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  1. Why is it your business anyway, you're acting like you are the one who is providing the code and he already answered this question anyway if you actually bothered to listen to one of his prestreams, his audience doesn't like these these type of games and he's right, just look at how well that promotion stream turned out, you can tell when Phil isn't in his element playing certain genres of games .
  2. Well it only says more about you than anything else, there is nothing more that i hate in this world than hypocrites, oh well he was totally on the other side of my political belief so he totally deserves it, no it only proves that the SJWs, which btw is a totally stupid word is impartial and doesn't side with human trashbags as the alt-right does, if being a decent human is called being an SJW then i'm proud to be called one then whatever the fuck you are .
  3. He said that even if he would consider selling his house it would take some time until he finds a buyer and all the other necessary things he has to do in order to sell it and that means he has to do less streaming and gameplay in that time and then when the actual moving happens, there's obviously going to be little to no gameplay at all and that equals zero money and he would have to rely on Kat's income which i'm sure no one in his place would be willing to do that, it's just not right for her or him .
  4. JonSnow24

    Persona 3

    If you think calling someone an idiot is not an insult then you need to revalue your life and maturity, i don't even call my best friends idiots, even as a "joke" or when they do something wrong, i think you are a very frustrated person irl and you are always spewing your misery on these forums either on Phil or on other users, most of the posts that you make are negative or inflammatory posts seeking someone to fight or argue, i know loneliness and depression are very serious matters in our time but there are other ways of fighting them instead of being a jerk on the internet .
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