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  1. I've been considering doing that myself, particularly using Hexes. I've already cleared NG+ with a strength build and a secondary Faith/Dex build which was fun
  2. I have played all Dark Souls games solo and their dlc, plus Bloodborne and its expansion solo. I have invested hundreds of hours into these games. Maybe near 1000 total. Let me say that the reason people like playing these games isn't because of the difficulty, or the fact you die a lot. People like it primarily because of the gripping exploration. What new area, enemy, weapon, armor piece or wonder lies around the corner? Then comes the combat. The difficulty layers on those two facets. Difficulty adds tension to the exploration, making you re
  3. I'd be down to see Slender Man. He recently played Amnesia: Dark Descent and Slender Man was around that time. PC only, I believe.
  4. In no way, shape or form did Phil stop any nominations from being submitted. All nominations were welcome. Hopefully, next time he DOES disqualify fucking Danganranpa from being nominated GOOD GRIEF lolol.
  5. Phil said that all nominations were welcome, but in no way, shape or form did he say that the one with the most votes or nominations would be played. He said to post up ideas. I for one am grateful that he is making an Exective Decision and not playing fucking Danganranpa. Thank God.
  6. "Cringe and facepalm." I agree, Phil. I agree. Lolol fucking Danganranpa.
  7. Phil doesn't suck at Souls games. If you can solo bosses as he does almost all the time, you most certainly do not "suck". Souls games are challenging and test your metal. There is no shame in dying dozens of times to hard bosses.
  8. Luigi's Mansion 1 for GameCube It's a simple yet fun and addicting game with oodles of charm and spooks!
  9. Hi Phil, What are some of the best game Soundtracks you have ever heard? Which ones resonated with you beyond your time playing the game?
  10. --The Elder Scrolls Online --Necropolis (Souls-like with perma-death, requiring to restart game every death) --Hellpoint --Call of Duty: Modern Warfare TDM
  11. Playing the vanilla game at launch, I once found a garden planet that had tall pink grass, baby-blue trees, large docile creatures, very low sentinel activity and calm, crystal blue lakes. It was stunning.
  12. I want him to check it out because it's a fun game and golf. This is the only way he can try it lol.
  13. For a Rage-a-Thon, I'm going to nominate: -The Elder Scrolls Online -Necropolis -Hellpoint -Call of Duty: Modern Warfare TDM
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