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    Here lies the philosophical question: are they volunteers if they don't ever volunteer to show up..? They can do it here via PM on the Forum if they wish, or even easier, on Twitter. In addition to this, I remember Phil saying that he has no need for new moderators, and I recall @OrcsRDorks asking here on the Forum to be one, (with no answer).
  2. What is the blackhole supposed to represent? Or is it like an "untitled" work of art, where the individual gives their own meaning to the piece...
  3. I'm not sure you can make this statement, in general. If anything, some of them heavily use media and are benefited by it, (some).
  4. Actually, I don't think it really counts as a "floorplan" because it's so rough I'm not even sure how accurate the measures are, probably all wrong. Anyways, I'll still link it to you in case you're interested for whatever reason, it was originally posted by @GuardianApe when they showed ideas for fitting a green-screen on Phil's room.
  5. Their comment is most likely sarcasm, and maybe yours too, but you know, Poe's Law.
  6. Amongst the posted advice, there are a few that relate to Patreon that he could take into consideration.
  7. You'd get a quicker response by asking on Twitter/Twitch. And the answer is "We'll see".
  8. Someone already made a rough "floor-plan" of the room, and since it's just for a VR-game, it doesn't need to be perfect. But it doesn't even matter because the VR idea was obviously just a joke.
  9. Yeah, the baby steps start by changing his diet, if he cannot do that, forget about running for 30 minutes.
  10. That would go directly against his rules about mentioning other content creators & drama, so of course it's not going to happen, but if you want to dream, do it higher. Like maybe using some crazy hair-dye colour and saying every funny meme possible, not only from Wings. And by the way, I personally don't see anything necessarily wrong with dying your hair for streaming purposes, but I can respect his decision against doing it.
  11. In my opinion he needs to start with the diet. He says that he eats healthier now, but I don't think it's good enough, and if he doesn't start with something simple like that, you can't expect him to run for 30 minutes every few days.
  12. In this store they have a pimp costume, so maybe... https://www.championparty.com/mens-costumes.html
  13. With that description you simply have to pick the "WILD CARD"! I like zany.
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