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  1. MoraMoria

    Favourite Videogame Characters

    Dark Souls 3 (Bosses) Aldrich Devourer Of Gods High Lord Wolnir Deacons Of The Deep Judicator Argo Elder Prince Lorian & Younger Prince Lothric Pontiff Sulyvahn Champion/Iudex Gundyr Dancer Of The Boreal Valley Vordt Of The Boreal Valley Crystal Sage Halflight Spear Of The Church Sister Friede & Father Ariandel
  2. MoraMoria

    To those boycotting and backstabbing Phil

    Yes, you're technically correct. Whatever 'leaks' this person was referring to, or graphic evidence, is insufficient to meet the burden of proof, as it could've been doctored, or simply show false information/claims, therefore it must come with definitive or sufficient evidence, which is not the case, this time. And I believe this is a fact, so there's hardly anything to discuss about the previous.
  3. MoraMoria

    To those boycotting and backstabbing Phil

    Isn't 'leaking' and showing text information that is supposed to be private upon agreement, without the consent of the concerned parties, considered betraying? This is not even rhetorical, is it or not?
  4. MoraMoria

    DSP's Twitch return - Chat emotes/fanart

    The era of the 'frog-spamming' could perish at any moment, but with this, you're just prolonging its duration. I have my doubts if that's a good thing... Isn't this 'meme' born from people trying to make fun of Phil's pronunciation?
  5. MoraMoria

    Twitch/OBS Graphics Update

    I think Phil is talking about the damage that can be caused by the condensation of the moisture in the air. If temperature reaches 'dew point', which could happen, since the room is supposedly really hot, and the air-conditioner is right next to the laptop, (like in the first example), it could cause a malfunction on it, I would assume. And I think here, Phil is saying that it would sound loud, since in the example it's moved right next to it, not just because of the acoustic foam. However the second layout gets rid of that problem.
  6. MoraMoria

    Twitch/OBS Graphics Update

    The area with the laptop and couch looks a little bit cramped, but if Phil manages to pull this off, he'll be able to put the green-screen to some use. And condensation shouldn't be a problem, unless the power of the air-conditioner is set to the maximum and beyond.
  7. MoraMoria

    Twitch/OBS Graphics Update

    Did you do this layout? That's so Vaporwave!
  8. MoraMoria

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    I just saw the trailer, and for a second It reminded me of "Dragon Quest IX", because of the village design, open world and '3D' models, which makes it promising.
  9. MoraMoria

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Had to read/study something, but ended up procrastinating so much that I'm out of time for it... Oh well, so much for being diligent.
  10. Rainy days are cool. It's so much fun.


  11. MoraMoria

    Irrelevant Randomness 4.0

    I absolutely love stormy and windy days.
  12. MoraMoria

    Mortal Komat 11 streams

    In my opinion, for streaming fighting games, one should spend as little time on the tutorials as possible, and try to 'wing it' on the story/multiplayer-mode. Of course this means that you could end up playing poorly at the beginning, but it makes the stream more dynamic; and learning along the way, even if failing at first, seems to be more fun than the tutorials. This is just my opinion, though. As for the idea of learning the game skills by watching the stream, (one of the points of the 'OP'), I don't think it's of any considerable importance. If someone owns the game, they'll learn it by playing themselves, or by reading it on a list on the Internet. I don't think a lot of people will be paying attention to the controls/combinations of the character move-list, unless the streamer reveals some undiscovered/rare strategy, which is not going to happen on the tutorials.
  13. MoraMoria

    Favourite Videogame Characters

    Dark Souls 2 (Bosses) Nashandra Darklurker Elana The Squalid Queen Looking Glass Knight Sir Alonne Burnt Ivory King Throne Watcher & Defender Skeleton Lords Scorpioness Najka Executioner's Chariot Demon Of Song
  14. MoraMoria

    Beat 'em up multiplayer action games!

    I haven't, but it seems fun, so I'll definitely check it out. You totally know what I was talking about, those are the sprites used in the "Streets of Rage 2" version that I mentioned. And I have to say that my favourite character to play with, was Lisa, but I remember beating the game without much trouble, using Mr. Burns. (I kind of spammed an 'OP' attack of him, though.)