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  1. First time Question. You have 24 thousand Twitter followers, each tweet gets an average of 6 likes, on Twitch you have 88 thousand followers, yet each stream gets between 400 – 500 viewers, and again you have an established forum (let's say over five years old), yet you struggle to get feedback for an upcoming event. Based on these figures alone, there's clearly a communication issue with your viewer base . Yet systematically each stream, your viewers are reminded, hide your identity, keep your DM’s closed, if you tip use an alternative non traceable name. To further solidify, you remind us all of the consequences of not adhering to your advice, the gaggle of your detractors, will use any information to harass contributors, their families and workplace. Bewildering counsel for a newbie, let alone an established stream regular wouldn’t you agree? You remind us daily about your personal stream rules, no talking about your detractors or their musings, reminding us if any of the rules are broached we'll be banned, however send an email for a ban review. You clearly have an issue with your detractors as they have two segments for themselves,(Public Service Announcement and Stream Rules). Do you think this rhetoric is needed daily? Personally calling them out every pre-stream is boresome for myself as a regular and bemusing for a newbie. I'm here to watch your playthrough, shitpost and talk a little with chat. Personally, Saying hello to the regulars on stream like myself and others goes a long way. A simple thank you for turning up, How are we doing? Good to see you? I'm interested to know your thoughts.
  2. Monument Location - 1662 64 1060 (OverWorld) 20 64 133 (Nether) This is best way to travel, you will need to take 14 obsidian to make a Portal Take a Bed and set your Spawn (Don't remove bed) when you are in the overworld
  3. Phil - Stop taking the bait This keeps on happening, to be honest it's getting irksome. Accept the proposal as is, don't elaborate and most certainly don't dictate terms and conditions. Here's my reply... Notice I accept, and leave emotions and demands out of the reply. This is a business deal - The marketing worked, time to close the deal. Dear Sir Many thanks for your kind offer of support, whatever works best for you. With Thanks (Phil) Damage Control Remove the TwitLonger - It's disingenuous by design and a dire attempt to regain the narrative. Best handled by saying nothing, doing nothing and more importantly adapting the new tactics. Standard response to a BAIT CHEER 'That was a private conversation, between myself and a fan, I don't want or need to comment on this. However thanks for your support' - Use the the FACTS to your advantage. Focus Your cornerstone is marketing, selling your product and building up the desired emotions for the hard sell on Twitch and YouTube. Real Talk Phil I'm not here for the AAA Games, however I'm here for the DSP persona, a man-child, who's obstinate, and a loveable blockhead who thrives on drama. I desperately want you to change and be truly successful. Thanks to you I have developed friendships with some of the people in the community. Some friends have been banned because they openly question the narrative. Good people, who still attend your streams, sit in silence and still watch your content and talk to me private. Please allow discussion without consequence. If someone disagrees with the narrative, let them be. If some of my friends were out of DSP Prison, I would gladly gift them subscriptions, and that's profit for you. Sales Offer more than you're currently giving, Subscriber Specials for clothing, Subscriber only streams and Subscriber Multiplayer Game Streams. 'Tier 3 Subscribers this Month get 10% of my clothing as I want to give something back to you the fans' 'Friday's we're going to have a Subscriber only chat, without your support this wouldn't be possible' 'Every second Friday of the Month, I'm going to have a fun stream with all Tier 2 Subscribers - I'll pick a Multiplayer Game, It's my way of thanking you the subscribers for that additional support' Grazydream.
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    When you click the link on Twitch, this appears.. however when I go through google it's OK.
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