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  1. Counter Strike Global Offensive because if I ever play bad enough i can just watch DSPs videos and remind myself there is someone who is worse then I am.
  2. I personally think id be a great idea as it will give subs and fans an opportunity to play with dsp and have fun on casual. Ik he played csgo back in 2012 but the meta changes and constant updates have made the game alot more casual friendly with dm, hostage rescue, wingman, defuse and other game modes. I personaly feel like he should play csgo again because he didnt give it the spotlight it deserved because he only played defuse and hostage rescue.
  3. I personaly think it was a good way to collaborate with fans and subs. 10v10 casual is the perfect sort if game with friends and fans. Ik he did a playthrough with subs bavk in 2012 but i really want to see him revisit csgo as its alot more casual friendly now with dm, wingman, hostage rescue and defuse. I hope he plays again sometime in 2018.
  4. Amnesia TDD and SCP are my all time favorites
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