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  1. I find it hard to believe DSP has said this. Holding ALT and dragging in the sides of the source isn't too hard.
  2. Here is a quick layout for the 4:3 games you've been playing recently. Your current setup has your camera covering a fair amount of the game even though its aspect ratio is only 4:3. You will have to crop your game source to fit this layout. I'm sure you know what you're doing. The design is mimicked from your twitch panels.
  3. dspWassup, dspThumbsup, dspAmazing and dspCosy
  4. @Phil Hi, I was wondering how many open emote slots you have remaining? I'll most likely be free next week and can probably try drawing a couple to help fill the slots. Be mindful it won't be anything high quality. Cheers.
  5. They're individual images. You can right click > save image as... or even drag and drop the images onto your desktop or specific folder.
  6. Practice emotes. Use them if you want.
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