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    Twitch Improvement Suggestions

    Personally I enjoy Phil's pre-streams, at least the shoutout parts. The other parts are more 50/50 but I think are necessary for newer viewers or viewers that are out of the loop. To me at least the pre-streams kind of replace a daily vlog and gives us more insight into the man behind the webcam. I also like the more extended and in depth answers to tips that aren't really feasible during gameplay.
  2. Phil, watching your streams I honestly think you have vast, untapped potential. For example while some streams are slower with lower viewers some streams are incredibly supportive and interactive. To me at least the quality of content comparing these two different times can be far different as well. You always put out an entertaining stream but some are undeniably better. Do you agree with this and if you do what do you think has kept you from realizing this potential? Do you have any plans to realize this potential?