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  1. ​He did, he made his cry video after the strike Panda Lee gave him and tried to reroute people there. A fraction of the people went there, people are creatures of habit. She didn't follow up on it so he celebrated a "victory"
  2. ​It takes a few minutes to fill out a copyright claim on YouTube. One strike and he can't upload videos longer than 15 mins two strikes and he's gone. Oh and it's completely free :3
  3. $250 a month - Truth or Dare with the stream
  4. ​Theft is theft. This is Phil's forum so I posted it here.
  5. Yo I want to let Phil know about people stealing his content and reuploading it so he gets less views. Here's Burnout26 aka AlucardViDracul aka DipshitPhil. I'll link one since it's not a hater video it's just Phil's video. Unedited! He just puts his intro and some music under it. He has so many Phil videos it is unbelievable.
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