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  1. Money making in what way? There's no subscription fee for ESO and any and all microtransactions are just cosmetic stuff. The only money you spend is a one time payment to buy the game and the the expansions after that. It's much less of a money sink than say WoW or FF14.
  2. He's probably just gonna read the plot summaries on wikipedia like he did with the ones between KH1 and KH2.
  3. I wonder if Phil knows that his blanket statements based on nothing, like the stuff about live reactions to E3 last night, are why no one on YouTube or Twitch has any respect for him and many actively dislike him. Gotta be them haters and not his nonsensical inflammatory blanket statements that basically say everyone but him makes garbage content though, right? Probably gonna get banned for this but hey, it's my opinion.
  4. This may come as a surprise to you, but people can like things you and Phil don't like. That doesn't make them stupid before you try to claim that. If some people like State of Decay 2 then so be it. Why should you care?
  5. True. Money is very much a predominant factor in what Phil chooses to play though, he makes no secret of that. I mean, chances you're not gonna see Phil pick up Octopath Traveler or Mario Tennis and he plays PUBG despite the fact he basically hates it. Doesn't mean he dislikes everything he plays though, just that he's not above skipping a really good game or playing one he absolutely hates to be able to get by.
  6. You know you guys are the only ones still talking about it right?
  7. Why is it that everyone and anyone who disagrees with you, criticizes Phil in even the slightest way, or questions a claim Phil or someone here on the forums makes is a troll to you? There's a difference between trolling, and disliking spreading rumors about a detractor murdering someone for no real reason. Well assholes like you making fun of him didn't help, now did it? And now you're making fun of the fact that he has depression you two are just wonderful people aren't you?
  8. There might be a reason for that you know. There's usually at least some evidence of the stuff people accuse Phil of, however circumstantial and flimsy. This Tevin thing though? All I've seen is KG talking about it and nothing else.
  9. Kind of a nothing? It's reached a point where the marketing manager for Ubisoft, two lead editors from IGN, an associate editor from Macworld, the influencer manager from Versus Evil (publisher of the Banner Saga series), public relations manager from PUBG, and influencer manager of Bethesda are all talking about this. Phil is completely fucked from a PR standpoint.
  10. He needs to learn to control his temper and that sometimes it's best to keep his opinions to himself. The original tweet read to me like he was pissed that he spent $20 extra to play SoD2 a few days early only for other people to get it a full week early for free.
  11. Except it's not. The claim Phil made has no factual basis whatsoever.
  12. I was just saying that Phil had already said his piece on it and doesn't need people like you or ThatDogGuy defending his decision to play it when he can clearly do so himself. There's no need to keep the argument going after Phil already gave his response. Can we get back on topic please or do you want to keep coming up with conspiracy theories?
  13. How is suggesting Skyrim insulting? Or are you referring to my saying he doesn't need you to defend him because he's perfectly capable of defending himself?
  14. Phil's a big boy, DogGuy, he can take care of himself. That being said, I have another suggestion for this thread. I think it'd be cool to see Phil go back to Skyrim on the Special Edition, possibly with a few mods thrown in to enhance the experience.
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