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  1. MrPaperTowel

    DSP's Twitch return - Chat emotes/fanart

    Is Phil even covering E3 in real time or just in later videos? I usually watch Angry Joe for up-to-date coverage.
  2. MrPaperTowel

    E3 2018

    I heard about that and I heard something about after the Mass Effect 3 ending being what it was and how they received death threats and such, they completely gave up on it for the fear of never living up to the hype. I get it, but I haven't seen Valve make a bad game. So their fear seems unfounded to me and I always thought they were trolling about all info with HL3.
  3. MrPaperTowel

    E3 2018

    Every year for the last 10 years I have a fleeting hope of Half-Life 3 being announced.
  4. MrPaperTowel

    Anthony Bourdain Commits Suicide

    Not in a million years I would of ever thought this man would hang himself. He traveled the world experiencing different cultures and food which to me is a dream job even though my cooking abilities are at best a D-. He always seemed like a happy guy. Sad day. You just never know what lies beneath the very convincing mask people wear to hide their inner mental issues. DSP has a sizeable audience of people who have mental illnesses and issues so im going to say if you ever feel like you can't handle the world. Reach out and talk someone, anyone. Suicide is never the answer.
  5. MrPaperTowel

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Other than Octopath Traveler, Nintendo has nothing really coming in this or next month besides a Mario Tennis game that nobody cares about and a Wii U re-release.
  6. MrPaperTowel

    E3 2018

    Very true. All of their games have been superb. I just hope the "Superman Curse" doesn't affect them
  7. MrPaperTowel

    E3 2018

    Just so I don't feel like im jumping out the window when saying every Superman game has been bad, here are the review scores for Superman games in the last 25+ years Superman (Genesis '92) 2/5 stars SegaNerds The Death and Rise of Superman ('94) 2.5 Stars SNESHub Superman 64 (do i really need to say how bad this game is?) Superman Shadow Of Akoplis ('02) 64/00 Metacritic Superman The Man Of Steel ('02) 4.7/10 IGN Superman Returns ('06) 51/100 Metacritic And then they lost hope of ever making an above mediocre Superman game after 2006.
  8. MrPaperTowel

    E3 2018

    I don't think there ever was or ever will be a decent Superman game. I don't know why but nobody in the video game industry knows how to make a good Superman game. I'll take a look at this Rocksteady game that people are hinting to be revealed at E3 but I don't have my hopes up at all.
  9. MrPaperTowel

    E3 2018

    I predict at least 2 renditions of battle royale will be announced during E3. Either a full on game or a separate feature/multiplayer of a game.