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  1. Thats great man, glad you enjoy it. Its just not the best console this generation.
  2. Thats all you got after all the points I made? Okay. Point proven. So anyways yeah if anyone wants to readup on the Google Console Here is a link. https://kotaku.com/sources-google-is-planning-a-game-platform-that-could-1827217387/amp
  3. Most of the games you named are already on other older systems. Portability is the only thing it has going for it and its probably the most impractical portable gaming device ever, especially when compared to real handhelds like a 3DS or a Vita. The screen isnt that great especially in sunlight, the battery life is short as hell, and its big and bulky. You say you use it on the bus or during a work break... why? Can you really get any real enjoyment out of playing a game like Breath of Wind or Dark Souls in a 30min - hour timespan? Not really. Even if you're really traveling, i dont know if you fly alot, but the last thing while traveling is worried about if a device you're carrying isnt being thrown around and possibly damaged during the ruckus of the airport/security checks. The Nintendo Switch build quality makes you have to "baby" it during travels. I dont have the time. And for what? To play a game on a flight? A 3 hour flight (a relatively normal flight time) the thing is going to be dead before you even reach your destination. Its portable, but impractical. As a console, im just going to say this. If one of the top games on the system Super Smash Bros is demanding you to ditch the shitty joycons for a controller Nintendo made 10 years ago, it cannot be the best system of this generation. The joycons SUCK. Everyone agrees with that. As a system, the Switch is lackluster. Let me ask this, if all the systems had the same games available across the platforms, No exclusives. You would still pick the Switch over the others? No you wouldnt. The games are great, the console is mediocre at best.
  4. The Switch is doing well because the games are that good. Not because the system is good. I agree though pretty soon its just goibg to be a bunch of Steam Machines with Playstation and Microsoft logos on them.
  5. I think so. If not this next generation the generation after. Nobody really likes their consoles nowadays, we just love their games. I bet I could ask the staunchest of Nintendo Fanboy if he would care if Nintendo stopped making consoles but their games are going multiplat, i doubt they would flinch.
  6. You people arent going to believe this but I was just on Twitter and looking at DarkSydePhil mentions and saw some guy made a DSP Puppet.. like a real fucking puppet.. and made a video out of it. Who has that kind of time?
  7. EDIT: I changed the title since this discussion has went off the rails and doesnt seem like its ever going back -Kam It is highly likely Google is making a video game console to rival Sony and Microsoft's consoles. They say there will be hardware and likely will be based on streaming like OnLive was going to be back in the day. I hope Google comes with something great, they have the intelligence to come out woth something totally new and innovative and the money to strong-arm developers onto their platform. Ive grown tired of the xbox and playstation, they both suck im mu opinion and are too much alike. Next generation is going to be interesting. I predict all platforms will go to streaming based and we finally see Nintendo bow out the hardware race and just become a software company like Sega.
  8. Listen. I dont know what your deal is, but im tired of being nice. Ive talked to the mods myself, Phil has seen our little dispute, obviously they think im okay to stay here. You've insulted me dozens of times and are crying about this place not being Burger King. You cant have it your way. I dont know what I did to you, ive tried asking what the problem is and you've ignored me, so now i dont really care. You can stay mad on the internet for no reason, but i hope one day you get the fuck over it. Sorry for derailing and singleling out a user but this has gone on long enough. I suspect all of this because i said Batman vs Superman sucked. Like really dude? Grow up.
  9. No spider-woman, just a mixture of stupidity, drugs, and a lifetime of bad decisions came crashing down on her at once. Pun intended.
  10. Nobody has ever called you that.
  11. I didnt know it was a subgoal but still there was genuine interest for Phil to play that game. I dont think anyone cares or will watch DSP for old call of duty content let alone sub and support the cause to create said content.
  12. Yea and he only streams 2 times a day, i dont think Phil is going to spend 2 and a half days on a sub reward.
  13. Yea this discussion isnt random at all. Only thing random is MDCFan randomly hating me out of nowhere lol
  14. What is a archetypal troll so i can stop doing whatever it is. Can you please ask MDCFan what hes so mad about, i literally didnt say anything to him before he made his deep rooted and unwarranted anger towards me public. I honestly dont know why the fuck hes mad.
  15. What happened? Phil told his his chat to only talk about him? Viewers are always talking about crazy and irrelevant stuff in the stream chat including the mods, i dont know why he would find it a problem now.
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