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  1. I am disappointed in how phil changed over the years. When i watched him back in 2010 he was a calm and relaxed guy until i would say end of 2013. because in 2014 until now everything is about the money and views. He's behaviour also changed, he can't take criticism anymore if he sees criticism you either get called an idiot or warned/banned from the forum. Personally i wish phil would change his attitude because it will inevitable lead to his downfall if he doesn't. (sorry if my english is bad its my 2nd language)
  2. Hi. wondered if anyone here on Thekingofhate forums are interested in Hunting? maybe write your Rifle setup and where you hunt and in what country. I Hunt in the wood's close to my house with my brother in Norway I am currently qualified to Hunt Small and big game with a Parker-Hale 1200 with a suppressor, Bipod and a vortex crossfire ii 1-4x24 scope. (this is my brothers rifle)
  3. Terrorists will always find a new format or place on the internet or deepweb to communicate if its on ps4 or any other sites that offer messaging. You cant really blame the company of the site. Ps4 have millions of users and its really hard to check if someone is planning something. also they probably get messages like that thats just jokes so i think in my opinion most companies dont take it serious and wont do anything to the user/users that said it.
  4. i never do. i see way to many people saying that all muslim's are terrorists but the fact is its just a very small precentage that is. but they override everyone else and gets the spot light. also there are Christian extremists like ander behring breivik (fuck him) there are extremists in every religion.
  5. i think it will stop soon seems like they have pretty solid comfirmation now.
  6. Just saw that the deaths has now reached 217. RIP
  7. Im personally sick and tired of watching these terrorist rats coming to europe and fucking things up. i say lets help kurdistan fight them. send men send tanks then maybe we can resolve this. (personal opinion) May the victims rest in peace. you will be avenged.
  8. Detroit huh from what i have heard it is almost like a fallout game there in real life.
  9. Hello i thought i would start a thread asking people for suggestions or what they believe the next fallout setting will. this is completely speculation and just to see what kind of new places a fallout game would fit into. Now for my suggestion i always wanted to see a fallout game set in russia/soviet union, beacuse if america was bombed russia would aswell so a fallout game set in moscow or volgograd /Stalingrad would be a nice new touch. thoughts ?
  10. Hi phil. What do you think about the new Far cry game coming out? its called Far cry Primal and is basically Far cry set thousands of years ago without weapons.
  11. just saw it and it was good but i found one i think is better. also on netflix its clled ww2 the last war heroes. its follows the war in europe as told by the soldiers.
  12. Anyone know of any good ww1, ww2 , Korean or vietnam documentaries?
  13. currently reading, With the old breed at peleliu and okinawa by WW2 pacific veteran Eugene sledge
  14. Hi Phil. you watch allot of movies so i wondered what is your favourite movies made outside of the US ?
  15. Hi. Since u grew up in the 90's. i was wondering if you listened to any rap ? and if so who do you think was the best rapper? and last what do you think of current rap?
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