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  1. ISP

    Best Music Videos

    There are many AMAZING videos out there, I have a whole list! Let's try BOB on for size ;)
  2. ISP

    Podcasts you watch

    Unfilter - Some guys from the Seattle area that work in local news that host a no bullshit news recap, these guys are great and I can't recommend them enough Stuff You Should Know - An oldie but a goodie. The Dick Show - It's like a good and less gross Howard Stern The Joe Rogan Experience - Cool interviews with interesting people
  3. im new here but been posting a little. found phil cuz of dead space 2 tho i think i actually watched some of his stuff on youtube over the years, been having a lot of fun watching the streams so i figured id check out what else phil was doing and found everyone here. very cool! edit: oh and im from the pacific northwest, i game on a 7700k @ 4.8ghz with a GTX 1070 but also own a PS4 and XboneS and Switch and 3DS. I collect all sorts of video gaming stuff, my best find i think is a sealed pokemon snap for the n64 LOL but i have tons of old stuff too even if i cant figure out how to make it all work on my LCD TV
  4. I just can't find it in me to care about yet another Star Wars flick. I'm not trying to be a dick here but I think they're already wearing out there welcome and not to mention that this is a Disney movie at this point which means I know I'll never sit down and see something exciting or challenging. It's going to be a by the numbers affair and I'm not spending anything north of 2 bucks on that kind of experience. Just my two cents, I know others will disagree. Like I said not trying to be a dick here I just wanted to say what I know at least a few other people are thinking.
  5. Depends on what you are after in all honesty. One that sticks out for me is Lord of The Rings Online. Granted not for everyone but it's a ton of content and for a LOTRO fan it's a HUGE thing. I like to play a bit of MMO every few months and that one really scratched that WoW itch. Tho... I would play WoW but after all these years something happened and my account got hacked and banned, I'll never go back to that game if support won't help me get my OG character. I spent so much time on that when I was younger. Really grinds my gears, lol. Fortnite is something really awesome right now if you like shooters. Path of Exile is pretty good, lots of friends love it. Smite is another one I've had a lot of fun with. Planetside 2 is good. I'm all out but yeah, LOTRO is the "best" content and offering wise. Fortnite is the most fun and exciting. PoE and Smite both offer really compelling experiences in their genres and Planetside 2 is just some mindless shooty fun.
  6. I got into streaming and stuff after finding Vargskelethor (Joel) who is part of the Vinesauce, team? network? I dunno but after I found Joel I found DSP and I was dicking around on Twitter I saw that Joel is following DSP! That is super awesome. It didn't look, as far as my newb eyes can tell, that DSP is following Joel tho. I think DSP would get a big kick out of Joel and man wouldn't a collab be amazing!??
  7. Wii U was awesome as a piece of hardware and potential ecosystem, it was third party support that killed it.
  8. Doesn't Amazon do this in Seattle? I think they did it before they bought Whole Foods, tho I may be mistaken, surely with the WF acquisition they should be really doing some cool stuff by now.
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