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  1. Phil. And I'm sorry but it's true. His being unwilling to do basic research pisses me off.
  2. This fucking asshat literally called Spider-Man "overhyped" even though it outsold God of War - a game I understand the kissed the butthole of. Who tf takes this guy seriously?
  3. Fair point but I'm okay with that. End of the day, I WANT to just swing around the city endlessly.
  4. Shame to hear that. I think Spider-Man PS4's the best yet but I see where you're coming from. :)
  5. Spider-Man and ZoE 2 MARS are great. Nuff said.
  6. Yeah, fuck him. And The Messenger - haven't checked that out yet. Will do one day perhaps.
  7. You have issues if you're pumping out this much text.
  8. Your grammar sucks; that's what I was getting at. Chill.
  9. That's for Xmas. No, the other two are Yakuza and ZoE 2. As for waiting for reviews, we've had plently already - all good.
  10. Getting Spider-Man tomorrow. And two other games. Can you guess what they are?
  11. Doubt it's true. Just people (mostly X-Bots) blowing things out of proportion.
  12. Broken Broken Sword 5's coming to Switch? Maybe Phil could try it. Jk, I bet it'll bore him; understandbly so. Anyway, is he going to check out Walking Dead Season 4 or Life is Strange 2 at all?
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