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  1. I'd like the camera moved to one of the top corners instead of in the middle of the screen (assuming the UI isn't being covered), also maybe make the camera box a bit smaller as it currently has a lot of your wall and stuff that doesn't need to be seen. I'm trying to watch your new Silent Hill 2 playthrough and the size and placement of the camera box is right in front of gameplay, it would be perfect top right.
  2. More vids mean more views, it makes perfect sense, and i have no problem with Phil doing short vids. I dont see what difference it makes anyway, the next vid starts auto if watching a playlist.
  3. This is easy for me, all the Souls games and Bloodborne at NG+. I'm a rage and fails lover, so i think you can see why i would like those games lol.
  4. If you actually go back and watch the FULL qoute, not just the bit Phil picked out, he was talking about the X and the next gen Xbox. Best as in the best versions of games, not Xbox has the best games which Phil seemed to of taken it as.
  5. His very first playthrough of Dark Souls, the rage quit playthrough. It just had everyhting in it that i watch Phil for, fails, stupidity, and rage like you wouldn't believe lol.
  6. Phil seems to be loving it which is cool as its my favorite FPS ever. I just hope he does Ep1 and 2 as they really extend the story and make you long for Half Life 3. Dat ending tho. Whoever told Phil the game is 8 hours long must be a speedrunner or something lol, its more like 12 hours long, with another 3-4 hours for each Episode.
  7. Whats then point of it though?, what does it add?, it adds nothing except pissing off some poeple like me lol. I hope i did insult him, maybe he wont make anymore of them. Sorry but if it added something them maybe i would get it but it doesn't, it takes away actually as you lose part of the gameplay.. A small border around the camera box, i could see why, but why a border around the whole screen?, it looks crap.
  8. I just started watching the playthrough, i already saw it. There is no point to having a border, thick or thin, its just covering the game. Its not like you have reduced the game size a bit to fit the border, its just covering the game. Honestly a year from now the gameplay screen will be like the size of your camera and everything else will be filled with pointless stuff. Listen been watching since you very first Fallout 3 playthrough, i'm not a troll or anything, the border adds nothing.
  9. Phil i understand why you put the tips and cheers stuff on screen (dont like it, but understand it), but please dont use thick borders and stuff like that, it spoils the playthroughs. I was looking forward to finally seeoing you play Half Life 2 (asked you many times over the years to play it) but now i dont want to.
  10. Oh its your fault he had that god awful border covering the game. Please dont make anymore, itts bad enough when Phil puts all the tips and cheers crap on screen, this is taking it a step too far. I want to SEE the game thankyou.
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