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  1. his playthroughs non multi player have been bad to. none get over 2-3k. look at bully recently. secrets of mana etc
  2. most other big streams wont answer off topic questions and do discussions during streams tho. they will before the game starts. the breaks. and the end........shouting out subs is fine. and reading out some quick cheer bits its fine. but answering some long mundane off topic discussions mid game play is annoying Yea as much as I like phil.... (and this is the the case for other big fans of his as well) I unsubbed to dsp gaming on youtube cause hated seeing 15-20 videos every day in my sub box from his channel
  3. one example was one of the clips on a play through was about 17 min long and 8 of the min were answering questions from derich. calling out a troll. reading a cheer messages. thanking a new sub. answering another mundane question.... for us hard core youtube fans from the early days it was something thought would never see, especially with how much dsp hated twitch and doing that (I understand he had no choice but to go to twitch and do it this way tho) but it could be tamed better
  4. the youtube views have been down for awhile tho even with just single player games. yes maybe even during his breaks do all the question answering then would work
  5. right exactly. what Im saying is the youtube fans really hate it which is why there is a big dip in youtube views. I think it would be a good middle if he just answered questions and off topic things in the prestream, (but still read subs/bits out) and then any other question type ones after the game play
  6. never said it didnt. just saying he lost a good amount of youtube fans who just wanted raw game play he could least do what bikeman does who will read cheers and subs but wont answer mundane questions or get into off topic discussions. Or if he wants to be interactive do it during the hour to hour and a half prestream every day. With how long the pre streams are that is more then enough time to be interactive.... so interact then. and then again once the game play ends... again giving shout outs to subs is fine. but when I tried to watch a youtube vid half of it was answering that
  7. I just wanted to share my opinion of why youtube views have been bad for awhile now. A lot of people like me stuck with dsp through the years cause he was all about RAW game play. Now on the videos cant even get through a video without all these shout outs, cheers, off topic discussions, answering mundane questions.....wouldnt it be better to just do all the shout outs and subs at the END of the stream? thats what a lot of big streamers like bikeman and cohnn carnage do. That way there is no interruptions and the game can be watched the way it USED to be. Just my suggestion.... from
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