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  1. Zach assembled this bike so his wife could enjoy the ride, (I think in Utah), that's so awesome. It's been a while since I've done anything with my bike, or even skate, (don't have them anymore), maybe I should try new things.
  2. I understand that, but from all the times I've been in his chat, I've hardly encountered people like the one in your screenshot. There's also a portion of fans who don't even show up to Twitch, or that even donate, so how many of them think like this? I haven't seen evidence of a lot of them, have I seen it at all? Yes, but very few. As for the other part, the "mentality" Phil is portraying. The video you posted, yes it is very off-putting, but the idea that it resembles "cult mentality" is arguable. It does sound very bad when he suggests people to come in just for the sake of the vest-streak continuing, and I don't agree with it. Is it "cult mentality"? If it is, it has to be the worst example. It's as if he were trying to make the most out of the streak, in a very mindless & disrespectful fashion, in my opinion, but like a "cult"? I don't think so. That was the point, but once it evolved into petty name-calling and lies about me, I completely lost interest.
  3. That's just disingenuous. What you're talking about was that I don't see a substantial amount of people amongst the fanbase that act like that. This is the quote: "No one ever said that? I think I've heard people comparing his fanbase to a cult, maybe not you, but I'm responding to the "argument" of the ones who do say that. I can see for myself that some people may act like this, but that doesn't justify the generalization."
  4. Knowing full well that I won't do nothing if he doesn't? What would you know? All the media I've given to him stays for him to use. It doesn't matter that he's Phil, if I gave you the rights to use some of my images and to continue to do so, that's not changing. As for donating I don't even do it for streamers. I didn't say that if "all the people aren't involved, then none of the people are", then you talk about poor comprehension. Maybe some do act like it, that doesn't change the conclusion. You're just keeping the personal attacks.
  5. Here, you're saying that the restoration I did was not done by me, but by other person. You haven't proved this because I actually restored the photo that I posted, so you're a liar. I was questioning you, and you did not answer some of them. You said I obfuscate his poor decision making but it's not the case, you provide nothing to support your claims. Yes it did have to do with what you were saying. You even said that one of my points was that because I've questioned him on something, must mean that I cannot possibly have fallen to any lies, which is just false. You can keep up the personal attacks, that's all it is.
  6. Because you're a liar.
  7. I was questioning your "points", but you never answered, that's not being baseless. You ended the initial conversation by editing my posts to insult me, and kept repeating that I obfuscate. Good point. Everything else you said, I addressed it.
  8. No, I posted my opinion that clashes with yours, I'm not trying to obfuscate anything. It's my artwork, and already gave him permission to use, so that's not changing. I did the restoration I posted. I also made much better ones, you're the low one here, and you know what, you trying to bring me down is just going to make me improve. So if that's how disgusting you are going to be to me, when it required more work that you can ever imagine, believe that it's not going to work.
  9. I did the restoration, and again, it's under Fair Use as a photomanipulation image. I didn't steal anything.
  10. I haven't claimed artwork as my own, so you're a liar. That's how low you will go. What should I address then? It's still pretty low to retract me allowing him to use it.
  11. Doesn't matter if you keep saying it, it's not obfuscation. I've given him the rights to use it and to continue to use it, even if I changed my mind it would be pretty low to retract that.
  12. That's empty, I can also say that you did not understand what I was arguing, but saying this is irrelevant. Does the fanbase resemble a "cult"? I don't think so and explained why. So what's the course of action, not telling him to cut it down and the reasons why? What should be done here, what's the best thing according to you?
  13. Yeah, I did the restoration that I posted, again, as a photomanipulation under Fair Use.
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