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  1. JackieChin

    Music I use for Bumpers

    A lot of people ask what music I use for Phil's streaem bumpers so here is a link to the full album; https://pepsiman.bandcamp.com/album/deagle-nation-wave
  2. JackieChin

    Comic Book Talk

    ​Oh yeah lol I forgot, I also got Batman Year One, haven't read through it though since I've been so busy with work. I did skim through the pages and the artwork is great
  3. JackieChin

    Comic Book Talk

    ​Man I got a few different Batman comics like The Dark Knight Returns, The Dark Knight Strikes Again, The Man Who Laughs, The Killing Joke, Death in the family. The I also got some of the marvel masterwork collection books which has like 10 or more issues of the classica marvel comics like thor and iron man and stuff yo. It's pretty trill
  4. JackieChin

    Comic Book Talk

    I got a shit ton of comic books this year for christmas and just got two more today!
  5. JackieChin

    DSP Tries It Suggestions

    Made an intro video for the "Tries It" series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwgJg4X4sMQ
  6. JackieChin

    What Game Are You Currently Playing Now?

    Borderlands 2, Bioshock Infinite, Brutal Legend
  7. JackieChin

    Playlist Thumbnails Submission Thread

    this is excellent content! Press 1 gamers!!!!!!!111
  8. JackieChin

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi everyone, I'm Jackie. I make some of the stream bumpers for Phil. I also make stream bumpers for Deagle Nation/ParkourDude91, and upload some of my own gameplays, etc. I'm a gamer, musician, and like..just a cook...
  9. JackieChin

    What does fan interaction mean to you?

    I had to go back and listen to Phil's recent ATK segment where he kinda covered this. Fan interaction like making fanart, stream bumpers, etc. is just to help him out so people don't have to watch a black screen or see a "We're Experiencing Technical Difficulties" message on a stream. Fan interaction also gives people exposure and feedback on the fanart, etc. I'm not sure if Phil still does the skype calls on hate live, but there's some form of fan interaction.
  10. JackieChin

    Stream Bumps

    lol dude that's chill tahaa. Most of the music I will use is some music my friends made for our gaming/stoner group, or it's just royalty free music. The song I used in the GOOH Bumpers was "Saints in Hell" by Judas Priest.
  11. Gaming tonight, basically scoping out the enemy tangos dudes.