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  1. Yeah, so now Phil could do the same and build his own cool things, (I know what you're going to say). If he's willing to put the effort, if not, at least make something different. I really don't see an "issue" with it either, but if I want to see PDP's world, I'd watch PDP, not a copy of it. He doesn't even have "time/proper planning" to finish the tips-requests in the first place. That's just my opinion though, it's fine if you want that.
  2. Why PDP, though? If he's putting the effort into building things, why not make something different?
  3. I think Yi Long's stamina is way lower than Buakaw, and not sure about the spinning kick he likes to do, but he seems good, I guess. [This video's quality is horrible though.]
  4. Which current emotes do you want out? It should take literally less than a minute to resize and get the 3 sizes.
  5. Finally remembered this video:
  6. Don't think so, but I guess someone can just check all the Retrospective-events and make a list. Either that or Phil has all the Word-documents with it, but for some reason didn't post it. It doesn't even matter in the end, as Phil supposedly checks this thread before the event, and checks what does he want to watch.
  7. That is awesome, although normal emotes need to be in the 3 sizes before submitting to Twitch: 28x28; 56x56; 112x112. There's also the problem of Phil having all the slots filled if I remember correctly, but he can replace them whenever he wants.
  8. I thought it was just this one, and that's it: (The "rules" are just guidelines, that may or may not be enforced.)
  9. Sure, I'll quote some comment I made some time ago on this, maybe it's what you're looking for, or maybe not:
  10. I've seen people on some news burning the US flag, it's a good thing freedom of speech allows them to do that, or at least they don't get into trouble. Other country and they might face some serious consequences.
  11. You can embed Youtube links with the timestamp, by adding at the end: #t=XmYs and replacing X for the number of minutes, and Y for the number of seconds. So if you want the video at 5 minutes, 28 seconds, it would look like: https://www.youtube.com/URL#t=5m28s I think @Straightcashhomie wants the first video, (vest), at around 15 minutes. First win in Tetris 99, (you can decide where to stop). If embed timestamp doesn't work: 25:30.
  12. I was going to take a step back for a few days for personal reasons, but I had to make this since it takes no time at all, and felt like it. @Phil
  13. That's amazing, the irony. It's already being a nice day. Mhm. Well, see ya in a few days.
  14. Apart from Japanese architecture, I also like western. More specifically, the type you can see displayed in some cathedrals. But I like several elements that I think they'd look very good. Like maybe introducing the arc-boutants, (flying buttress), that if done big & thin enough, it could be great if watched from a distance:
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