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  1. I really want to know what everyone's favorite playthroughs are! With the next DSP "Retrospective" stream I think it would be cool to look back and discuss your favorite playthroughs. My personal favorite was Far Cry 3. Very underwater in my opinion
  2. Hey Phil! Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you and Kat have/had a wonderful evening! I This question may have been asked before but I would like to hear the phil of today's answer. If you could tell old Phil from 2011 and 2012 before the big hate train started something what would it be? Would you tell him to change his attitude? Or just warn him of the copyright strikes in 2015? I'm just curious to know! Thanks for the decade of good laughs and making bad days good
  3. I have been working on a couple for a while. Besides the new song that was recently added to the playlist it has been the same (but still kickass) Thugs on da Flo and Tig ol Bitties. Although I love them I feel like more need to be made! That's why I wanted to start this thread to start a conversation. What songs that are already made would you like to see put in to the rotation? Personally I love Gutsman is an A Hole. I feel this is not discussed much and is such a big part of the stream
  4. Hey Phil! After the 10 years of you playing games for YouTube, Blip and Twitch. Did you ever get tired of playing video games? To where you felt sick of sitting down and playing games for 5 + hours? Thanks for the content Phil!
  5. You should of course use the video where he explains that he got laid off. Vlogs from the move and some clips of project 7.
  6. He has been playing for ages! he is the reason i started to play SF at a comp level. I was at a local tournament and was wearing a DSP shirt. I got a lot of hate and was doubted but i came out on top in USFIV. I sure proved them wrong
  7. I think that some of the RB streams were some of the best Phil has had. it was a great fun chill game stream,
  8. Hey Phil, Just wondering if you plan on doing any gaming convention panels in the next year? I would totally be up to fly wherever it is to see you. Anyways have a good day, Phil
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