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  1. Yes, he is. When he announces that tip/cheer came from a troll and calls them stupid he's doing exactly what they wanted regardless of whether he reads it. He gets baited incredibly easily into reacting that way. Just saying "X did a Y tip. Thanks for tip!" would completely eliminate the reaction they want from him and make the trolling stop.
  2. This is the internet. Reacting to trolls in any way, even to insult them ("it's a troll cheer so I won't read it. thanks for the money stupid!"), is giving them exactly what they want. If Phil really wants to stop the trolling instead of even mentioning that it's a troll cheer or tip, just thank them and don't even mention that left a message or act like it was an anonymous cheer or tip. Give no reaction and they'll stop because it's not fun anymore.
  3. I believe their point was that Minecraft blew up on YouTube in a way no AAA title ever has. Hell, people still play Minecraft and make a living doing so. Whether you think it's better than AAA games or not, it's made more of an impact than most AAA games. Lot of personal opinion in this batch of comments. Just because you didn't like A Plague Tale: Innocence doesn't make it a bad game, dude. Hell, it's got solid 8 audience scores across all three platforms on Metacritic, so clearly people like it. Also if you think it's a walking simulator you have no concept of what a walking simulator is. No, their point was that indie games are worth playing and can sometimes be better than AAA titles. Going back to Rage 2 for comparison's sake it has a 5.2 audience score on Metacritic so a lot more people like A Plague Tale than Rage 2. In this case the "indie" title was better than the AAA title. But that wasn't the point. The point OP was making that, at the time, everyone was asking Phil to play A Plague Tale and Phil did what Phil does. Refused to play it when people were asking for it and by the time he played it no one cared anymore.
  4. Obviously not, but I wasn't talking about that. I was talking about the hostility towards anyone new and anyone who dares criticize Phil in anyway. Hell, you had no problem calling people who supported Phil for years and left because they didn't like his behavior backstabbers. It seems like the only way to be accepted in this community is to worship the ground Phil walks on.
  5. God the fanboyism on these forums is insane. Anyone who speaks even slightly critically of Phil is automatically a detractor who wants to hurt him. The mods, subscribers, and big tippers Phil pushed away with his own behavior are just idiot backstabbers and on and on. It's not hard to see why these forums are so dead at this point and why Phil's Twitch contributions have stagnated.
  6. You will just make any excuse to avoid saying Phil's not good at engaging an audience won't you? Alright then, explain this one away. I watch a handful of streamers with average viewer counts similar to Phil, often smaller than his, with about half his sub count. They still somehow manage to get more cheers and tips than Phil in every stream despite streaming less than Phil does. How do you think that could be?
  7. You're on the cusp of my point but juuuust missing it. What you said about Fextralife, Maximilian, and Ninja is the point. They can play anything they want because their respective audience finds them entertaining regardless of what they're playing. Why can't Phil do that?
  8. It is Phil's job to engage and entertain his audience. If people are bored watching him play a big AAA action game and contributions are low, that's his fault.
  9. No, but it does mean Phil should do some introspection for once instead of acting like he did nothing to contribute to these people leaving
  10. Weren't you the guy who gave Phil a detractor's IP address so he could threaten them into a dropping a fake copyright claim or whatever it was they did?
  11. If he did it wouldn't be the first game he's admitted he's only playing because it makes him money
  12. Interact more, respond in more threads more often to encourage more interaction. Basically try to be a bigger part of the community. Make official, pinned, threads for game suggestions and suggestions for how I can improve my content and my set up and actually read and respond to them without taking the criticism personally Overhaul forum rules to be more clear Have a conversation with the mod staff to ensure everyone is less ban happy and makes actual use of the t/o system, people get banned for fairly small things currently. I think having more polls and things for the community to interact with could help drive more traffic here. As it is the only real reason to have a forum account is if you're also a patron, the only input Phil really listens to currently is from them. Honestly? Ban Amity, Nich on all of his accounts, and ThatDogGuy. They just cause too much drama.
  13. That's what Phil likes about Minecraft, it's kind of a slow paced game where not a lot happens. He's outright said he wants boring games he doesn't have to focus on for his chill streams so he has more time to respond to tips. I doubt Subnautica's ever coming back.
  14. I'm creating this thread to give us a place to discuss @Phil's ongoing Minecraft playthrough as well as give him some tips. The first thing I'd like to post in the thread is a listing of what's new in Bedrock 1.10, the version Phil's updating to, as well as a link to the wiki page for it. This way he can see what's been added and changed in the new version. Hope this is helpful. https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Bedrock_Edition_1.10.0 ADDITIONS Mobs Wandering trader A type of villager that will appear at a village's gathering site periodically and stays for a period of 2–3 in-game days (40–60 minutes of real-life time). This trader offers items from a wide variety of different biomes, random dyes, and other rare materials. Accompanied by two custom llamas. Available through Experimental Gameplay. Illager Beast Available through Experimental Gameplay. Currently only has the basic AI. Drops a saddle when killed. Cat Added a new skin: Jellie, the community cat contest winner. Blocks Composter Available through Experimental Gameplay. Currently has no functionality. Version exclusive: Has a different crafting recipe than in Java Edition. Stonecutter New stonecutter only available if Experimental Gameplay is toggled. Still has no functionality. Old stonecutter still available via inventory editor. Campfire Available through Experimental Gameplay. Version exclusive: Uses the older texture and model from Java Edition snapshot 19w02a. Currently has no functionality. Sweet Berry Bushes Can be found in Taiga and Snowy Taiga biomes. Available through Experimental Gameplay. Lectern Placing a book and quill or written book on the lectern allows multiple players to read it together. A book and quill can be read, but not edited when placed on a lectern. Loom Used to easily make patterns for banners. Wood and Stripped Wood A log block with the bark texture on all 6 sides. No longer unused, and can now be crafted World generation Pillager outposts Generate in the same biomes as villages, and pillagers will respawn around the tower. Available through Experimental Gameplay. Version exclusive: Can generate with tall foundation. Version exclusive: Generate with black banners, instead of illager banners. Items Banner Patterns Made with the Loom. Can be added to Banners to apply designs. Version exclusive: There are 6 types of Banner Patterns: Creeper Charge, Flower Charge, Skull Charge, Thing, Field Masoned and Bordure Indented. Shields Crouching activates the shield when equipped in either hand. Sweet Berries Collected from Sweet Berry Bushes. Can be eaten or planted into Bushes. Available through Experimental Gameplay. Gameplay Achievements Version exclusive Added a new achivement: Fruit on the Loom: Make a banner using an Enchanted Apple Stencil (20G) CHANGES Blocks Wet sponge Version exclusive: Now dries out immediately when placed in the Nether. Leaves Now have a chance to drop 0–2 sticks when decaying. Chorus flower Will now break when shot with an arrow. Dispensers Dispensers with shears can now shear sheep. White carpet and undyed glass pane Can now be dyed directly in the crafting table. Barrels Still under Experimental Gameplay and cannot be opened in this version. Added crafting recipe Version exclusive: Have a different crafting recipe than Java Edition. Bells Still under Experimental Gameplay. Improved and added placement features. Lanterns Are no longer only available through Experimental Gameplay. Can now be properly attached to the bottom or the top of blocks. Now have animated texture. Added crafting recipe. Logs and Stripped Logs Renamed from Wood and Stripped Wood. Crops Now have placing sounds. Cartography Table Still under Experimental Gameplay. Added crafting recipe Version exclusive: Have a different crafting recipe than Java Edition. Grindstone Still under Experimental Gameplay. Added crafting recipe. Updated texture. Blast Furnace and Smoker Still under Experimental Gameplay. Added crafting recipe. Smithing Table Still under Experimental Gameplay. Updated texture. Items Crossbows Are no longer only available through Experimental Gameplay. Rabbit stew and beetroot soup Now have shapeless crafting recipes. Mobs Villagers Have been split into two mobs New villagers spawn in new villages. Available through Experimental Gameplay. Old villagers still spawn in igloo basement. New villager behavior: Implemented some of the new villager schedule behaviors. Implemented new villager sleep behaviors. Villagers may now wander to the village outskirts. Villagers will attempt to find a door when it rains during the day, but will navigate to their bed at night. Updated and improved pathfinding. Villagers now have a visual based trading system, and will hold up the item they wish to trade. Villagers have new clothing to indicate their level, profession, and biome. Villagers will now mingle together around gathering sites in the village. Librarians will inspect bookshelves. Villagers can switch professions depending on the workstation available in the village. Villagers now interact with beds and corresponding work stations. Added Mason, green-coated (nitwit), and Unemployed (no-overlay) villager professions. Creepers Now have a chance to drop a music disc when killed by a stray, as well as a skeleton. Cats Feeding cats raw cod or salmon will now replenish their health. Zombie villagers Split into 2 different mobs New zombie villagers have biome-specific and profession skin layers. Available through Experimental Gameplay. Old zombie villagers still spawn in igloo basements. Pillagers Are no longer only available behind Experimental Gameplay. Added new sounds (MCPE-39111). World generation Villages Have a new look, differing per biome. Added village job sites and gathering sites. Number of houses depends on beds. Taiga villages are now more common. Removed zombie villages, due to new village changes. Available through Experimental Gameplay. Can be located with both /locate village and /locate newvillage. /locate village is now not always guaranteed to locate a village, while /locate newvillage always point to villages. No longer generated in Old world type. Version exclusive: Meeting points generate with various bell types. Version exclusive: Job and gathering sites, that villagers will mingle around together, generate in villages. Job sites can be built by players by placing workstations in village boundaries. Strongholds Most strongholds no longer generate under village wells - they now generate under village meeting points. Available through Experimental Gameplay. Reduced chance of Strongholds generating under villages. Igloo Now always generate with a red bed, regardless of the biome. General Texture Update The new vanilla textures are now set as the default pack.
  15. Hey Phil, this is kind of half a question half a suggestion I'd like to hear your thoughts on. In the past, you've said that you juggle so many games at one time because you're a variety streamer. Well I watch other people I would call variety streamers and they have a very different method than you. What these other variety streamers do is choose one, maybe two, games and stick with what they pick until they beat it. As a result those streamers beat games well before you do, AC: Odyssey and Dragon Quest XI as a couple of somewhat recent examples. Why don't you try to adopt a similar method and pare it back to two games at a time, one for day streams and one for night streams, and just play those until you beat them? I think this more focused method would result in you finishing games faster and maybe even enjoying them more. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
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