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  1. from the stuff shes saying u kinda made things worse for phil.
  2. I do have a question, how risky would it be to just shoot the person in the leg if they were a threat? would it be an advantage to the person? there has to be a better way to do this without having to kill the person. I know when the cops say "put your hands up" u should do it , innocent or not, well I really hope the guy who caused this never gets out.
  3. so wat im getting from this is phil is badly in debt so he decided to try and get people to raise money so he could hire an escort to help him feel better knowing he would have to pay a lot of money for hiring her but he needs all the money he can get for his debt? so a few options 1. phil is bad with money 2. turns out this was a big troll for phil's sake though I hope he really does get to show us his gf, that why anyone who turned against him during this will hopefully come back say sorry and feel really embarrassed. lets just see wat happens
  4. why would I matter if he did hire an escort and not tell us? we don't need to know im fine with phil have fun
  5. one day all the star trek series and movies will become real
  6. since he was dropped by his network for saying racist stuff do u think phil needs to be careful. I mean currently he doesn't say half the racist stuff he did one time but that might not mean he is safe. Pewds network had the balls to drop someone that made them millions, maybe other networks will start doing the same if they get complaints about the things being said? Any thoughts?
  7. that's ok I didn't really care about that its mostly there for when the actual game comes out. I may repost it if it gets lost in the sea of fanart by the time the game comes out
  8. I wasn't complaining about them have 3rd party support im glad they got it, im just stating that skyrim on the switch isn't something to be hyped about. pc xbox one have skyrim and mods for it, ps4 and pc have good graphics for it, Nintendo switch is just really late on it. im sure most people who buy the switch either have skyrim on a different platform or they arnt interested. of course most of this is my opinion, so I ask if im misinformed on what I said let me know.
  9. once again dude wtf you're really good at this. both u and gaykiss should have like a lil competition with the fan art lol.
  10. u guys really need to stop asking for it. other youtubers quit games for reasons and never go back to them phil has the same right. Posting this will only make him angry and u know that but still u continue as if u want to piss him off.
  11. if this doesn't work then idk what the heck to do.
  12. im trying to post an image from imgur for it to show up in image but it wont work idk what to do
  13. why cant phil do both? can he do a few streams in VR, then if he wants to change he go to regular playing it, after a few streams he'll feel good to go back to VR? Sure I know he have to reset everything up for the VR if he does this, but at least we get both experiences.
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