstone contraptions, enchanting, mining. Or just something simple like learning at your own pace, as slow, or fast as you want. Exploring near, or far and experimenting with things you come across, expanding and slowly improving your base. There so many guides out there if you having trouble figuring out what to do. Anything you can think of that would sound cool, or weird to do and do it in the game. Play to survive, or build a massive structure anywhere, or shape the entire world into something you would want it to look like. You can even make your own mini-games/puzzles in Mincraft. My experience now, is making a mega structure using powerful plugins on my server that is a perpetual wip and joining a very select few servers to play survival with people I like and try different variations of builds in a style I like. I normally play solo on servers and don't participate in mini games much, or fight other players. It may sound boring, but there is one person I can think of that streams weekly in Minecraft and interacts with people on the stream and his commentary is almost like a pod cast type of stream and all he does is walk in one direction in Minecraft and that's pretty much all he does in the game, but people love it. Not only that, but he still does it, even after doing it for years. So Minecraft can also provide itself to be a good platform for streaming about as laid back as it can get, kinda like what you've been doing. So, not knowing what to do next isn't really a bad thing, it's still fun to watch and relaxing. Minecraft worlds on consoles is a limited size, so it might not have everything, but some simple and some complex suggestions, if you want to go adventuring. You can set each task as goal for a stream until completion: make a farm with every plant you can in your world that you can grow and make a farm with. (can include plants from other dimentions) Gather every flower and make a flower bed, or garden. Make every craftable food item. Make an automatic item sorting system. Make a banner, with a design. Get every tamable pet. Use a name tag to name a pet. Lure and capture a baby Slime (use a name tag to prevent despawning). Breed a horse with max stats (may take some guess work). Find a skeleton horse. Find every biome. Find one of every structure. Create a fireworks show. Make a mod grinder from a Monster Spawner of any kind. Explore an Abandoned Mineshaft, defeat a Cave Spider Spawner. Defend a Village from a horde, build a barrier and prevent Zombies from spawning inside. Expand a village to spawn in an Iron Golum. Cure a Zombie Villager. Collect all the fish, make a fish tank. Get at least one disk from a Creeper. Kill a Spider Jockey and a Chicken Jockey. Make a TNT cannon. Get a skull of a Skeleton, Spider and Creeper. Find buried treasure. Find a Woodland Mansion. Make every potion. Make OP diamond gear. Make OP bow. Create a Wither (wouldn't do this unless your okay with the map being destroyed). Concur an Ocean Monument (extremely difficult challenge). Obtain an Elytra.
  21. Seems like you learned some basics. I think you can choose your own play style at this point. There's still a lot to learn. I would suggest to check out any of these guy's channels, they are chuck full of great Minecraft tutorials and many people learned how to play Minecraft through them. Grian, he does builds with a keen eye on design that is also functional, this is one video of a playlist of 34 videos. Paulsoresjr does survival, I suggest his Survive & Thrive series from 2011. His guide is nothing short of legendary. Mumbo does Redstone, he's pretty much a master at it. This is just one of many videos. There is one last thing. There is updates and to stay up to date on what is coming to Minecraft, one favorite person of mine that I like to watch is ibxtoycat. This is just one playlist of his talking about the upcoming 1.14 update. A massive update that will add a lot to the game. There was also the aquatic update that happened a while back that I think that you didn't know about. Which he has videos on that too. One thing about ibxtoycat, is he is a fast talker, to it can be hard to understand everything.
  22. Second stream, you got a lot done. Before going too far from your house, I would again, make a stable source of food, amass some materials, like wood and build more chests for more storage and sort out your inventory. At 4 double chests, but I would go for 6 double chests. Chest 1 Building blocks/Mined blocks Chest 2 Tools/Equipment (fences, doors, furnaces, crafting tables, ect...)/Redstone components Chest 3 Weapons/Armor Chest 4 Plants/Organics Chest 5 Food/Ingredients for edible recipes/Potions/Ingredients for brewing Chest 6 Ores/Valuables/Rare Items I would still try to make improvements on the stair well and increase the height before placing stair blocks. The reason I keep mentioning the stair blocks is that actions like sprinting and jumping make you lose hunger faster and stairs uses very little energy and is faster to move over. I would go down to mine some more. Getting a good amount of Iron and coal. Always keep plenty of torches and when you have some iron, enough to keep a bucket on you, always carry a bucket of water with you when mining, be ready to use it in case you come in contact with lava. Beside iron armor and an iron sword, when you can get iron, one of the first things you should make and keep equipped as much as possible is a shield. The Shield might become slightly cumbersome when trying to place blocks, but the shield (when blocking) can keep you from being overwhelmed by hostile mobs and get out in a bad situation. Even after you have full iron armor, an iron sword and iron tools, you should still get more iron and have a good amount of coal as well. Don't keep too much valuables in your inventory, drop off some of the valuables in a temporary chest while mining, every so often. When dont collecting a lot of ores/treasures, transport your haul to the surface, but if you die with valuables on you, you might lose all of your inventory if you can't get to it after you respawn. So try not to engage mobs if possible. When you have enough materials, then you can prepare to explore away from your house. When I go exploring, I go prepared and does make a few things easier. These are essentials I keep on me at all times if I can and while I'm on the move. In the Hotbar (the bottom row of the inventory, from left to right): Sword Bow Axe Pickaxe Shovel Cobble Dirt Torches (full stack) Food (preferably a full stack of steak, but bread at the beginning will be okay too) In the upper part of the inventory (backpack): Iron ingots Coal Logs Sticks Crafting Table Furnace Ladders Chests Bucket of water Boat Arrows Gravel Extra pickaxes Extra shovel Bed I included a screen shot if what it looks like. For some blocks I have half a stack, so when you find and collect more, it doesn't fill up your inventory too fast. This inventory makes room a little tight. You might have to manage inventory frequently, to remove junk, or off load valuables. The bed is there for when you feel you are far enough where you don't want to have to travel all the way back to where you location is, in case you die. Since you do not have an easy way to find your way back home, either make and carry a map, or leave markers, like blocks you stack on the ground and leave torches on top. Losing your location to your home is a real possibility, so make a plan before you go on how you will find your way back. On short distances, and especially on long ones. One tool you can make, since you built your home around where you originally spawned, is to craft a compass, it will always point to your original spawn, even if you move your bed and sleep in it some where far from your home. That way, no matter how far you travel, you'll find your way back. As long as you know where your home is, using another bed to reset your spawn should be fine. Useful when you traveled very far, or stopped to mine and will be there for a while. If you place a new bed at your new location and sleep in it, you will spawn there. That way you can get back to where you died and possibly collect all the items you dropped if you get there quickly and if wasn't destroyed in lava, or blown up by a Creeper. You do not have to break and take your original bed. You can just craft more beds and place as many of them down as you want, it's the last bed that you slept in is that bed you will respawn in. When you place a bed, be sure the ceiling is 3 blocks high and it is best if the sides and foot of the bed is not obstructed, also have the area around the bed well lit. If there are dark areas too close to the bed, a monster will wake you and attack you. Ah! One last tip. This might sound pretty random, but when it does come time that you go out and explore, you might come across an Enderman, the tall, slender, dark passive mobs. You might remember them, but do not look at them in the eye (hover the cross hairs over their head. Look down instead. They can do a lot of damage in a short time.
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