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  1. Salutations, Welcome to the forums. There are many features you may not know how to access. Not to worry I'll walk you through them having been a member of a great many forums. If I miss any, PLEASE ask here and I'll do my best to walk you though the process. First that I have seen is that even titled users are not aware of how to use MULTI-QUOTE. Multiquote: You see something you wish to 'quote' and the later see another post you wish to 'quote' while in the same thread. Easy!!!!!!111one Hit 'Quote' again and when you go to post you can allow multiple quotes! ^.^ '
  2. I do not commit to memory who said what in a thread I joined already in progress nor does one need to. Multi- quote exists for this reason. I will at this time consider that while you are an 'Advanced Member' here, you may not have much experience in using the tools that most forums offer. Multi-quote allows one to insert quotes from multiple posts in your reply. I'll include an example here: ... a multi-quote that furthers my argument in the words of another forum member. I would highly recommend you consider taking advantage of this feature in future so that misunderstanding such as have happened here may be avoided in future ^.^
  3. MINECRAFT!!!!!!11one This is not exactly an 'MMO', but a multi-player game he could play on a server he'd not be afraid to play on ( due to whitelisting ). Other than this, I don't see him playing ANY MMOs due to his fear of detractors. He could play multi-player games like 'Don't Starve together' or StarDew Valley Multiplayer because the other players are picked and even then I don't think he'd do it because he seems to think dangerous detractors are lurking behind every bush outside his house ( ie, the guy who posted on Reddit about randomly bumping into Phil irl ). This said, outside of multiplayer where he can extensively vet the others, I do not see him being confident enough to play a real MMO.
  4. Sounds great to me....but it he'll never play it outside of it being a Patreon goal due to it being a Nintendo game. Unless, he decides to 'stick to his guns' about being a full time Twitch streamer and not cling to his ability to make a few bucks from the YouTube views.
  5. Salutations, Having been a member of a great many forums over the years, I notice the lack of a 'Last Post Read' button. Noting that this forum has recently had an update, one wonders why this option was not implemented.
  6. Perhaps trying being more concise. Multiple people, including myself read this as suggesting a re-play of Skyrim as being insulting since the reply did not give any reference to BB or any previous suggestions. While you may know your intentions, the reader does not. Including a Multi-quote could have easily solved this or saying the game to which you were referring.
  7. I'd like to see him play the Minecraft 404 Challenge Seed or the Skyblock map. He could also play a modded world as he said he was going to play a day with mods as part of the Patreon goal, but never did. Minecraft has a metric ton of 'down time' and he himself mentioned that the game seemed suited for talking to chat while streaming it. I'd much rather seem him play Minecraft than PUBG which he openly admits he hates playing. What's "insulting" about suggesting he plays Skyrim Special Edition? He could talk about the improvements.
  8. StarDew Valley recently added Multiplayer (up to 4 players ) There is SO much to do in StarDew Valley, lots of 'down-time' and chat could 'interact' as to what he does ( crops, animals, fishing, mining, combat, crafting and relationships ). He could join a max level save and basically wander about like it was a Walking Sim while answering chat cheers as there would be plenty of money, access to all areas and there are simple ways to 'power lvl' if he wanted to reach max lvl quickly or open up a save of his own to Patrons as a perk. EIther way, he wouldn't have to do all that much as the other three folks could do the grunt work leaving him free for chat 'interaction'. OR Kynseed!!!!!!111one from Loinhead Studios, the makers of the Fable series, which all but insures a great story with tons of fun ^.^
  9. He could review the Schwann frozen meals they ordered. He seemed pretty excited about trying corn dogs for the first time.
  10. Salutations, It is hoped that this will be read and considered. This is posted to be helpful. It is hoped that my wording doesn't result in a ban. 1) Streaming VR whilst interacting with one's chat: I have watched countless streamers do this. I offer a 'How-To' to help: @1:35 you can see the Twitch chat inside his VR game from a video made in 2016. I am sure there have been many improvements made since this video came out over a year and a half ago. There are also countless ways to overlay the Twitch chat in one's game ( https://plclip.com/rev/twitch+chat+overlay+in+game/ ). 2) Stream interaction without 'hand holding': Many streamers that I watch have 'No Spoiler/ Back Seat Gaming' in their chat rules. One may easily interact with the folks watching their stream while eschewing back seat gaming aka Hand Holding. Mods in these streams delete the 'hand holding'/spoiler comments as they would any other violation of chat rules. Folks who regularly watch these streams know not to do such things and 'time-outs' to new folks teach them not to as well. It isn't difficult. One only needs to list these things as against the Chat Rules. The streamer can still interact with their chat and play the game. Having watched streams since back when Twitch was called Justin TV, I know that most audiences and streamers find Back Seat Gaming ( aka Hand Holding ) to be not only annoying, but detrimental to the gameplay experience. While people attend streams to watch the streamer first and gameplay second, few if any enjoy watching 'Chat-plays *insert game name*'. Establishing a simple No spoiler/ Back Seat Gaming rule would end all of this without effecting interaction with folks attending the streams.
  11. For those looking to make the cake for themselves. cake recipe https://www.pinterest.com/pin/265008759303956849/ https://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/peanut-butter-chocolate-poke-cake/6c878f1b-d30c-4cc2-aed1-f56130ada084
  12. While I do not know of any games that keep streamers from interacting with their chats having watched FPS streamers, PVP streamers and even OSU! streamers manage it with ease I am guessing that what is being sought are games that allow for extended periods of time where the player can get by engaging in little to no 'gameplay'. Here are my suggestions: 1) Minecraft ( the Apex of games in this arena...and historically the most profitable...though, unfortunately after so many years of bashing the game I do not believe this is an option for him ) 2) Don't Starve ( This game is getting a Switch port which will make it relevant again. During the night cycle which happens at regular intervals all phil would have to do is read out tips, cheers and subs while occasionally putting a log on the fire )The game has a Multi-player ( Don't Starve Together ) where his teammates could handle the important crafting while phil wandered about collecting items for them. 3) LOL/DOTA2 ( The games are incredibly simplistic, easy to learn and as long as he hangs back, farms minions and runs away from the other players in his lane his team won't flame him for being farmed. It has a HUGE following and I'm sure a good number of his fans play the games so they could tell him what to buy. Point and Click fighting with minimal skills to throw doesn't take an inordinate amount of concentration allowing him to 'interact' with the chat the entire game While they're are PC games, one does not need a gaming rig to run either. Your basic laptop will suffice. ) 4) Any 'sim' game ( ie Euro-Truck simulator or any number of Farming Sims ) 5) Any open world sandbox game ( traveling, crafting, grinding puts the game on auto-pilot that he could 'interact' with the chat ) 6) Fighting Game TUTORIALS. Being a former Fighting Game Pro, I cannot for the life of me understand why he only plays matches and doesn't make Tutorials!?! He could film them in the practice gym if he can't find anyone to spar with him. In between tutorial bouts, he can 'interact' to his heart's content before going on to the next session where he demo's strats/counters/pairings. The number of characters available, their individual skills and strats would allow for countless HOURS/MONTHS/YEARS of streams that would yield videos people who never even heard of phil would watch. If I know anything, it is that Tutorials get Views! He could go to the arcade he talks about and film matches there ON a real Arcade cabinet to show all the differences he constantly talks about. There are many YouTube Channels that film themselves playing Arcade games in Arcades. 7) IRL stream ( He doesn't have to stream ANY game. IRL streams are in the top ten categories most of the time. He is a 45 min drive from Seattle! He could IRL stream from any number of locations. DSP Tries It could branch out from Fast Food to REAL FOOD at a sit down restaurant where before ordering, while waiting for his food and then after the review he can 'interact' with the chat. He doesn't have to drive either. Uber, Lyft, heck regular old Taxi cabs exist to take people places. There are some folks who stream their Uber/Lyft jobs! He could go downstairs and stream IRL from his living room in front of his fireplace ( in the Winter that is ). A 'pre-stream' that IS the stream from his loveseat where he 100% does nothing else BUT interact with the chat! These are just some of my ideas. It is hoped that one or more are seen as useful.
  13. I would have 'liked' this, but apparently this forum restricts the number of posts one may 'like' in one day. Strategic Content is key as this post states with Keywords playing a major role. My evidence? The videos on my channel which have the most views. I play VERY niche games. Ones with titles that name a certain difficult quest/new feature/tutorial have tens of thousands of more views than the ones with 'caption titles'. I make vids purely for fun and to help others out. The ones I have made over these past six years that were made to help others reliably get vastly greater views with longer view retention. Based off my analytics, these views come from searches. Are these people searching for my channel? NO, they are searching for the thing I cover in that video. Are my videos high in the search results? YES, because I used Keywords early in my YouTube video making based off of what I would type into the Search Window to find a video about what I wanted to know/learn. It's not brain surgery, but if it was I wouldn't type in 'Gazi Yasargil' to get information about Neurosurgery. ( on a side note: When I search DSPgaming, DSP's channel is top of the list on page one same as when I type in DSP gaming, so I'm not sure where all these complaints about not showing up in YouTube searches comes from ). Okay, here is some evidence anyone can test themselves: 1) Type 'Far Cry 5 Boomer' into the YouTube search window 2) Note how ALL of the videos listed have Boomer in the title or in the description. 3) Find DSP's vid. Having a hard time? It's not because of any 'algorithm', that the video isn't 'negative' nor due to any detractor, but because no where in the video title nor description does DSP use the Keyword 'Boomer'. Thus, his video does not show up in any search. ( It's part 12: A Fun Canine Companion with " This is my playthrough of Far Cry 5 on the PS4, with live commentary. " That's all it says in the video description...plus plugs. The use of Keywords in one's title and/or description has been around since YouTube began. It is, after all how people find videos about things they want to watch.
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