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  1. Simpsons road rage Xbox Arkham collection Star Wars bounty hunter on psn
  2. Why do you have to Complain about everything in the gaming industry
  3. Simpsons road rage Xbox 360 Danganronpa v3 assassin‘s creed rogue PS4 Batman: Arkham City PS4
  4. would u play any racing games any time soon because those are the best
  5. what your favorite marvel games the last past 11 years
  6. Assassin creed rogue remastered PS4 Batman return to Arkham PS4 Star Wars bounty Hunter PS4 Twisted Metal Black PS4 SUPER STAR WARS PS4 Super Meat Boy PS4
  7. I know things been difficult lately can you plz stop acting a big baby I’m not trying to be negative Or anything it’s just seems that get mad and out of Control over little things I don’t the Behavior Lately I’m just being honest make me feel Nervous and I don’t feel safe on your channel sometimes Why do hate season pass on games
  8. When did u Decided To put the leaderboard For cheers , tips, and subs on new games on twitch
  9. Was anything at E3 this year surprise you this year
  10. Who would win the game of year Award this year and why and the most disappointment game of award this year and why
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