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  1. Yes, he is. When he announces that tip/cheer came from a troll and calls them stupid he's doing exactly what they wanted regardless of whether he reads it. He gets baited incredibly easily into reacting that way. Just saying "X did a Y tip. Thanks for tip!" would completely eliminate the reaction they want from him and make the trolling stop.
  2. This is the internet. Reacting to trolls in any way, even to insult them ("it's a troll cheer so I won't read it. thanks for the money stupid!"), is giving them exactly what they want. If Phil really wants to stop the trolling instead of even mentioning that it's a troll cheer or tip, just thank them and don't even mention that left a message or act like it was an anonymous cheer or tip. Give no reaction and they'll stop because it's not fun anymore.
  3. I believe their point was that Minecraft blew up on YouTube in a way no AAA title ever has. Hell, people still play Minecraft and make a living doing so. Whether you think it's better than AAA games or not, it's made more of an impact than most AAA games. Lot of personal opinion in this batch of comments. Just because you didn't like A Plague Tale: Innocence doesn't make it a bad game, dude. Hell, it's got solid 8 audience scores across all three platforms on Metacritic, so clearly people like it. Also if you think it's a walking simulator you have no concept of what a walking simulator is. No, their point was that indie games are worth playing and can sometimes be better than AAA titles. Going back to Rage 2 for comparison's sake it has a 5.2 audience score on Metacritic so a lot more people like A Plague Tale than Rage 2. In this case the "indie" title was better than the AAA title. But that wasn't the point. The point OP was making that, at the time, everyone was asking Phil to play A Plague Tale and Phil did what Phil does. Refused to play it when people were asking for it and by the time he played it no one cared anymore.
  4. Obviously not, but I wasn't talking about that. I was talking about the hostility towards anyone new and anyone who dares criticize Phil in anyway. Hell, you had no problem calling people who supported Phil for years and left because they didn't like his behavior backstabbers. It seems like the only way to be accepted in this community is to worship the ground Phil walks on.
  5. God the fanboyism on these forums is insane. Anyone who speaks even slightly critically of Phil is automatically a detractor who wants to hurt him. The mods, subscribers, and big tippers Phil pushed away with his own behavior are just idiot backstabbers and on and on. It's not hard to see why these forums are so dead at this point and why Phil's Twitch contributions have stagnated.
  6. You will just make any excuse to avoid saying Phil's not good at engaging an audience won't you? Alright then, explain this one away. I watch a handful of streamers with average viewer counts similar to Phil, often smaller than his, with about half his sub count. They still somehow manage to get more cheers and tips than Phil in every stream despite streaming less than Phil does. How do you think that could be?
  7. You're on the cusp of my point but juuuust missing it. What you said about Fextralife, Maximilian, and Ninja is the point. They can play anything they want because their respective audience finds them entertaining regardless of what they're playing. Why can't Phil do that?
  8. It is Phil's job to engage and entertain his audience. If people are bored watching him play a big AAA action game and contributions are low, that's his fault.
  9. No, but it does mean Phil should do some introspection for once instead of acting like he did nothing to contribute to these people leaving
  10. Nah, that's just how Phil plays games. He learns one thing and sticks with that all the way through, brute forcing it if he has to. He started with the sword so it's what he's comfortable with. That's why he won't use anything else.
  11. Weren't you the guy who gave Phil a detractor's IP address so he could threaten them into a dropping a fake copyright claim or whatever it was they did?
  12. If he did it wouldn't be the first game he's admitted he's only playing because it makes him money
  13. Interact more, respond in more threads more often to encourage more interaction. Basically try to be a bigger part of the community. Make official, pinned, threads for game suggestions and suggestions for how I can improve my content and my set up and actually read and respond to them without taking the criticism personally Overhaul forum rules to be more clear Have a conversation with the mod staff to ensure everyone is less ban happy and makes actual use of the t/o system, people get banned for fairly small things currently. I think having more polls and things for the community to interact with could help drive more traffic here. As it is the only real reason to have a forum account is if you're also a patron, the only input Phil really listens to currently is from them. Honestly? Ban Amity, Nich on all of his accounts, and ThatDogGuy. They just cause too much drama.
  14. That's what Phil likes about Minecraft, it's kind of a slow paced game where not a lot happens. He's outright said he wants boring games he doesn't have to focus on for his chill streams so he has more time to respond to tips. I doubt Subnautica's ever coming back.
  15. For me I would say Phil not being good at games isn't the problem, though he does get his hand held a lot despite what some people may think. The problem is when Phil starts having a hard time in games. Because he'll inevitably start ranting about how the game is a piece of shit, it's terrible, the devs didn't know what they were doing, and on and on regardless of whether the game is actually bad. It's entertaining at first, but by the end of a 30 plus hour playthrough? It kinda wears thin on me. It just gets frustrating if I'm being honest and it's with nearly every game he plays. I think he'd be a lot more appealing to a lot more people if he learned to just roll with being bad and didn't blame the game unless it actually was the game. For example, just laughing it off when he backs into a wall in Sekiro or a Soulsborne instead of complaining about the "terrible fromsoft camera" again because the camera doesn't clip through walls.
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