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  1. GameXplain's podcast is great for Nintendo/game news Lou Reads the Internet is a hilarious podcast devoted to reading creepy forum posts around the internet.
  2. Remember friends list and channel comments? Messages? Video Replies? Youtube really screwed themselves as it had a lot of cool social media aspects to it at first. I still can't believe messages are basically forgotten on the platform at this point.
  3. yeah, that blows. It would be cool if he could archive them on thekingofhate.com but that's way to much too upload at once. He'd have to do it over time.
  4. my suggestion I guess would be to play some sort of game with build mechanics. I know he's not a fan of minecraft but something like that. the chat could make suggestions on what he should build bringing chat interaction necessary.
  5. She seemed pretty cool though I understand the risks of her getting on camera a bunch. It'll be fun to see her and Phil's adventures on vacation.
  6. Why would he stop archiving on YouTube? That's essentially what it is at this point and it works. He gets a bit of cash but also you can go and enjoy a past playthrough if you want to.
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