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  1. I What the question says... Seeking political discussion forums that aren't too controversial violent Were pne can get conservative or otherwise without censoring or risk of violence
  2. 8circuitsiddhist

    Economic News (for those intersted)

    Post any economci news articles or commentary here. These are things to keeep abreast of, for those of us awake enough to do so. Would also help liven up the forums Any articles to share or should i start some...
  3. So it seems rhat there are many glitches possible with activation of cinematic view mode in his playthrough! parts 44 and 45 in particular
  4. Stump page for discussion..sorry nit able to filk in... any reason so man y ips coming out this year?!!!!!! Alsi, their development cycles...
  5. 8circuitsiddhist

    Harassment from Bosses At work

    Thank yo all as question regarding ?( Will have to clarify this later almostv Late I absolutely want to ensure that this beets censured for his hostility! I also don't want to effect anything I seen this as merely a job between accounting job that I am apply for and heading back to uni to finish my majour. I don't see them as absolute but I tolerate their corruption for sale of
  6. 8circuitsiddhist

    Is Phil ever gonna Play BBS?(KH3 Coming out in 18 days)

    No Phil wont and he is set in his ways Others atreamers have Bizkit047 Jempanada of new york: John of 4-8productions Good thing about platforms like twitch and YouTube is that they are essentially litye free market systems!I If one supplier does jit there are othes Phil simply does not have the time to play games! Don't downrep fill for this, byt rather know that othets have already done this! I link some playthrough on my profile if i can! On topic of kh apparently some of the reveal leaks arw being taken down due to liberal disney fans
  7. 8circuitsiddhist

    For zphil an interesting Channel to recommend

    Found a video in feed ... Maybe some help for @Phil https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10218280535663971&id=1208347440 Phio what do yiu think of the advice given here
  8. 8circuitsiddhist

    For zphil an interesting Channel to recommend

  9. the reas Some mam e rkelly in the USA,who has been revelations to be serial rapist ( no surprise there, but at the same time insidis) who abducted these black Americans to rape tyem and hold him in captive....this is a crime against the humanity of tgese women, but at the same time, a thing regular given the existence of tthe fester underground criminal culture of blac ametican orhanied crime and the gangs , with their agents moving into things such even to hear songs with implicit to sexually referral,. They are pronited by their own ethnic lobby, with no care to the rrsy of American society as to how their children must suffer from this. This is that gpes along with many deeprrooted degenerate human over past 50 years throughout America!.. L If the Metapolitical truth about the origins of the music came aboyt, and how contravenous to religious and other most basic Human moral standards The defense of rights of people is not a principle that should used in the defense of disorderly people!!
  10. K apologies to everyone Counties such as Islamic ones have syst of moral They would also have th e stronger desure t o physicaly destroy soutces of evil criminals or bad music from oresence! If they wree sjoien evidence of criminal gangs they would tel theur cikdren wnd mulkahs and! many cultural islam c ould be ve ry successful at taking action to protect their people bftRom from certain influences, due to not having the the libersl legal code in their system of Law they way America and many European countries have in our s! Thus they would be more expediently able to legally ban degenerate and protect the morals of their society without going over legal hurdles! They di not ban, because th Another example of are countries like Poland and Singapore, who have systems of law based on civil law and who can! They do not have a legal tradition based on liberalism ( Singapore especially, LKY especially wamted to make sure it did not take root due to relationship of liberals there with communism)! Poland however is a better EUROPEAN example because ofthe strides that civil society there has taken to prevent judicial review relativism of America. Gaining legal take over of ciytr system by parliament and presidency to prevent opressive tolerance or loopholes in the laws from going against polish culture or allow criminals to get scott free on technicaity! This despite ensuring kegal protection Has legal ambiguity enshrined in code of law, ambiguity thatbis not only anitiquayed language, but which in staying un edited to protect Our freedom of speech from being silenced by liberal s pr other eright violaters who wosh to silencr us due to us differing in vwlif! However, it is held srlfevident through use of res naturalis that such wete never intended to apply to criminals or to adharmis, but to protect tge rights of good people! So hus my question, now that all variables defined, is if thus defined immoral forms of music or art linked to crime or other evil be banned wherever it is legal to do so, and if the conservative movement in America can work to ammend the Constitutional Convention in order to enable this its full blown revision in order to atrip criminals of their eights without violating legalkyl rights of oth e r citizens?
  11. 8circuitsiddhist

    Random Thoughts 4.0

  12. 8circuitsiddhist

    Kingdom Hearts III

    What hte fuck happebed to the spoilers page
  13. 8circuitsiddhist

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    More trolling .. call the Falange!!!!
  14. 8circuitsiddhist

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    good new year,everyone!!!Why? Okay...wsharw with us.... W nat is this onion san weaboo monster and why can it swim when others cant
  15. 8circuitsiddhist

    When did you get your consoles?

    Gba bought a from friend in 7th grade... Had yo keep secret from folks awful Ps3 xbox 360 Xbox One S: in . 2017 i. A 500 gb console at a lovalsstore for the kickass price of 246Usd afyer tax. yeah that sounds awful....while not the cheapest...do hope it is wirth i
  16. 8circuitsiddhist

    Nintendo Gamecube

    Why is wii worse than the game cube?
  17. 8circuitsiddhist

    The SoK are being exposed on other sites.

    Sorry to bting up any old The point is that it is someone elses property in this case Phil's videos...for their own objective He has no This option is a result I am sad that Our Counries allow the millenials to even vote givr. Benjamin Franklin had said America eoukd be "a Republic" ! The internet can only ever be a cliff ott wink of all the detritus humanity throws from real world...by your fruits youshall know them! Thus there is a need to lay down rules and to defend the This ducking reeks of new age liberalism mine.......is disingenuous as all fuck, only worded in such away that rest cannot tell! One cant make kuumbaya or whatever with ( i accident ally wrote " eith f"or some reason..bad typing today..wow!! )enemies out ti financially and socially ruin you! Anything goes is the root of most evil doctrines ever and of liberal cm degeneracy And ultimate it myst all be subject to the F orces of order! Extrem ist tolerance ruin!
  18. 8circuitsiddhist

    Amazon : kh1.5+2.5 or others suggestions

    Placeholder What can he more viably do during this b nth and the next...as opposed to gta and ds.....
  19. 8circuitsiddhist

    Sid Meier's Civilization VI

    What is the source of the dont piss of gsndhi meme? Anyway...interesting to see that
  20. To the mods @Phil if this post needs at all to be combined my previous thread on this topic
  21. 8circuitsiddhist

    Selling games

    How can one best prepare a console for sale so that. one can save ones DRM games, and transfer to another console
  22. 8circuitsiddhist

    A Decent Budget Build PC for under $500?

    So you wanr *learn * how to vuild as opposed to buyong a premade...like say...a large refurbishedAcer desktop...with 12gb ram..and the ability to mod it later on? Can you clarify @Syluster
  23. 8circuitsiddhist

    Selling games

    Gaha god evening.yoy again @musicboy. Glad to aee you around agsin! How is career going for you?