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  1. Same here. Never got a chance to read it. Apparently an Admin went through PMs and deleted whatever it was.
  2. I've heard there's 16 bosses (not sure if true). No telling if that includes mini-bosses though.
  3. ​True. A mod should probably move it to the general discussion "other" section.
  4. ​Bringing back the negativity by posting about it? This just happened last night. If anyone is to blame for bringing back any negativity it would be Phil for going on yet another rant for no reason.
  5. ​I seem to remember mods constantly warning you to stop derailing threads and to stop starting drama in just about every "hater" thread that has been locked. Most of the mods have no problem with "drama" threads as long as they stay civil and follow the rules. Until you of course go in starting fights and derail them.
  6. ​He said in a pre-stream some time last year that he was done with Oblivion due to low views and he didn't like it as much as Skyrim.
  7. ​He's been saying for a few months now that he was going to use it in his garage instead. Hasn't happened yet. Even the new series he was planning to use it for haven't been talked about much lately.
  8. ​The super armor goes away though. It's basically how a boss blocks. Just like a player their stamina goes down if you hit them while it's up then the armor goes away until their stamina builds back up. The only thing they should do is allow players to see an enemies stamina bar.
  9. The combat system is good enough for anyone to not have to constantly spam 1 move every fight. I got through it without resorting to that and I was lower lvl than Phil. He does this all the time in anime style fighting games (see both of his Naruto playthroughs where he just spammed 1 attack/combo). He made the entire playthrough just boring and horrible by spamming and whining about grinding the whole time.
  10. ​Stalking really? Is anywhere Phil talks on the internet private? Nope. Then that means anyone can see the messed up/hypocritical shit he says sometimes (if not all the time). If he were to just say "Phil didn't you say you weren't an entertainer before?" then Phil would just say he's lying and has no proof of that. It's always better to have proof when it comes to talking to Phil.
  11. ​I beat it last night at lvl 50 without just sitting there spamming an ultimate attack. It's not that hard if you're at a decent lvl. His main problem even with spamming an ultimate is that he's lvl 41, using not that great armor and will not grind for more lvls or better items/skills because it's "a dumb game mechanic" to him. Also the ultimate he's using right now isn't very useful when they have the super armor on so he needs to get something better. Maybe one that he can shoot or throw at them instead of getting up close then when it fails they just destroy him.
  12. ​He screws up by doing nothing but charging Ki for 5 minutes, goes Super Saiyan then spams an ultimate attack. I don't think he's ever going to stop which might cause him to rage a lot during these last 4 fights and make him hate the game. Wonder if he can even beat them since on top of doing that he's refusing to grind at all.
  13. ​He's most likely going to rage quit during the next few story quests or he will refuse to collect the crystals which unlock the last 2 story quests. Either way I don't see him beating the game now especially when he refuses to level up or get better items by repeating PQs. I'm expecting him to bash the game and call it trash in one of the next 2 streams. (Even though he kind of did today)
  14. ​He's called people mentally ill ever since EvilAJ made the first TIHYDP. He's never apologized for it and never will when he still uses it constantly as an insult towards people that don't like him or don't agree with him. If he ever does actually say he will apologize for it or stop saying it, that will still never happen. Just like when he admitted to having anger issues and apoligized for his outbursts but refuses to go get help while he still lashes out at people on Twitter and on the forums.
  15. ​This is what your perks should look like Phil. Reasonable prices for some good perks.
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