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  1. In case you want the images for yourself, more power to you. In case you want the images to be used for the Prestream, I wouldn't recommend that, as they (all) are apparently under "Non-commercial" purposes, even though the license below those images is: "Unknown". I wouldn't risk it though: https://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=1017939 https://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=1065733
  2. Yeah, but KGhaleon was suggesting telling Phil to play it, and I was just pointing out how the number of nominations do that, in a sense.
  3. Last time I checked, it was one of the leading games. For the Marathon, anyways.
  4. Couple of heavy-controversial questions, if you want to give it a try: What are your views on abortion-laws, should it be legal or illegal, and under what circumstances? Do you consider yourself as a pro-Second Amendment person? Regardless, give us your best argument for what you believe in.
  5. I don't really have character-crushes.
  6. Congratulations on your new home‼
  7. There's several opinions across this thread, so who/what is Jack disgusted about, if I may ask? I think that having a conversation about it respectfully, and seeing his point of view would be more constructive, and the first step to turn "toxicity" into something actually worthwhile.
  8. They are not, though, even the ones that are compliant with the rules, or in this case, "guidelines". This could have been easily avoided since the first post, by having specific rules that make it clear what is and isn't eligible. But that's not what happened.
  9. I've done a bunch of things in Excel that I want to do with a programming language. Like with this, it basically shows a letter-frequency-analysis of the English language, (in the: "% English" row, according to some sources), and in the top one it counts the specific letters of the text you input, and colours it, according to its frequency. The result shows that the colours seem to match fairly well, so the text should have a decent chance of being written in English. So if I make this a bit more complex, it might work good with Caesar-Ciphertexts as well:
  10. Good Luck! From what I've seen from Utah, it's really beautiful.
  11. [Taken from Twitter, not my image] Some people reacting to Trump's recovery: These type of individuals are disgusting. Notice the voodoo dolls, and wishing death, (while believing Astrology).
  12. Updated tally until now, (click image to expand, or see: Text Format below): Criteria: The games with "⊕:" between parenthesis, means someone added a stipulation, but not everyone who nominated it. I counted as nominations when people answer to others with: "cool/nice one/I agree/would be amazing to see/similar". Didn't add: "Online/MP" next to fighting games titles because it's assumed people want online. "Amnesia" mentions were treated as "Amnesia: The Dark Descent". Non-specified mentions of "Evil Dead (PS2)" were treated as both: "Evil Dead: A Fis
  13. Thousands of years of evolution for this, I love it.
  14. According to him it's related to a DMCA claim, so things might go like last time.
  15. Yeah, I also think that Tobey is a very talented actor.
  16. Hope you get it. Didn't you say that everything in the game looks the same, or something along those lines? Maybe he read your post, and decided to act accordingly.
  17. Have you ever had people getting mad, -really mad-, at you for not using words in the "normal" way they're supposed to be used? I'm one of those rebels that uses the word "literally" in a figurative way, just some times, not occasionally... That's right, call the cops‼
  18. Because I don't know enough about superhero universes, or which characters belong in which.
  19. For this one I'm totally lost.
  20. He mentioned some games, but he essentially said the same thing as his post above. The issue for me is that this is supposed to give the viewers what they want, and it's advertised as such: But then in the middle of the process, he introduces new rules that were not in the OP. And this is coming from me, who agrees that Danganronpa would be better in a Viewer's Choice, rather than a Marathon. But this time, he's doing it wrong.
  21. @KGhaleon By the way, you said that Amnesia was not a bad idea in the other thread. But will you nominate it?
  22. What is there to add? The fact is that the games Phil is dismissing in his comment, (and Prestream), are clearly valid & eligible, according to the rules he posted himself in this thread. I raised the objection on stream, but it was ignored. Even if he wants to argue that he told in the past that he wouldn't play a "Danganronpa" game for a Marathon, that is not a condition in the OP, and it's not like everyone should know what he explained in a random Prestream. It's very simple, someone comes in, reads the rules, then nominates, but that's not what's happening here because this
  23. @GuessWhat I know you wanted Phil to play Celeste for some time now. Did you enjoy it?
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