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  1. My opinion: Bill Burr is consistent, he always delivers. Then C.K. Louis, he has done some good stand-ups. Chapelle, but I only watched few things from him. Marc Maron is always funny on Conan. Saw a bit of Ralphie May, I also liked it. And to be honest, I liked some of Bill Maher's stand-ups as well.
  2. What's the first game that you're going to try out on it?
  3. I just looked at Reddit, people are talking about mass-reporting him, (or helping with it). I'd love so much to read the reports, curiosity and all.
  4. I hope you're not saying this because of me, I looked at the context and clarified. It's obviously not a slur if he meant Arnold's surname. I should stop asking here for clarifications and look at it myself for the next time, thanks.
  5. Samurai Shodown (2019) - Zagashira (Kyoshiro Senryo) OST


  6. Oh, he tried to mix his surname with Arnold's.
  7. Someone posted a video on Twitter where it shows Phil saying a racial slur on the last stream. I don't know the context of what he was talking about, and I'm not confident enough on my English to know if it's something else, can someone confirm? Edit: Oh, he tried to mix his surname with Arnold's.
  8. I remember things like that on the parks when I was younger, what are you supposed to do with it? Its axis was not perpendicular to the floor either, so it would not be ideal to just sit there & spin, which might be the intended purpose.
  9. I thought that the PS5 could play PS4 games, why don't you get a PS5?
  10. No, but I was involved in Project Aurora. The US-government doesn't want you to know this, so I expect you to keep a little secret for once.
  11. Are you asking me if I stole from Phil's bank account/CC?
  12. Did Phil say that someone charged thousands of dollars, (5K-10K), in fraudulent Credit-card transactions in his name? And that he showed authorities "concrete evidence" of it, but they told him essentially to give up?
  13. That meme seems to be as old as cosmic dust. Had to watch the "bottle-neck-hack" on Youtube because it doesn't make sense for bread, (you'd have to undo the hack, it cannot pass through), and there are people mentioning the "chaotic good". I no longer eat that type of bread, but for other things I sometimes do the "lawful evil" with an easy to undo knot.
  14. I've had clowns look into me, luckily they went away.
  15. I'm not too familiar with those JRPGs, but I'd like him to play "Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses", which is kind of an RPG. There's probably a 0 chance he's playing it, since it's for PS2. Maybe a Pokémon challenge/nuzlocke with modded stuff, you don't need anything fancy for that. Another game I'd like to see him play is "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky", (not that Team DX-demo or whatever it was). I'm sure I have more, but I'd have to remember because they're not new games.
  16. Twitter going down in flames & nocive fumes. What a shame, I had plans & other projects in regards to the platform.
  17. In regards to Phil, this is false. He knew and you can bet your life on it, so I suggest you don't talk about things you have no knowledge of. I have no interest in talking about this with you any longer.
  18. This level of passive-aggressiveness is as toxic as that one person who came here to trigger you on Nintendo related topics, and your incident on that Japanese hostess bar, your MO and choice of words is very similar here. In regards to those other things you mentioned, the first part was done with the Administrator's full knowledge and consent for a purpose, the other part was explained & laid out to the other Administrator already. And no, I wasn't talking about that, with such attitude you don't deserve to know. Have a nice one.
  19. Abandoned the people that trusted certain data to be kept private. He still had a chance to fix his mistake, but didn't. That chance doesn't exist anymore.
  20. @Anna

    Check this out, it's a good song.


  21. Is the Toyota Yaris a meme?
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