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  1. "Card Guard" This monster looks super cool, and it also has a great effect.
  2. @GuardianApe He'd have to put green fabric over the loveseat, like @BlueEyesWhiteDragon said, and he could get a ghost-plushie to have it floating there.
  3. There is already a topic on it: https://thekingofhate.com/forums/topic/4470-support-phil-on-reddit/ It wouldn't matter anyway, because when you present an argument against their lack of evidence, the response is that you also lack the evidence, even if what you're trying to say is that their claim is based on an assumption. And then of course they, (some), accuse you of white-knighting in order to become a moderator or something, like someone told me. Even if you try to be as neutral as possible, and try to make them see that their inductive reasoning might be flawed, (because it definitely is in some cases), or some statements in general, it all comes down to the fact that they dislike Phil to the point where some bias will be present. Phil is the only one than can clarify things, until he does, any attempt to sway people into being more skeptical will be most likely futile. (Although I won't stop you, because I myself have tried to do this.)
  4. "Fairywitch" This is also one of my favourite ones, like 'Witch's Apprentice', which is the counterpart of this very card. And I love its description: "Though destined to be a fairy, this creature chose the way of the witch instead." If I was a "Yu-Gi-Oh" card, I'd be 'Fairywitch' or 'Witch's Apprentice'.
  5. Crazy Town - Darkside Of course, the classic.
  6. I was watching some of Phil's "Super Mario Maker 2" stream. It's a cool game, but I wish you could change the music, or make it continuous, instead of looping each time you die.
  7. It doesn't have to be from a single IP, but other than that, you're correct, pretty cool, right?
  8. It's actually better if they e-mail it to them, since there are some issues with the first comment, as you probably know, which is why you should at least update your thread, if you fully own the content that you provided, to be used by him.
  9. Or Charlotte, from "Samurai Shodown".
  10. It doesn't apply. He couldn't buy the game for X reason, and now that he can, he's doing the next best thing, which is to play it on "Day 2". It's an efficient enough course of action, unless you claim here that this "X" reason that was given, was just a façade, covering an ulterior motive.
  11. I just went to Ninja's channel, and watched a bit of one of his videos for the first time, it was one of the "Sekiro" clips. The cam that he used was kind of distracting, and he had a "Red Bull" ad? I'm not sure how effective that could be.
  12. "Kaminarikozou" Also known as 'Thunder Kid', not much can be done with it, unless exceptions, like while within a non-effect, or low-level based deck.
  13. I've looked at some gameplay, the characters look 'chibi' in the world-map, I like that.
  14. Today I should learn a bunch of stuff, let's hope I don't end up procrastinating.
  15. You have a real-life image banner of another member in the Forums, that's incredible, I'm unsure of what word to use.
  16. "The Big March Of Animals" 'They came in in hordes, but blasted into oblivion they were.' This card is so funny.
  17. You still play Pokémon? Which one are you playing?
  18. It wouldn't, but in that specific case I think the controller had some issues with the inputs.
  19. It has no connection. You've been making assumptions since the very first time I talked to you.
  20. Everything I've said was complete and true from the beginning, to the very end, and you still have no clue about what I'm saying. Like I said, from the first page, you've been failing to comprehend a single thing, which was fairly well expected.
  21. It would seem like it from an outside perspective, yes.
  22. Does one thing contradict the other?
  23. If it makes you feel better. Undeniable truth is that you had no clue about what I was talking about, you still don't, and you learned nothing about it.
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