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  1. I forgot to post this here. This was my attempt to do a Digital-Art drawing of Brandon Lee, but since I'm out of practice, I think it could be improved. It was fun making it, though.
  2. Didn't "Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi/(Hero mode)" had an RPG aspect to it? Although you're right, this one looks different in some aspects.
  3. "Stray Asmodian" The translated Japanese name would be 'Stray Devil'.
  4. Is it this one? I think I like this trailer more. It'll be an opportunity for them to release additional content as Vegeta.
  5. There it is. Now they can decide if they want to do it or not.
  6. Why did you call Rachel a dude? That's not very nice.
  7. For sure! He can contact me via TKOH-Forums PM messaging, and I'll get to it as soon as I can! Our law firm is the best in thekingofhate.com, thank you for your time in advance!
  8. You're forgetting the strange phenomena that happens in Phil's streams, in which people take part of, by trying to delay the gameplay by a specific amount of time... How much was it?
  9. "Princess Curran" The counterpart of 'Princess Pikeru'.
  10. I think they want Online play.
  11. What is this? I think you rushed through, because this is not enforceable in the slightest. So it's probably a joke. First of all, and the minor thing, who is "Blue Eyes, THE White Dragon", certainly not you, unless we assume it. The name is different, and even if it was the same, you should clarify who it is since it's just a forum username. Second, "ANY and ALL Artwork posted within this thread is property in all rights and titles of..." is not enforceable. You didn't add that the user agrees to upload content that they legally own. You didn't post a limitation of liability either. Third, "and as such the posting of said artwork within the confines of this thread does not rescind any legal rights or uses for other parties including but not limited to commercial application and site owner Philip Burnell.", doesn't make sense. You didn't really specify who "other parties", (is it any party, Phil, the one that uploads the content...), are and you made it confusing. How is posting in this thread not "rescind" any rights, when the previous part of the sentence tries to obtain the legal ownership of the content, & I don't think you use "rescind" with "uses" like that. It's incomplete and ambiguous. Not to mention this is barely a browsewrap agreement, the ideal thing would be a clickwrap agreement. I think this is even worse than the one in the Fan-Art thread. You don't have to add any "legal" statement in here, Phil said that he wouldn't use the artwork in this thread unless you give him permission, so if you want him to use it, simply post it on the main one. If you want to protect your rights, just submit it to DeviantArt for example, to have a better protection in case anyone uses it without your consent, however registration may be required in some cases if you want to sue someone for this.
  12. The best form is obviously the Chibi one, when he fought Lucci.
  13. Just go to his Twitch chat, and click on the "Users in Chat" icon, there you should see a list so that you can PM them. (Sometimes the may not appear on it despite being there, but it doesn't happen often) (If they don't answer you they're probably not there but just have a tab open, and of course, don't PM "Logviewer", that's just a bot.) And if you want to know which people are moderators once you're able to type, you just have to enter in his chat: /mods
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