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  1. Found a video in feed ... Maybe some help for @Phil https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10218280535663971&id=1208347440 Phio what do yiu think of the advice given here
  2. I What the question says... Seeking political discussion forums that aren't too controversial violent Were pne can get conservative or otherwise without censoring or risk of violence
  3. the reas Some mam e rkelly in the USA,who has been revelations to be serial rapist ( no surprise there, but at the same time insidis) who abducted these black Americans to rape tyem and hold him in captive....this is a crime against the humanity of tgese women, but at the same time, a thing regular given the existence of tthe fester underground criminal culture of blac ametican orhanied crime and the gangs , with their agents moving into things such even to hear songs with implicit to sexually referral,. They are pronited by their own ethnic lobby, with no care to the rrsy of American society as to how their children must suffer from this. This is that gpes along with many deeprrooted degenerate human over past 50 years throughout America!.. L If the Metapolitical truth about the origins of the music came aboyt, and how contravenous to religious and other most basic Human moral standards The defense of rights of people is not a principle that should used in the defense of disorderly people!!
  4. To the mods @Phil if this post needs at all to be combined my previous thread on this topic
  5. Placeholder What can he more viably do during this b nth and the next...as opposed to gta and ds.....
  6. Stump page for discussion..sorry nit able to filk in... any reason so man y ips coming out this year?!!!!!! Alsi, their development cycles...
  7. HSo on last nights stream, phil had said he had difficulty with finding ad grinding the metal slimes They have high evasion rates in combat and they always attempt to run away after the first turns theycan succesfully o anything..... Phil's problem is in killing them in an iefficient way to kill them before they can run away! THus offer this video Here is the video.... hope it helps ut
  8. Placeholder for hwader So it was mentioned on a stream some time ago that therevis some autonomous legal recourse that
  9. A question a bout this occurence and why people were not supportive when he proposed playig hitman over forza horizon.... how come!
  10. Post any economci news articles or commentary here. These are things to keeep abreast of, for those of us awake enough to do so. Would also help liven up the forums Any articles to share or should i start some...
  11. The case in.... pakistan is it.... had wanted to post as a news article if https://eclj.org/religious-freedom/hrc/asia-bibi-is-still-in-jail-for-blasphemy She has been let out from jail but under govvernment she is at risk of gettign actually killed by people there.... Armed soldiers may also have their opinions and decide to harm her too... Beat that she leave Whart do you guys think of this sad cae?
  12. So it seems rhat there are many glitches possible with activation of cinematic view mode in his playthrough! parts 44 and 45 in particular
  13. How can one best prepare a console for sale so that. one can save ones DRM games, and transfer to another console
  14. Thank you all I am also a bit confused about the purpose of function of a feature of the purporting that this computer has "downgrade rights to Windows 7" Windows 7 is Quite (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Outdated. Microsoft no longer offers support thus, I am not quite sure of the value of a that allows such downgrade rights,even if it it is an excuse to not force Windows 10 (in all its privacy risking) upon me! And thus, perhaps this store may effectively have been trying to sell me a lemon computer , instead of All I need is that any laptop doesn't lock up! My previous laptop did all the time because of its lemon. However, is the price with tax ($494)worth of not? Like to know if there is any way to save my old laptop, specifically it's monitor, or whether O can recover data without having repairman blank it like thieves! Thankd
  15. Thank yo all as question regarding ?( Will have to clarify this later almostv Late I absolutely want to ensure that this beets censured for his hostility! I also don't want to effect anything I seen this as merely a job between accounting job that I am apply for and heading back to uni to finish my majour. I don't see them as absolute but I tolerate their corruption for sale of
  16. Quyestions about reccommenmdations for finding a certified expert medical witnress for a legal case of afriemnd her in california...... Will hopefully update in a few hours. I know this is nongaming,bnut so unsuall to the that io shoula t least warn of that above (so I did) Trying to dfinmd witness with specific I have never used an expert witness service before... Are thyer any genera l national oor california specific ones that anyone could reccomend
  17. To edit later... this is something that happened to me on stream almost 8 minutes ago.. was pmed by some user with rtthe naane ofe name "majestic miscreant" who sent the following message harrasment is getting worse on the community onstreams and in the forums...too many have gotten on. This why the forums need tobe madfe more secure for awhile by enadfisabling registration. Detractors have bneen agblwet oregisteroen masse This is why it must be made restrictive, or even on an approval only basis... it will garbage like thiscannot be allowed to happehn again!!!!! VChances are this user may be a user on forms as well Maybe registration needs to be disabled for a while in order to get affairs her in order and to weed out infiltrartors and other dangerous people. ca this be done , or at least something be done about this occurencew
  18. A general thread for conternt currently have no time to. The primary example was KH2 Final mix, the japanese "director's cut" edition of KH2 released in 2007 in japan, and which many xccould not get except through import. That the was not a reactive, but based on animation states that enemy "objects" where in...... think odff like an interactive (tis will also be a very drunkard like psuedocode explanatioon... hopefullyy if anyone e who knws more can supllement my attempt by explaining abourt revenge value concept at length, and hopefully with more examples than justthese two/) what happens is that onbce a , changed and will not be able to be "interacted with" AGAIN, until the object's attack animation stops andit it returns to astate" ,makes it damagable again. Started in the early 1980s. Animation of srites and is at the very foundatiom Is also something that Phil failed to get in his playthrough of KH@FM whn he played ity in the 2.5 HD collection in 2015/6. Some people are admittedly, not intelligent enough to get that all viedeogames are programming effectivelyy playoing2wwith programming). However with the cnocept of preventing a player from attacking an enemy too many times is probably not the The best gamers thus will be those with the ability to read However... Tjher eare also games that have similar. Have you any examples of . post them here.....hopefully
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