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  1. It's amazing that some people use the expression "conspiracy theory", it's not, doesn't fit the definition at all. In fact, to believe the opposite is far closer to a conspiracy theory: "...an explanation for an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy by sinister and powerful groups, often political in motivation, when other explanations are more probable. The term has a negative connotation, implying that the appeal to a conspiracy is based on prejudice or insufficient evidence...". Since you asked, I'll answer you briefly. There's evidence that strongly suggests that Phil is the ow
  2. Yeah, but even that example is too easy to prevent. Fully searching someone in a controlled environment shouldn't be too hard, specially when you're trying to prevent your whole idea, product & investment getting thrown out the window. Whatever equipment they need can be provided within the controlled environment. If all it takes is someone with a mini-hidden-camera to give the entire studio a giant headache, then how ridiculous this is. It's like they're asking for it with their absolute negligence, in that example. At least when it's not hacking, but someone with a Nikon in the
  3. Yes, but it seems like it happens way too often. For the "unintentional" leaks, have they not learned how to avoid this? I just read one case with Fortnite, where the game-tester leaked some images, but then he was tracked down and hit with a lawsuit for thousands of dollars. But, how would a game-tester or journalist "record" such thing so easily. I feel like it shouldn't be rocket science to prevent this, don't you think? If it can potentially ruin or impact so much the future sales of the product, you'd think they'd have a rigorous policy to avoid any possibility of someone d
  4. Does he? Oh no... should... I be concerned? (ノдヽ)
  5. @planettenon4 Check out this instrument, it's called "waterphone". Do you like the sound of it?
  6. Yeah, I was just wondering if it was digital art.
  7. Do you use that as a graphic tablet? (Like for graphic design)
  8. I never paid attention on how these things work. Who "leaks" these, (in this case)? Why is not the better quality video shown? Is this supposed to be official, was it not supposed to be released? I've read a bit on something about Elden Ring, (unsure if about this specifically), the source was a 4chan user?, how did they get it? Why is it reliable? Are they asked to "leak" stuff, if so, why is this treated like someone releasing secret documents?
  9. And have you ever had one? Also, do you like drawing?
  10. I don't think so, people would pay for this. The reasons are on his post in this very thread, even if they don't make much sense. We've already gone through why, so no need for me to repeat.
  11. What happened with my spins?! Where's the Devil-360º in Phil's content?
  12. The poll is currently accurate, I don't know why Phil has not closed the thread yet. He was supposed to close it between yesterday and today, I think.
  13. Isn't it already? What's your favourite part of the playthrough?
  14. Then you're blind or incredibly selective. I have been fair to him and tried to help him with what you're addressing as "garbage", but that's too much to explain for someone who speaks like this. To even write that this doesn't matter, maybe you're the one in the wrong.
  15. The final tally I'll post, (current, at date of posting): Complete: Top: Notes: The games with "⊕:" between parenthesis, means someone added a stipulation, but not everyone who nominated it. Assumed people mentioning how much they like a game or similar, is an actual nomination. Non-specified game nomination was added to the most nominated game in the series. Text Format:
  16. ...Yeah, having 106 episodes on a Persona playthrough is pretty scandalous... There's no bones, only muscles, that's why. Maybe it has to do with being efficient at the game, while interacting with chat & having a fun time "together". Or maybe it's because such content only appeals to a niche audience, you know, because of all the heavy, time consuming RPG elements... it's like Fire Emblem all over again, but not as bad. Some people think that playing a game & watching it is the same thing, that's why you get DK64 or things like that, don't give me that look, you
  17. In my opinion you're not being fair, to assume that from them. @planettenon4 is a good person with hard-candy for a heart & very chill, there's no reason to get upset.
  18. One of the packages I tried was supposed to be good, also came in some fancy package. I'm sure it was from somewhere in Micronesia, I do remember that, but I didn't come near close to liking it. I'd say one of my favourite drinks is natural carrot juice, but I don't have it very often.
  19. No. Example: him pretending/forcing himself to like Elo Hell while denying to have done that is not on the same level to me as directly telling someone that they're categorically wrong just because they brought facts to the table, while at the same time they make a classic, "101" fallacy. Doesn't really make me laugh, but I find it interesting. I hope I explained myself, no need to roll your eyes for that.
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