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  1. ForumMember

    PLEASE Use a Controller...

    I just tested the game with a PC and a PS4 controller (like the new model like Phil has) and can confirm it works fine with windows 10 (unless you want to use the D-pad) without any fiddling around. You just need to select "Joystick" under controls. I actually had more difficulty getting the damn game to run in full screen at 800 x 600 since it doesn't scaling when trying to resize the window at 1920 x 1080. The game has almost no options for customization.
  2. ForumMember

    PLEASE Use a Controller...

    The Xbox One and PS4 controller are literally plug and play. He doesn't need to do research, so that's not really a valid excuse. Laziness would be more appropriate.
  3. ForumMember

    PLEASE Use a Controller...

    I just saw the Rage-A-Thon and don't understand why Phil uses a keyboard for games like I Wanna Be the Guy. He kept complaining about double jumping and general movement while trying to play an extremely difficulty platformer on a keyboard. If it's a FPS or similar game that a mouse and keyboard combo is warranted than fine, but is it just laziness that he refuses to use one? His excuse of "I don't have PC controller" isn't valid as his PS4 controller is perfectly compatible with PCs.
  4. ForumMember

    What is wrong with "rage quitting"?

    It depends on what you call "rage quitting." Rage quitting used to be defined as quitting an online game (usually fighting games or PVP) in mid match to avoid a recording a loss, ranking points, lose loot, or you just didn't want the other guy or team to log a win. The definition only broadened with the advent of YouTube and Twitch started using the term with single player games. That's why Phil used to always deny rage quitting (which for the most part, he was right) as he always finished PVP matches.
  5. I've stopped posting here consistently because of the censorship. I got a warning for speaking my mind about his ex girlfriend. There's no point to having forums if people can't express their opinions. Threads and posts aren't even locked on here anymore, they just get deleted.
  6. I did. Thanks! I'm just sick and tired of mods and Phil being pro censorship.
  7. ForumMember

    DSP and Nintendo

    The key word you're using in the first sentence is survived. I'm not sure if you were around during the NES and SNES era, a big reason for the big N's success was due to strong third party lineups, and if a third party game was found on other platforms as well (like the Sega Genesis) it had the better port most of the time. Additionally, the first party lineups that Nintendo has released thus far for the Switch have mostly been upgraded ports of previously released titles (Splatoon 1.5, Mario Kart 8 "Deluxe", Hyrule Warriors, the Bayonetta series, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze... Do I need to go on?). The only two exclusive and original titles that have received widespread critical acclaim and did well sales wise were Mario + Rabbids and Odyssey, so their first party isn't exactly robust or unique. Also, you're making an assumption about Switch owners owning multiple consoles or a gaming capable PC. If you're a kid (or someone that doesn't have a lot of disposable income) the Switch may be the only console you have, and you're SOL on playing a ton of great third party titles because their lack of gaining any significant third party support. I do give credit for them at securing some 3rd party titles, but on the flip side, it also shows how under powered (Doom and LA Noire) compared to the true console competitors as they are inferior versions. In typical Nintendo fashion, their greed in profiting off of system sales stifles the systems potential in the hardware horsepower department.
  8. ForumMember

    DSP and Nintendo

    I'm not sure you even read my post entirely so I'll reiterate. The dock's hardware is incapable of increasing a game's performance, it's just a passthrough conversion device. It's why companies are selling adapters that replace the dock's "capabilities" (For example: https://www.amazon.com/FastSnail-Adapter-Nintendo-Switch-Converter/dp/B074MYLP9C) entirely. Calling it a hybrid console is a marketing gimmick for Nintendo to try and appeal the switch to both handheld and console gamers. From a technological standpoint though, the Switch is really a handheld system due to it's limitations when compared to even the base level console offerings from Sony and Microsoft. If you want further proof, just look current ports of switch games. NBA 2k18, Doom, and LA Noire (the console isn't even capable of running a perfect port of a PS3/Xbox 360 original launch game) all have graphical downgrades or entire game modes ripped entirely to run on the Switch's hardware.
  9. ForumMember

    DSP and Nintendo

    The switch’s dock doesn’t add any additional processing power. It’s literally a passthrough device only (which is why 3rd party docks can be sold) that converts the handheld’s signal to be displayed on a TV. The horsepower that helps render games at at a 1080p TV resolution in dock mode is solely handled by the tablet portion using additional processing potential (Which can be at the expense of framerate stability which has been proven in some titles). The reason why Nintendo decided not to run the tablet in 1080p is due to battery consumption concerns (The damn thing can barely even handle BOTW for three hours undocked, so how long do you think the battery would last running at 1080p?) and the additional cost of manufacturing a 1080p capable display. So using the term “hybrid console” isn’t entirely accurate as the dock is only a signal transferring device. If you are calling this a “hybrid console,” you would have to call the PSP a “hybrid console” as well because of it’s capability to connect to the TV.