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  1. I personally think Phil is making a huge mistake ignoring this game. There are tons of people (myself included) who are on the fence and are waiting to see others play it first. Phil is all about day 1 views, and this is arguably the MOST IMPORTANT game for day 1 views... and hes gonna skip it. For shame.
  2. Hi Phil. Been around a while and finally registered after you mentioned the forums on stream yesterday. One big thing I’ve noticed over the last few months is that you constantly use the word, “interactive,” to try to sell your streams to people. “Chat was very interactive!” You're using the word in place of, “generous,” which is a much better descriptor of your chat. You see, a Twitch stream is interactive by default. You’re broadcasting live to an audience who INTERACTS with you via stream chat. You see, when you say that, “chat was interactive,” you’re stating the obvious. It’s the equivalent of saying, “water is wet! Fire burns! Pork tastes like pork!” I’ve seen many detractors using this to show that you’re greedy, I don’t believe that of course, but I don’t want to see them have more ammunition. Trust me on this. Also, you really do need to start talking with your chat more. Sometimes there is long periods of dead air as you sit and stare at the chat. All you have to do is check every once in a while to see what everyone is talking about and interject. Keep the conversation going. As it stands, you don’t really talk about anything with your chat. In fact, the other night welcometothedabsyde (who is an obvious detractor, why do you keep him around?) asked what he could talk about, and you literally limited it you and your streams. Why not talk about what’s going on in the news? You seem to enjoy wrestling and movies, why not talk to your chat about that? Or talk about really wild shit like astronomy or what you personally believe in. Bring up subjects that will encourage participation amongst your chat. A good thing would be to talk about aliens. Or crazy conspiracy theories. Ask people what they believe when it comes to stuff like flat earth theorists. Just read random shit and chat about it. As it stands, sometimes things can drag quite a bit and I know personally I’ve tuned out of the stream because you just don’t say anything. You’ll either point out what’s happening on screen as if we are all blind and can’t see for ourselves, or you sing or make jokes during cutscenes. Finally, you need to stop being so confrontational to your fans. Often times you will outright mock people for cheering something you disagree with or if you feel personally insulted... Just let it fly bro. Laugh it off. Imagine it’s like you’re playing that one game (it was like a Jackbox party game) where trolls were ripping into you and you simply laughed it off. That was a pretty great stream and you just let it roll off your back. I would personally like to see that again. Self deprecating humor my man, learn to laugh at yourself and embrace the memes. You’ll gain a lot of respect if you just stopped being so defensive and standoffish. These are just my opinions but believe me, these suggestions will benefit you greatly.
  3. It’s such a shame that WOOF was banned because he finally got sick of the constant emergencies... I feel like WOOF should be given another chance. He was a patron and supported you for a long time Phil, and instead of trying to keep him around you just shrugged him off... have you banned DJRuno1 for complaining about all the ads on your videos and how he now uses Adblock to watch your videos? How about welcometothedabsyde? He’s a clear and obvious troll. Same with Fred Flintstone. All these people consistently troll you and bait you into bitching and complaining, yet you don’t do anything about them.
  4. The biggest problem with this marathon and any other marathon Phil does is that he chooses games (or the patrons but whatever, it’s ultimately Phil’s decision) that cannot objectively be enjoyed in just an hour. Should honestly choose quick games that can be showed an enjoyed in just an hour. Playing Silent Hill, Resident Evil, etc. games, games that don’t start to ramp up and become enjoyable until a few hours in, makes no sense. Honestly, you should just play stupid jump scare tripe like FNAF and just trash it and laugh at how bad it is. Just my two cents.
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