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  1. New mods should be subjected to an intense screening. Past Twitch chat conversations, an IP check for duplicate accounts, and be subjected to severe scrutiny if ever said anything blatantly biased, racist, or counter -productive to the well being of DSP's forums and chat. Both of those members would fail. I promise you. Get someone that has a good head on their shoulders and is not a child. Proof? Because I can show you proof of the opposite.
  2. Who cares its a forum. Ain't like if you get downvoted its harder for you to get a job or something. Its better to have a wider spectrum of reaction ratings. Trolls may get a couple of ratings off but who cares? Its a meaningless rating. "Squeaky Clean?" I just saw something about anonymouse saying something racist one day in the stream chat, and im pretty sure ThatDogGuy is a child. If anyone should be a mod its Nich2440.
  3. Who cares, just ban them. There should be a wider spectrum of reaction ratings than just "Like" and "Upvote". Like I said not everyones post isn't likeable or upvoteable. I know Phil and others are trying to keep this forum "positive", but lets be real here. Very few things about this forum is positive except the comic book section and no-mans land which is named "Random Thoughts" where you rarely get persecuted for having an independent thought or talk about detractor shit.
  4. I thought Onyx was fucking dead. But thats good. Personally the old forum format was way better than the current. He should find a healthy mix of the two. Also the ratings should have a significant overhaul. Have some negative reaction ratings because not everyone's post is likeable or upvoteable. Have some optimistic or dumb ratings. A fanboy rating would be hilarious. A "WRONG!" rating. A Salty Rating. A "mentally ill" rating. Something along those lines.
  5. Outside of God Of War, there's no reason to own a PS4 if you have a gaming PC. The PS4 is a mediocre gaming platform for people who either don't know how to build a PC or scared of a mouse and keyboard. When they released that garbage PS4 Pro that's "4K" but doesn't play 4K movies, it solidified my stance of that platform. If you think its great then im happy for you, but for me, theres no reason to own a PS4 at the moment. I get better graphics, better games, better prices, and better online with more functionality. Of course games are gonna sell far more on consoles than on PC, PC intimidates casual gamers and I don't really mind. Better and smarter people I get to play with instead of dealing with screeching kids. Switch and PC is all I need. I know the distinction between a fan and a non-fan. You constantly berate Nintendo and thats cool, I just understand I have to get my Nintendo entertainment elsewhere. Nintendo is making all the right moves and im happy they are moving in this direction.
  6. I wouldn't say that. Dragonball GT was utter trash. Super is at least entertaining. In this era of Netflix and streaming where you can watch a full season whenever you want or DVR a show and watch it whenever, Dragonball Super is the only show where im dedicated to be home for the release of a new episode.
  7. Yeah you're right Nich. No point in continuing. I wanted to have a constructive argument and it kind of turned into a sperg war. I objectively looked at the guys points and he counters me subjectively everytime. Time to move on and agree to disagree. For the record im not a Nintendo fanboy, I just see the ultimate gaming combination is a Gaming PC and a Nintendo Console. The PS4 and the Xbox One are glorified underpowered wanna be PC's with 5 exclusive games to each. I can play whatever games that comes out on those systems but maybe 5, and i can play and use the Switch as the go-to console for top-notch 1st party titles and when company comes over. Calling me a Nintendo fanboy is ridiculous, if anything im a PC fanboy, I just see the value that Nintendo is bringing and I am applauding the moves they are making. Will they ever be the core gamers console like how it was with SNES, N64, and to an extent Gamecube? Doubtful. But they are finally transitioning from trying to be the "video game system your grandma would play" to "the game system that everyone can have fun and play" if that makes any sense.
  8. It is not less than what the PS3 and Xbox 360 did in 10 years, I told you its the 3rd best selling console in history, and let me give you a little hint, the top 2 aren't the PS3 and Xbox 360. Seriously you need to get better information. You implied the Wii was a flop until I hit you with factual numbers and now you're back-tracking. Which is cool, I predicted you would, but you'd look way better next time if you had your information together and correct. And you can't say the Switch is a flop. Ever. Yes sales decreased not because of what YOU were talking about. Sales decreased because it was 5 years after the system initially launched and everyone had one. You're saying people got tired of the motion control gimmicks and the game lineup was weak. Fucking false. The system continued to ship 2 million units well past its predicted lifetime even into its successors lifetime. So stop it. Try to be objective one day, its way more satisfying than just talking from your negative subjective point of view. I can take OBJECTIVE criticism, you are just being negative with misconstrued or flat-out wrong facts about Nintendo, and expect me to not correct you on your information. Sorry if im hurting your feelings but the truth is the truth. And they are fixing that "fault", give them credit where its due. And they will. Way more progress than what they've been doing the last 10 years, again stop being a subjective hater and give them credit for the progress they made. Who doesn't like uncensored swear words? And they watch Phil with all the swearing he does? Please... don't make excuses, if you still live with your mother and she has to check your internet escapades then I'll understand. I don't see the contradiction, I respect you having an opinion even if its subjective and wrong. Who are you talking about? DSP is a gaming fan to a degree. You're right gameplay does matter, and Nintendo offers some of the best gameplay experiences in the business, if he is a "big Nintendo fan" he wouldn't hesitate on commenting on Nintendo Direct that presents upcoming gameplay experiences. Thanks for proving my point with DSP.
  9. Wii sold 100 million and the Switch is the fastest selling console in US history so despite your prejudice on innovation, numbers don't lie, and apparently their "strong game library" wasn't really that strong compared to Nintendo's innovation and 1st party line up. Selling 2 million units a year even after the consoles successor is "tumbling sales", then you are more arrogant than I thought. Then the Switch isn't for you and you're biased against Nintendo, you are proving MY point. If you enjoy the 13th Call Of Duty, the 9th Battlefield, and maybe 3 exclusives per console, then that is what you enjoy. Unlike you I can be objective. But unlike me you cannot be objective and simply bash Nintendo because they don't have the games YOU value as a gamer. Its been over 10 year's that Nintendo hasn't focused on 3rd party and they are starting to pick up steam for support, if you can't at least applaud them for the progress they are making in the 3rd party realm, you're just bashing and your opinion is completely irrelevant. Im not kissing any companies ass, btw c'mon, are you twelve? I can handle uncensored swear words buddy. Anyways im just telling you facts of the situation and you're just being subjective with your opinions. Its fine being subjective as long as you and the people reading your post know you are being subjective. He's playing Secret of Mana, that game is on other consoles and is old as hell. By yours and his logic he should stop playing it. I know what you're thinking "well DSP's fans wanted him to play that game". Exactly my point, there are fans here that are interested (or were interested) on his take of Nintendo Direct, but since he is completely negatively biased and hates Nintendo, nevermind. I don't think you do. But its your opinion and I respect it, sort of... Yeah looking back he does go out and buy all the gimmicks and shit that he eventually shits on later down the line. He doesn't get excited about gaming anymore. I'd hate to be in Phil's position and just play games for money. He lost his excitement and passion for gaming a long time ago.
  10. So Sony and Microsoft never have gimmicks huh....? Virtual Reality? They never ripped anything off...? Move? Kinect? If anyone rips off anyone else its those two. "the Wii at first was a success because of the motion control gimmick, but after that fad died down the mostly weak games library was exposed and sales began to tumble" Huh? The Wii is the third best selling system of all time, it sold roughly 5 million units a year until 2010, and then shipped 2 million a year up until and even after the Wii U's release. What are you talking about "sales began to tumble"? You have to get better source for information my guy. And your "game library is weak" opinion is subjective, they are adding games that have received multiple rewards, even game of the year awards plus adding new refreshing title plus a new Smash game... so what are you talking about? You're just as biased as Phil. If you don't like Nintendo then thats your subjective opinion, but don't pretend the fault is with Nintendo when the problems lie within you. He totally disregarded Nintendo Direct and actually said they should cancel it even though they presented brand new titles. There are several talking points he could make without even talking about old ports and games, but he refuses. You can't tell me Phil doesn't have negative bias about Nintendo after his last statement, you just can't. So your argument fails right there as well. Yes. I would. In fact I do it everyday because I like playing games. The amount of money made from x amount of hours spent in a video game does not determine how much fun and entertainment I receive from it. That's why I would never do Phil's job and just blow through games for money, I know after 10 years cooped up in a house most days playing games for money and not because I want too would destroy the enjoyment of gaming for me.
  11. *picks mic up and attempts to hand it back* You dropped this. There was nothing you said that was "drop the mic" worthy. Lets review what you said. Your argument is port of old game for Okami...So? Its Okami. Okami is a very good game, just because its old doesn't mean it isn't worth mentioning. Dark Souls, old game yes, but another good game. Your opinion on it running worse is completely subjective because you simply have no clue when the game hasn't released yet! You just can't say the game isn't going to run well when it hasn't even been released yet! That's like saying your playthrough of God Of War for PS4 is terrible. I don't know because you haven't played it, nor has it been released yet. Is "Standard first party franchise" suppose to be an insult? Whats the problem with a first party franchise? Nintendo's 1st party games are the best in the business so i don't see your point. Your argument for the new game is JRPGs don't have mainstream appeal, Persona 5 says hi (sold over 2 million world wide) , Crash N.Sane Trilogy IS NOT on every console, in fact it was exclusive to Sony, sooo.. what are you talking about? Lastly Smash. That's all i need to say to counter your argument. Its fucking Smash Bros. That's fine if you didn't enjoy the last Smash, it's your opinion, but remember you play games to entertain people. A big release such as Smash deserves to have at least some sort of an objective opinion from you, or subjective as long as you make it clear your opinion is subjective, if you don't believe in either of these practices you might as well take that "No Bullshit" moniker down. Because thats bullshit. Just to circle back on Smash Wii U, it won a ton of awards and every time a new character was released people we're hyped, the game is 2-3 years old right now and people still play the shit out of it. So maybe you didn't become impressed by it, but be aware your opinion is the pinnacle of minority when it comes to Smash Wii U. "The ports are all jokes and will perform worse on the Switch", don't have to go to deep into this statement because its subjective as fuck, the games haven't been released yet so nobody knows, which includes you. And your comments about Nintendo Direct are subjective too. Just know that thousands tuned into the Nintendo Direct, people love it, it gives us access to content and announcements before E3. I don't see the harm in that. So in conclusion, just say you're not a fan of Nintendo. I mean its clear as day with your sentiments in your last response. And that's fine with me, im not going to jump down your throat about it, just don't say things like you're a "Big Fan Of Nintendo", YOU'RE NOT. YOU. ARE. NOT. So with that knowledge, for anything outside of Nintendo, i'll still stop by.. but I know from now on you are completely negatively biased of Nintendo for whatever reason (in my opinion I think lack of Youtube Ad revenue plays a BIG part in why you hate Nintendo), you won't cover or objectively comment on Nintendo announcements or news, or waste time playing their games unless its Mario or Zelda. With that being said i'll get my Nintendo entertainment elsewhere. It was good having this conversation though Phil! Thanks for the reply. Oh I forgot something... *drops mic*
  12. I just watched that video and I totally agree. Dragon Ball Super is nothing but asspull after asspull. The two saiyan chicks go from not even being able to achieve Super Saiyan 2 to one of them going "Broly" and then they fuse and Goku has to go Ultra Instinct to defeat Kefla.... WHAT THE FUCK? So you're telling me these women went from base Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan+ level in the tournament time.. 2 minutes? It took Goku like 10 years to get where he's at. Vegeta asspull "Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolution" to defeat Toppo after he was getting demolished was fucking ridiculous. No.17, even though i like him, asspull city right there. I don't know how many times i've heard Beerus or someone else say "Goku is completely depleted!" and he just all of a sudden goes to Super Saiyan Blue.... Show is ridiculous. But despite what im saying, im still watching lol.
  13. Where did I insult him? I said its bullshit that he disregarded the Nintendo Direct because it is, and its true if he's not going to appreciate the Nintendo Switch that was given to him, it could of been in someone elses hands who will appreciate it. If thats an insult I apologize but im just saying what I think. I wouldn't be so heated if this was the first time he snubbed Nintendo, but its not. You can't be a "big fan" of Nintendo and throw them under the bus every chance you get. Like when he threw that Wii U in the trash can a long time ago, I understood it because Nintendo wasn't doing so well, but the Nintendo Switch has had nothing short of an amazing year and has a bright future. They built up their third party support tremendously, they released a brand new Zelda AND a brand new Mario game last year, both GOTY's in my opinion. They brought back a bunch of older games like Skyrim and Doom to show they aren't a "kids toy" anymore. This Nintendo Direct comes out and presents Okami is coming, Dark Souls is coming, Kirby, Octopath Traveler, CRASH BANDICOOT, and a new Smash Brothers is on the way this year??? If none of that excites you, then you're not a Nintendo fan. What else do you want? Its real frustrating to be a fan of DSP and he just cast off Nintendo for absolutely no reason at this point other than hate for Nintendo. And if he hates Nintendo, then don't pretend to be a fan and let me get my Nintendo entertainment somewhere else.
  14. Okay. Does Phil like Nintendo at all anymore? Phil totally disregarded the Nintendo Direct. He said there were "No Announcements" when it was chock full of announcements! I get it, some games don't need to be covered, but the new Smash on Switch isn't one of them! Thats a BIG announcement that I can't believe Phil will look over because of his bias of Nintendo. If he doesn't want to talk about Nintendo, then I will accept that and get Nintendo news elsewhere, but don't outright say there was nothing interesting in the Nintendo Direct. Hell, I dont even think he watched it, he just got the news off Twitter somewhere. His moniker on DSPGaming says "No Bullshit", well it is complete bullshit when Phil, a fighting game enthusiast, totally disregards a new fighting game title that is one of the biggest franchises in fighting game history. Nintendo Switch had an excellent year and is plotted to have another one, and if Phil is just going to hate on Nintendo, then don't say you're a "Big Nintendo Fan" when clearly he is not. I feel bad for whoever donated that Nintendo Switch too him, it could of been in better hands, hands that actually like and enjoy Nintendo games.
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