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    T&H Hiatus [Please Read]

    Such an obscure term, it must be the abbreviation of "Tips & Help", for those who wonder in this void thread.
  2. MoraMoria

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Yes, I don't have enough information to refute anything else you said, however, I think that you're speculating too much in some cases.
  3. MoraMoria

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    The 'soundproofing' and the acoustic foam are obviously perpetually into effect; the 'water-bottle crush' is just a punctual wonderful experience, that only happens rarely, so this example is not ideal for your argument.
  4. MoraMoria

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    It appears you were too hasty when you made that allegation.
  5. MoraMoria

    Donkey Kong dropping inputs - solved

    I just downloaded it to test it out, this is the first time I play a 'Donkey Kong' game. It took me 32 minutes to get to the "Stop & Go Station", the one with the red-eyed lizards, and until then I had 2 silly deaths, (I pulled a 'kamikaze' as I rolled to an enemy and fell down the cliff, and also I missed a platform by a millimeter), 1 with the frog, (I clipped through the edge), and 7-8 in the mine cart, (Mostly on the 'V' shaped rails and upwards, where you think you would make the jump). I'm not good with games, but I can see playing this one fluently once you adapt to its mechanic; don't think that enemies/character/platforms 'hitboxes' are a problem once you adjust to it. The one and only real obstacle that I see is getting a 'Game Over' screen, in which case I believe you have to backtrack to the last save, (The monkey-girl stall), that's why Phil started using 'save states'. Once you use them, the game becomes extremely easy, you can replay the level continuously as many times as you want, (As you don't backtrack and lose progress), and you'll eventually win, either by luck, 'trial and error' or memorizing the entire stage, (Which basically ensures victory on the mine cart level). I personally don't like him using 'save states', but I can understand why he does, and his reasoning, (Most of the people don't want to see him replaying the same thing over and over).
  6. MoraMoria

    What can Phil do to improve as a streamer...?

    I think this was brought up in numerous occasions, and the problem is that normally, other 'streamers' do not want to collaborate with Phil, because they know about the negativity of some of the detractors/trolls, and do not want to take the risk and be a collateral target. It's a shame, really, would be cool to see some collaboration.
  7. MoraMoria

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    I agree for the most part, in my opinion, true charity doesn't care about attention or recognition. If you truly want to help someone, announcing that you did it should be unnecessary; that's why I like Phil's stance on this, when he explained how he does charity.
  8. MoraMoria

    Politics General - President George H.W. Bush Dead At 94

    Generally speaking, big 'youtubers' tend to have a group of hardcore fans that will protect and idolize blindly their role model, even at the cost of their own sanity and dignity, (if they have, to begin with). I don't watch Pewdiepie, but I know about the stereotype of his fanbase, (angry kids on the Internet that barely can think on their own), so would you say that this stereotype applies to the majority/all of them, or do you think that your claim "his fanbase are disgusting" is a hyperbole and a bold generalization?
  9. MoraMoria

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    I don't know if you read the thread, but there are actually more people defending the idea that it was a light hearted joke, than getting upset. Not sure how 'Everyone is so triggered' is applied here.
  10. MoraMoria

    What can Phil do to improve as a streamer...?

    I agree, he should give a shoutout to Amity.
  11. MoraMoria

    DSP Tries It Suggestions

    Hey @Phil, maybe it would be a good idea to have a secondary tip goal/sub goal that you can set in order to have another 'DSP Tries It'. You could set it so that it covers the cost of the product, and you can also make it so that it's not fast food or anything unhealthy. I quoted some of the ideas here, and I think non-food products would be better for reviewing in a comedic way. The video that you did with the "Wax Vac" and the 'spinners' was pretty cool, so it would be amazing if you did another one like that.
  12. MoraMoria

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Normally, when a company makes a product, its success will determine its longevity in the market, isn't that true? I believe this concept is explained by the intuitive named theory, 'economic Darwinism'. But I just read the overview of 'Nintendo Labo's reception, and it basically says, quote: "Analysis suggested that Labo was the type of unorthodox product that only Nintendo could develop and market", & "...was received with praise for its unique take on video gaming and unconventional method of play, and its ability to encourage creativity and learning, especially in children." As for the second quote, I think that the description gives it a high praise, you can make a superior product with that purpose, cheaper and with better 'life span'. As for the first quote, it strongly suggests that people will buy anything/most things from the company because of their attachment/bias to 'Nintendo'. I've also read some comments on the 'Nintendo Labo' Youtube video, (anecdotal claim, but still valid), and it shows that some people really feel compelled to buy from them. Even with this, 'Nintendo' should focus its time and money on making a product that is not mediocre/bad, by normal standards.
  13. MoraMoria

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    That Nico character from 'Devil May Cry 5' has a similar vibe to the mechanic girl from 'Final Fantasy XV'. And they have a similar accent as well. Also... *giggles*
  14. MoraMoria

    The Last Post

  15. MoraMoria


    Do you keep looking at the pictures? A slideshow with static images will get inevitably boring if you look at it long enough, as for the facecam idea, I believe Phil addressed it already several times, don't remember the exact words though. It still would be cool if he did, like a 'IRL' stream everyday, but that's on him.
  16. Some years ago I tried playing a bunch of old games on an emulator, and they were for the 'Gameboy Color', I think. Three of them were RPGs. They were "Robopon", "Azure Dreams" and the "Pokémon Jade/Diamond", (which apparently are the bootleg version of "Keitai Denjuu Telefang"/携帯電獣テレファング). I never completed them, though, maybe someday I'll play them again. Games with cool and funny monsters are always interesting, don't you think?
  17. MoraMoria

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Just watched this 'Nintendo Labo' Youtube video, and their website. I don't think it's a good sign when a company decides to produce a cardboard accesory for their console, and make it as if it would enhance the experience with it. Perhaps if they tried to sell an actual boardgame, and then implement the console in some way, it would make more sense. But the worst part is the pricing, I can hardly imagine who woud buy that, and you know little kids will tear it apart eventually. I just wanted to see the introduction of this product for the first time on the company. A bunch of people with a plain Power Point presentation trying to sell the idea of "simplicity", "thinking outside the box", "revolutionary" and "maximum profit", ending the reunion with a golf clap and the feeling of a work well done.
  18. MoraMoria

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    I think there was an incident on the "Captain Marvel (2019)" thread. Hope he'll be back.
  19. MoraMoria

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Yes, I know. What I was really asking is what was he really supposed to do, (that he didn't do at all, or did poorly), when he is just the businessman that does the pitches, conference talks, proposing marketing strategies, and put a 'face' on the company? I'm asking because I don't really know, and I'm curious as to what is expected from him to do, from someone who follows this stuff.
  20. MoraMoria

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Isn't he basically the 'face' of Nintendo in the US, as well as the responsible for the marketing strategies for the company, giving business like pitches with a sense of humor that make him more charismatic, approachable, liked, and therefore more successful at his job? (Although I know that he is given advise by other people and departments.) I'm no expert on this, but what is it that he did poorly?
  21. MoraMoria

    Write a story one word at a time

    This story reminds me of that experimental book: "Harry Potter and the portrait of what looked like a large pile of ash", with all the randomness. Although, you may want to put the 'PG' sticker on it once you finish it. Nice concept for a thread, didn't expect the cameos.
  22. MoraMoria

    What Are You Listening To 4.0

    @musicboy What are you listening to now, musicboy?
  23. MoraMoria

    Easy way for DSP to make money

    If I'm not mistaken, some of these people who would be considered 'detractors' and 'trolls', crtiticize some of Phil's fans because they donate money and support him, a content creator that they like. However they themselves, (some of them), donate money and support content creators that they like, but this is acceptable in their eyes. It is a double standard. And it is clear that is a double standard, because if their argument is that they just disagree with the taste/preference of Phil's fans, they wouldn't make irrational claims like faulty generalizations and insult all of them, just because they differ with who they choose to watch. This is not disagreement, this is contempt, based solely on subjective taste, which makes it a double standard. Which makes me think that they just want to unload their hatred that they accumulate during the day, and do it while they think that it is justified, because in their minds they are morally and intellectually superior. It's like they forgot that they're just people with different preferences to other people, and the topic is videogames/gamers. I'd assume this is not the case for the majority, but some of them seem to think in such a way. I just wonder, if they would meet in real life, how many 'detractors' would actually dislike other 'detractors', and instead be friends with some of Phil's fans.
  24. MoraMoria

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    In my opinion, they started running out of ideas since generation 4, then, I saw the ones in Gen-5: that "ice cream" Pokémon along with the "gear" and the "trashbag" ones, don't even remember their names. I knew it was the beggining of the end for me, never touched Gen-6 and forward. I don't usually play videogames anyways, but still, I'll probably take a look at Phil's gameplay when he gets to it.
  25. MoraMoria

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    I watched some of it. Didn't expect that the magic build was that overpowered, and I'm not sure at what level you're supposed to be to have a decent challenge. He destroyed some of the bosses in no time. It's a shame that there's not a great variety of spells in the game, to me, most of them look very similar.