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  1. Found a video in feed ... Maybe some help for @Phil https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10218280535663971&id=1208347440 Phio what do yiu think of the advice given here
  2. I What the question says... Seeking political discussion forums that aren't too controversial violent Were pne can get conservative or otherwise without censoring or risk of violence
  3. the reas Some mam e rkelly in the USA,who has been revelations to be serial rapist ( no surprise there, but at the same time insidis) who abducted these black Americans to rape tyem and hold him in captive....this is a crime against the humanity of tgese women, but at the same time, a thing regular given the existence of tthe fester underground criminal culture of blac ametican orhanied crime and the gangs , with their agents moving into things such even to hear songs with implicit to sexually referral,. They are pronited by their own ethnic lobby, with no care t
  4. To the mods @Phil if this post needs at all to be combined my previous thread on this topic
  5. Placeholder What can he more viably do during this b nth and the next...as opposed to gta and ds.....
  6. Stump page for discussion..sorry nit able to filk in... any reason so man y ips coming out this year?!!!!!! Alsi, their development cycles...
  7. HSo on last nights stream, phil had said he had difficulty with finding ad grinding the metal slimes They have high evasion rates in combat and they always attempt to run away after the first turns theycan succesfully o anything..... Phil's problem is in killing them in an iefficient way to kill them before they can run away! THus offer this video Here is the video.... hope it helps ut
  8. Placeholder for hwader So it was mentioned on a stream some time ago that therevis some autonomous legal recourse that
  9. A question a bout this occurence and why people were not supportive when he proposed playig hitman over forza horizon.... how come!
  10. Post any economci news articles or commentary here. These are things to keeep abreast of, for those of us awake enough to do so. Would also help liven up the forums Any articles to share or should i start some...
  11. The case in.... pakistan is it.... had wanted to post as a news article if https://eclj.org/religious-freedom/hrc/asia-bibi-is-still-in-jail-for-blasphemy She has been let out from jail but under govvernment she is at risk of gettign actually killed by people there.... Armed soldiers may also have their opinions and decide to harm her too... Beat that she leave Whart do you guys think of this sad cae?
  12. So it seems rhat there are many glitches possible with activation of cinematic view mode in his playthrough! parts 44 and 45 in particular
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