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  1. So happy fucking Catherine got tossed out!
  2. 53:59 Damn I totally called it dood. Some great quotes from last night: "What the fuck is wrong with this stupid game." "Fuck this! This is so BAD!" "It is what it is, guys. It sucks." "I don't have time to fucking waste. My time is valuable." I feel bad for Phil being stuck with this shitty game LOL. It is a drag on everyone.
  3. Damn, you're right, some of those socks were ultra lazy. 5 accounts starting with "Alina" lololol. "They aren't fake sock accounts...they are people who legit want to voice their vote." Bahaha
  4. It's amazing how that corresponded with Weebanronpa v3 ascension, isn't it? Someone did that a few events ago with a game called Bionicle: Heroes. All it takes is Nord VPN to alter their IP address with different addresses...then they match sock accounts to each IP address. Pretty sad lol. This is the second wave that has occured. Phil already called it out earlier in the week.
  5. This is a great retrospective of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. This guy also does other retrospectives of a lot of Nintendo games.
  6. This entire playthrough is going to be long and hard on Phil. I feel bad he is forced to play this game. I understand why he really started requesting more people start nominating games on here. Staring at the prospect of fucking Danganronpa v3 on top of this can't be appealing for him. He's genuine so he will give it a fair shake but he is brutally honest and won't hold punches after the window of fairness passes.
  7. Phil: "No lengthy RPGs". (Oblivion and Kingdom Come Deliverance get nominated) Phil: "Am I a joke to you?"
  8. The Direct was absolutely terrible. I was so pissed there was no news about Samus or Bayonetta, but Phil is right...where in the hell is Mario Kart 9 and Donkey Kong?
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