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  1. Second, and made with the attempt of it losing the less amount of quality, in order to fit within the parameters:
  2. I'm submitting 2 cheermotes. First one, following Twitch's directions: They have transparency & the file size doesn't exceed 512KB, for each one.
  3. Jean Claude Van-Damme Jackie Chan/Chan Kong-Sang Sammo Hung/洪金寶 Gordon Liu/劉家輝 Yu Rongguang/于荣光 (More his serious acting than action scenes.) Bolo Yeung/楊斯 Yuen Biao/元彪 The first that comes to mind, I might have more. I don't normally watch martial-arts movies anyway.
  4. "Shinato's Ark" Another ship in Yu-Gi-Oh, but the difference with the previous one in this thread, is that this is a spell, meant for summoning 'Shinato, King of a Higher Plane'.
  5. Does anyone in here watch Aris? I've watched some commentary he did years ago and he was pretty funny, other than that, I know nothing. Just went to his chat and he's not streaming, but people are chatting on it...
  6. Alright, here is the exact frame, where he "splits" the monkey in two by the ring, you can see part going through his torso. I get that he should stay on the centre, but he probably feels like that should've counted. He went through it, (should specify with "part of it"), but that was the best example for anyone to decide. Is this a bad thing for the game to have? Phil thinks that it is, seems like. I personally don't care, as long as the controls are good/decent, and if it's obviously doable.
  7. @[email protected] Here is the best example of Phil's criticism in a .gif image so you see it, he did go through the ring:
  8. "Skull Mariner" This monster looks mightier than it actually is.
  9. It's already embedded in the link, (the last part of the sentence), but the timestamp in that video: (Donkey Kong 64 playthrough pt8 - Finishing the Desert with Jetpack RAGE!), is: 1:07:17, where he says: "This is terrible. The controls are so bad, and you fly right through the f****** thing and they claim you didn't touch it. This game is terrible garbage, it's so garbage. Garbage game." The facts are not going to be debunked, if anything is if someone tries to make it seem like he is like that all the playthrough because of unjustified reasons. He seems to feel like that becuse he passed through the rings in several occasions, but it didn't count. So somewhat justified in his, let's say passionate opinion about that part of the game.
  10. Yes he did, but he also passed through some rings in several times and it appeared to not count.
  11. That sounds like Dark Souls command-stacking feature. Should be a boss in the franchise.
  12. "Masked Dragon" Classic summoner when sent to the Graveyard, but for dragon-monsters.
  13. This link only shows for me if I log-in, that's weird.
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