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  1. What a cluster fuck. Horrible result for the UK. The pound is currently the lowest its been in decades, and Scotland & N. Ireland are already shouting for independence so they can stay in the EU. Those who voted Leave to "make Great Britain great again" have just torn it apart. The "United Kingdom" will only be England & Wales within the next five years. For the first time in my life, I feel fucking ashamed to be British today.
  2. Hi guys, I've just awoken from the induced coma doctors had to put me in after Sony gave me cardiac arrest with their 10,000mph press conference. I mean, holy shit. What a show. All killer, no filler; you can say what you want about the Crash announcement - as a fan since the original game first released I am so pumped for ground-up remasters. And hell, I'm even a fan of his updated design for Skylanders. Zelda nearly killed me off as well. I think I'll be buying an NX after all.
  3. Bravo, Ubisoft, bravo. Great show from start to finish. South Park, For Honor, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Watch_Dogs 2 & Steep definite highlights.
  4. Really strong showing from Microsoft. Sea of Thieves, Scalebound, Dead Rising 4, Halo Wars 2, We Happy Few... Great stuff across the board. Shame about that extended Minecraft segment.
  5. Pretty great showing from Bethesda. Dishonored 2 and Prey in particular look fantastic. And that upcoming Fallout 4 DLC has me just about convinced to buy the season pass.
  6. Piss poor conference overall; only good things being Titanfall 2, the tiny glimpses of in-game footage of Mass Effect Andromeda, 4 seconds of Visceral's Star Wars game and Battlefield 1.
  7. Just dropping in to recommend Easy Allies as people's E3 coverage of choice. You may have seen the great reactions the GameTrailers guys had to some of the crazy announcements last year, and now they're covering this year's event with just as much jolliness: twitch.tv/easyallies
  8. Just a heads up for anyone who may be interested; Fallout 4 and its season pass is currently absolutely free on Xbox One. As of posting this thread it is still showing up as £0.00/$0.00 for all Fallout 4 content on the Xbox Marketplace in every region. Act fast as I imagine it will be fixed quickly once the error is discovered. And to think I was thinking of buying the season pass for PS4 once mods finally released on there... Thanks for saving me the money, Microsoft!
  9. This week's brawl is great; Hanzo & Genji are the only heroes allowed.
  10. Not getting the PS4K but have PlayStation VR pre-ordered ready for release!
  11. I'm getting it on PS4. And Horizon Zero Dawn looks great, really looking forward to seeing more of it at E3.
  12. Super pumped for NMS and would have loved to be able to play it over summer, but I won't be losing any sleep over a 1.5 month delay.
  13. As someone who plays with Mercy a lot I can appreciate the amazing revive... Still doesn't take the sting out of that complete robbery though LOL Anyway, found a pretty good site that collates all of your personal Overwatch data and you can see where you rank on the worldwide leaderboards: masteroverwatch.com
  14. I had something similar happen tonight. Was playing as Mei and froze the entire enemy team, and the Bastion that shot them gets PotG.
  15. Don't know if any of you guys have ever seen a guy ROBBED live on stream before, but you will once you see my Play of the Game in this match with Phil: Stupid Mercy :( So much for that epic quad-kill.
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