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  1. 8circuitsiddhist

    Psychonauts 2

    so t hey finally made something! Looks freaking awesome?
  2. 8circuitsiddhist

    Anthony Bourdain Commits Suicide

    So it was depression after all? Welk t hat is sad! When i heard it on the *fnorb* gews, i had thought it was a purely drug overdose!
  3. 8circuitsiddhist

    Politics General - President George H.W. Bush Dead At 94

    A political discussion question for the members: To make things fun! Should religion based countries allow liberalism to become part of their political system in order to reform, or is there rational reason to resist such tendencies?
  4. 8circuitsiddhist

    Thanksgiving message from Phil - support

    You guys are joking wirh tjese quotes, righ?t?
  5. 8circuitsiddhist

    My Thoughts On The Current Crisis In Phil's Life.

    You guys aso bring on some help! sad that nothing got done, but phil ois having serious difficult y with everything!
  6. 8circuitsiddhist

    Acer laptop vs desktop

    Been away awhlevsorru @musicboy, How arevyhings?
  7. 8circuitsiddhist

    Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out soon... Phil, a suggestion.

    It it is owned by Disney, yiu guys know ,right? They are notorious for milinking IPs . especially so due to fanatic niche bpoupukarityof khngames
  8. 8circuitsiddhist

    PLEASE Use a Controller...

    Because thats how their supposed to be played! It remove s difficul ty phil would have with interactiv ity
  9. 8circuitsiddhist

    Whats the point of playing Fallout76?

    People grow up and see the truth about things! In this case how shitty fallout 76 is! Whats so wrong about that? Its good he ma kes a 180
  10. 8circuitsiddhist

    Help for slime mining

    And ehre is advice regarding location
  11. 8circuitsiddhist

    Help for slime mining

    HSo on last nights stream, phil had said he had difficulty with finding ad grinding the metal slimes They have high evasion rates in combat and they always attempt to run away after the first turns theycan succesfully o anything..... Phil's problem is in killing them in an iefficient way to kill them before they can run away! THus offer this video Here is the video.... hope it helps ut
  12. 8circuitsiddhist

    Ask the King Ep. 73: Nov. 22, 2018 Thanksgiving Special!

    Also, have you ever b considered interviewing figures on your shows .. Despite the current set backs do think it could be some thign that haelps improve business in the future, especially if fans or others could help bring interviewees in?
  13. 8circuitsiddhist

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Fixed it for you! Pretty cool concept!
  14. 8circuitsiddhist

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Thats fuggin cool eh!