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  1. Simple & polite questioning can be deemed as "trolling" at convenience, in order to discredit legitimate interest, a very poor ad hominem. If that's the case, the word "troll" should be added in the featured page, as someone who dares to make basic or neutral questions in regards to Phil's decisions. One of the laziest fallacies there are.
  2. ( ´∀`) Welcome, welcome! \(´ ᴗ`✿)/ \(✿´ ᴗ`)/ \(✿´ ᴗ`)/
  3. I've seen him skipping dialogue of a Danganronpa character because it wasn't "mature" enough, or maybe it was in some sense. You know the one who makes lewd remarks for a "certain audience", but he takes it as if it was blasphemy. Also don't really care about it, no reason to skip it either. I knew someone that behaved somewhat like this character, in real life and just jokingly without being rude, what would Phil do if they were having a conversation?
  4. @MufflerBearing Are you doing an experiment?
  5. For advertisement, which has nothing wrong in itself. I didn't really follow anything from this game, but I keep hearing about it and how people will "passionately" disagree with the other end of the spectrum. It's a game, and at the end it's your subjective opinion what will decide if it's "good" or not, (for oneself). If you want to argue about objective aspects of it, like if the writing is well done under common sense criteria, that's one thing, but I don't really see that, just "epic gamers" having slapfights over the Internet on the most mundane topic. I don't even
  6. @planettenon4 You watched the EDP video from Dontai? And do you think EDP actually went to the store to get real cupcakes, after he left?
  7. What's that I hear? NINJA GAIDEN (NES)
  8. This Reddit post doesn't really tell anything substantial. It's already clear in the Affiliate Agreement, but that's not what we're talking about. Phil has a potentially unique agreement because he's a Partner, so no one knows about his "Exclusivity clause" besides him & Twitch. If it doesn't break "TOS/CG/the agreement" and he's making good money, (for Twitch), they're not dropping him out of the program. People have been banned from the platform for less, while you have people like Alinity given a second and third chance for no real reason, other than Twitch being able to ba
  9. To my knowledge, they "doxed" people by googling their already public information. All I can see from what's left, is information tied to their accounts with the same name. It's as if they posted their Social Media, and of course with the help of FaceBook, you get the rest, but I don't see intent from the "doxed" people to hide their information. As long as there are no data-breaches, Admin/Moderators take this seriously, and common sense is applied, there should be no problems. Sadly though, there's still some potentially sensitive info around some corners. @KGhaleon
  10. Have you watched Phil's previous MH streams/playthroughs? And did you enjoy them?
  11. That would be the person who uploaded the Madara stream for example, and one of the people who talked to Timbo, according to you as a "troll". They're on the same page, they're also respecting Timbo's wishes to not upload the previous VOD. If you can't infer something from this, then yes, I'm talking to myself. We've gone over this, so sure.
  12. He's around 47 hours into it so far. @WingzPullinStringz Would you put a percentage on how completed the playthrough is?
  13. You're talking about & suggesting that "trolls" harassing him is one of the main reasons for demodding himself, I pointed out how someone who's a supposed troll is a moderator on his channel. This does not look accurate. Whatever Timbo's reasons are, even if you think they're not logical, don't seem to be related to the people on his stream the other day. And I didn't see anyone harassing him publicly on Twitter either, before he protected his account.
  14. Remember this thread and the contest? Not many people joined, what are your predictions now? Should I be concerned? My bet is on 110 hours...
  15. I didn't say that, you're literally quoting my message, one of the supposed "trolls" is modded in there. That would be Wjnter, so it looks like they were trying to help him, makes more sense than what you've said since he could ban them instead. When you claim that Timbo had enough of being treated like this, it seems like you should be mentioning what he thought of Phil's attitude in regards to this whole "dox" thing. Not random people on his channel, unbanned, some of them modded, simply talking to him. They're apparently also considering his wishes to not release the VOD.
  16. In the end, Partner-contracts can be different from each other, and you can renegotiate some terms with them, they're unique. But if Phil's doesn't have any exceptional clause in regards to exclusivity, and it's as the Affiliate one, then he broke the agreement. It doesn't matter how much time it took for them to figure it out. But that's the thing is it? No one knows or has seen Phil's contract, and he doesn't seem to know much about it either.
  17. Cool. I personally haven't played it. I've made no attempts to contact OIC yet, so you shouldn't be so sure. Timbo has demodded himself, and your theory about him being bothered by the "trolls" the other day seems inaccurate. It's in the other thread, where I gave you the option to look at who's modded in his own channel, and one of the "trolls" is on there. Him claiming that they were right, and that he didn't agree with something Phil did also puts a hole in what you were suggesting. Of course, that thread's conversation was discontinued.
  18. If the source-code was not messed with and the screenshot is legit, that cannot be the case. An uppercase "i" is generally shorter than a lowercase "L", and in the screenshot you're posting there is a clear difference between both characters:
  19. "the technique or practice of responding to an accusation or difficult question by making a counter-accusation or raising a different issue." No, KGhaleon. @babymngaming456 has posted valid points on how those things are in violation, or close to a violation, (such as "harassment"), and the response he got was a Red herring about other people, not the main point: Phil's streams.
  20. Some of the things here are difficult to prove, and others are not against Twitch's TOS. You can ban anyone in your channel for whatever reason: And the issue with PW was not that Phil requested the license, but that PW had a reasonable expectation of that to not be disclosed to anyone I would assume, that's the problem. He however sent that on his own. What about their point, though? Do you think Phil has done any of those things?
  21. You're currently required to verify your PayPal account, as some people have mentioned. It is also against TOS to provide a fake name, and your account could be terminated if you do so: Anyone encouraging you to violate TOS, or not provide enough information on how to set things properly while asking if you could tip/donate is an irresponsible person. So the anonymous option of "Friends & Family" doesn't work, because it's apparently open for chargebacks: https://www.paypal-community.com/t5/Managing-Risk-and-Fraud/Can-people-charge-back-friends-and-family-2018/td-p/15
  22. Of course it would, before accusing anyone of harassment, that's what I've said. Your screenshot can be considered "nitpicking" as well, can it? Only thing, though, what I've said about Timbo modding a supposed "troll" on his channel can be checked right now, I did some minutes ago. That doesn't go in line with your original post, makes it seem incomplete.
  23. I think this Forum's TOS Governing Law falls under the state of Virginia, so Phil must comply with that. By giving you such access, he's responsible of any breach that might occur due to negligence, and you're responsible as well to maintain secure enough practices.
  24. I think the video is downloaded, but he doesn't want it to be published yet. You forgot to address what I've said & posted, seems to put a hole in your implied accusation to Anony.
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