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  1. The levels of passive aggressiveness is astounding in this thread. One thing I did notice was Phil kept insisting on addressing detractor content and thats when she seemed the most uncomfortable. I mean think about it, she is literally getting in front of a camera where thousands of people that have already decided not to like her. She said right before she met Phil she was in a depressed state or going through a tough time, maybe she isnt over that, and adding more stress is probably making her look so uncomfortable and uninterested in the vlog. BUT, here's another thing I did notice that is kind of apparent about the awkwardness between Phil and Kat. Every single time i've put my arm around a woman or gave a hug, friends or girlfriend, the woman has leaned into me showing that she at the very least wanted to be touched.. Kat was so static and actually remained leaning slightly away from Phil everytime he put his arm around her. New "soulmates" aint doing that. Hell, the women i know aren't doing that unless im sweaty and/or I stink. Sooo, I don't know whats going on with that situation, its just something I noticed.
  2. This thread lol. No i mean in this video she looks like she really didn't want to be in the video, she looks uncomfortable and like she's waiting to get off camera. The vibe between her and Phil was way off in my opinion, and it just didn't look anything like people who think they are soulmates, but more like a weathered couple that are trying to keep it together and not cause a nervous breakdown. These are all my opinions guys, don't take anything I say seriously. Im just speaking speculatively. As far as her being better suited off camera, I am standing my ground on that because its the truth. The more she appears on camera, the more the trolls are going to make their relationship and lives a little bit harder. Its an unnecessary tribulation for them, most Youtubers are married or have a girlfriend and I have no clue who they are or what they look like, its easy to keep your better half out of harms way and I hope Phil realizes this if the years with Leanna taught him anything.
  3. You think so? I think the less we see, the better off he and her will be.
  4. Gimmicks or not Nintendo games are the most highest rated gaming experiences in gaming today, the games don't depreciate as rapidly as other games on other systems, and I don't have to worry about my information getting leaked when the other two get hacked all the time and their online goes down. Sony and Microsoft may make decent entertainment consoles, Nintendo makes awesome GAMING consoles. Just irrefutable facts right there.
  5. She would be on camera when she use to stream games months ago, she seemed comfortable then. I don't know.
  6. She looked really sad or like she didn't want to do the video in my eyes. Maybe she was just having a bad day.
  7. If you want a pure gaming experience and/or just want to play games, you buy a Nintendo. If you want a system that half-asses everything it tries to do, "a jack of all trades but the master of none" entertainment box, you get one of the other two. Its that simple.
  8. Then there is nobody really Phil can or would try to sue if he could because thats the majority of hate content I see.
  9. ...and of course its a shitshow with the detractors right now. They are saying Kat looks uncomfortable and disinterested and will leave Phil soon, I even saw one guy edit the special vlog Phil and Kat made to only show her side of the screen to highlight how "awkward" they are saying she is being... crazy.
  10. Well the only problem is the majority of the hate videos being made is Phil talking or Phil in action. I don't see how trolls can be legally sued if they aren't making false accusations or even talking in most cases. Its just supercut's of Phil talking or playing games.
  11. Phil should turn on comments for this up coming vlog with him and his GF.
  12. Im just saying if you go up against Youtube or if you try to sue someone that has done you wrong via through Youtube and you're not some big company or entity then you're probably going to lose and waste alot of time and money while losing.
  13. Also this is probably a good time and place to mention a guy that goes by the name of "ZombieGoBoom" filed a case against Youtube, and it was thrown out. If the judge is willing to throw out the case against the actual website responsible for keeping the troll videos available, they will do absolutely nothing to the trolls since their videos don't violate any Terms of Service or Fair Use laws.
  14. Do you remember what this Strickenguide person was banned for originally?
  15. I actually PM'd him about that because I thought the same thing, he was actually talking about someone else.
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