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  1. Outward...a third-person open world RPG with survival elements, no quest markers and tons of secrets. The first hour would be fun to see Phil explore.
  2. I saw a viewer ask in chat if Phil was going to return to Skyward Sword. I then looked it up and saw that the last part, part 18, indeed wasn't the finale of the playthrough. What exactly happened to that playthrough?
  3. Are there any boss fights that stick in your mind as either exhilarating, challenging or super fun? What makes great boss design?
  4. I think it's fairly common knowledge now and pretty widely accepted that Phil is one of the hardest working content creators in the industry. Think about it. Super rich streamers hire extra help but don't upload or post NEAR the amount of high quality content that DSP does. I mean, is there anyone even close? Plus, just think of all the special events that take place. Office Decor, podcasts, etc. Viewer's Choice! I think it's a testament to the 13 years of content creation and I wish more people would be appreciative and respecful to Phil.
  5. I think it's past time to address the elephant in the room, and that's the pure and undeniable fact that the natural growth on Phil's YouTube channel is on a roll. He is constantly setting new records for YouTube supporters and that growth will only continue to expand. This is only a good thing.
  6. Risk of Rain 2 Phil has been on a Rogue-like kick and I think it will be a fun and entertaining game
  7. • Metroid Prime 2 -- (first hour of gameplay, arriving on planet Aether, is actually creepy) • Shadow Man Remastered -- (a game about the Voodoo occult and traversing Deadside to stop a sadistic ritual) • Necropolis -- (a rogue-like with a Souls flavor in which you must traverse a 7 floor pyramid to defeat an evil AI) • Luigi's Mansion 1
  8. Whelp, at this point, it looks like Divinity 2 might be killed off (finally). Do you think it's coming back or is it dead and gone?
  9. So happy fucking Catherine got tossed out!
  10. 53:59 Damn I totally called it dood. Some great quotes from last night: "What the fuck is wrong with this stupid game." "Fuck this! This is so BAD!" "It is what it is, guys. It sucks." "I don't have time to fucking waste. My time is valuable." I feel bad for Phil being stuck with this shitty game LOL. It is a drag on everyone.
  11. Damn, you're right, some of those socks were ultra lazy. 5 accounts starting with "Alina" lololol. "They aren't fake sock accounts...they are people who legit want to voice their vote." Bahaha
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