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  1. Well yeah, you just said it here, and we agree on that. If we go by the definition of game, (An activity that one engages in for amusement or fun.), then the spectrum of what's a game or not widens up, and I go by that one, I just don't care for certain genres, (in general). So I guess your question was specifically directed at Darksphere92.
  2. Just like with movies, paintings or art in general, what's considered good or bad is a matter of subjective taste. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all. I don't think there's anything wrong with them, and you're free to buy them or not, but what I think some people feel when they say that "these are not true games", (walking-sims), is that they might not require a level of skill or challenge comparable to others, (even if they have, not as much). I've seen people say that before playing a walking-sim, they'd rather watch a movie and be done with it, so my guess is that by their definition of "game", these do not apply, (even if you can do some creative stuff). Personally, I don't really care much about them, besides very few exceptions.
  3. Which one do you prefer, Yooka-Laylee or Sekiro?
  4. Oh no... well this is bad... I know that in a Forum you should trust the moderator's criteria because that's how supposedly the administrator wants to run the site, but I have to say that "Banned & Restricted from posting" just because of that comment is way too excessive. (Maybe a simple warning/explanation of what not-to-do would've been enough).
  5. He got a free trial-subscription for Disney Plus? I thought he said at some point that he couldn't watch something on Disney Plus because he got Amazon Fire TV, (which apparently were not compatible before 12-Nov, I think). What streaming services does Phil have?
  6. You mean Gothic 1, but the remastered version? There wasn't an official remastered version last time I checked, (I may be wrong), so he'd have to download a bunch of files & patches for that, right?
  7. "Dimension Fusion" Now this card's ridiculous, specially for a deck that focuses on banishing cards.
  8. Isn't the exp-share automatic? You couldn't do exp-share for all party like that in earlier versions. And besides this, like you say, it tells you which moves are effective or not. If you play the game you would learn it quickly, so that's unnecessary.
  9. So do you nominate it? And if you do, which version?
  10. You're awesome BlueEyes! Just wait for people to actually believe the typos, etc are not deliberate, we might hit a new low on deduction skills. Without even checking, you know it's going to happen...
  11. Alright, so @Higgs votes for "realMyst: Masterpiece Edition", and you vote for "Myst: Masterpiece Edition", different games, so the votes divide.
  12. Someone already nominated "realMyst: Masterpiece Edition", which is a slightly different game from "Myst". Would you like to vote for the same as the other person, (@Higgs), to stack the votes on that one, or are you voting on the other, (the quoted one)?
  13. You also do that? When I played the games, I used to be a perfectionist & tried to min-max everything, (nature, individual values, effort values, getting the most efficient Pokémon for the base stats, etc). I also tried to get the female Pokémon, because at least for gen-V and earlier, the offspring would be as the same species as the mother. So if it works in the same way for S&S, (it may not, though), you should've gotten a female Scorbunny, to get more Scorbunnys by putting her in the Daycare with another Pokémon with the same egg-group. I think I took the game way too serious, because I'd end up with some insane teams.
  14. Furi, (from the sniper). That's right, Phil, it has been nominated again.
  15. Oh cool! But Phil would have the red lightsaber.
  16. Yeah, for example I'd either play both versions of the generation, (like FireRed & LeafGreen), or one of them and the remake, like Diamond & Platinum, (since I continued with Platinum, I didn't bother with Pearl in this case). Oh, I hope Phil trades with some of the viewers & fans, or does some co-op. I remember that it was lots of fun if you have friends to play with you, (for all games, but specially for the Pokémon franchise).
  17. I see Phil's getting Pokémon "Sword" version for tomorrow. Wonder which one is better, if that one, or "Shield". When I played the old generations, I always tried the counterpart as well, so I know there could be some major (kinda) differences between both. As long as he doesn't get that apple-Pokémon...
  18. But are they hard enough? I've seen a few minutes of gameplay, from that so far, I wouldn't really call them puzzles or believing that anyone would get stuck on them. And the combat doesn't seem too complicated.
  19. Yeah, and you have chat too. Best streams on Twitch.
  20. If heard enough times, you'll eventually hate a song, ones faster than others. However the last time I was on Phil's stream-break, he forgot to put the song-playlist and some people complained about that. And also, the ones who apparently hate it and talk about it constantly, may like it in the depths of their heart. Do you like the lyrics or the tune? He could put some copyright-free lounge music once in a while.
  21. It's not only the face, is it? They also changed his body figure.
  22. He already said one time to someone, that the more they told him to do something, the less effect it would have, maybe even the opposite, so it may have some influence on him, but for important decisions, other important factors come into play. I agree, and even though he doesn't constantly talk about them, there are instances in which he should've just ignored them, & focus on the game. The Halloween-stream is a good example, or recently with some troll-tippers. However I'm not sure about this last one. From what I've seen, the chat seems to react when he calls out & bans a troll, there's even an emote for that. And they just come back in another account to give him more money, get some reaction from chat and start the cycle again. I'd say no one cares about these trolls or Phil acknowledging them for 2 seconds, but it's true about the negative aspects in general, he should leave it alone.
  23. "Kabazauls" [カバザウルス] おお(大)くしゃみのカバザウルス, or simply: Hipposaurus Of The Giant Sneeze.
  24. He also did this gag with Hideo Kojima.
  25. "Jinzo - Lord" An upgraded version of 'Jinzo', name that derives from the Japanese word: artificial. The worst quality that has over its downgraded version, is that you need it, in order to summon this one.
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