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  1. Collaborate with a bigger streamer (Hes not going to do because hes likes being the main show and afraid of other viewers not liking him and turn detractor) Play games that viewers want to see without requiring a paywall or messed up poll where he just gets the "consensus of what people are thinking" and not actually follow the poll. Viewers want to see Nintendo games but refuses to play many just because he cant double dip with Youtube revenue on top of the tips and donations he will recieve. Stop banning and blocking people in chat just because they dont 100% agree with him. VET HIS MODS BECAUSE SOME OF THEM ARE OUT OF CONTROL AND ON A POWER TRIP. Sell things he doesnt use any more. Stop taking so many days off. Get a part time job if its viable. Revamp his Patreon (Currently there is absolutely no reason to pledge because the rewards are meaningless) Stop making excuses. Stop being so toxic when he loses, doesnt understand something in the game. Sell his house already.
  2. Still deflecting and not answering my question. Just say you're not gonna donate and you're on the "miracle bandwagon".
  3. You're too busy trying to be right and win an argument over the internet. I'll say it again. I dont care about the precise amount of time he streams. Obviously its not enough to cover his lifestyle. My question to you was will you financially support Phil since you are essentially telling him to do nothing and wait for the fans to take on his financial burdens? Oh no doubt im being super optimistic. Miminum wage out ther is almost $12.00 and even at that amount and working 30 hour weeks he would only breach about 9 grand. But its something. I dont know man, I was just raised differently and I know how to hunker down and get things done. Sell things im not using, work overtime, anything but ask for a handout.
  4. Okay none of what you said was true but whatever, I dont care. So does Phil have your financial support since you're saying he should change nothing?
  5. It doesnt matter if hes making "way more", im so tired of hearing that excuse. If hes making way more then why is he always broke and need $16,000? A. Because he's living beyond his means and B. He doesnt want to do anything about it but pray for a miracle. I dont know how you see him stream 11 hours a day. He streams 3 hours 1st stream with 2 or 3 15 min breaks and then 2 hours late stream with a break or 2. His streaming schedule is fucked to begin with. Find out when the peak streaming attendence is for Twitch, im sure that information is out there, and stream 5-6 hours around that time. Upload the videos, eat, sleep, shower, whatever and he has a good 10 hours to do things. 10 whole hours that wouldnt cut into the amount of time he already streams. This is basic adult time management im talking here, most adults have to do this to get the most out of their day. Will he be tired some days? Yeah, its called being an adult, shouldnt of over extended his financial capabilities. I dont even know why we are even wasting our finger strength. We already know whats going to happen. Phil is going to put on a couple more "State of the Streams" to squeeze out as much as he can from fans to pay this balance while doing absolutely nothing to change himself. Hes just going to continue to binge watch Netflix for 5 - 6 hours every night and say he doesnt have time for anything.
  6. Why it wouldnt? Most the people streaming have jobs. Saying it "wont fit" and chosing not to do it are two different things.
  7. But I thought you was hyped and was ready to play Warframe until your switch died? Man I got so much leftovers im gonna be eating for a couple of days. Just gonna play some Fallout 4 on my day off, after the suckout Fallout 76 was it would be good to play a decent Fallout for a few hours while eating some Turkey. Probably fall asleep at my desk.
  8. He should get a part time job. Lets see he streams for maybe 5 hours, takes maybe an hour to throw the videos up, 8 hours to sleep. Still 10 hours in the day. A part time job takes up 6 - 8 hours for couple days out the week. Could easily get that $16,000 in 6 months. Just have to work to get it. I just know Phil's mindset. Why put in the time, effort, and work to get a side job when you can do nothing and hope the fans bail you out like they always have. Its just being spoiled at this point.
  9. No the argument is done because you ran out of it. For the record I love Nintendo, I just think the Switch could of better product if it was more focused on being a console and not a half-assed mobile. You're mad because im right on so many levels but you cant accept it. Its okay we can agree to disagree. Here do you want the seal of being an official Nintendo loyalist? You've earned it my man. To all other members sorry for blowing up the thread with this misunderstanding. Lets resume normal conversations.
  10. Okay I get it you're deflecting. I just said Steam has its own pile of garbage. I'll accept that but I and anybody else knows they'll choose Steam over the eShop any day of the week. Whats wrong? You cant accept the Switch is a very flawed system and you're blinded by Nintendo? Cause it looks like your running out of arguement. This usually happens when facts are brought forth to fanboys. How old are you if you mind me asking?
  11. No. Ive played with the Switch for several hours because a friend had one then sold it when he realised it was worthless. I will never own a Switch. Steam does have its own pile of garbage but at least I can navigate through the garbage. The eShop not only has a ton of garbage but the shop itself is made badly. Oh you'll see new games pop up but unless you know a specific game or app is in the eShop, you're never going to find it. Theres alot of expensive garbage mobile games you can find on iOS but Nintendo is charging $15 for them. No thank you. Im not the only one that knows the eShop is garbage I just showed you article after article talking about how terrible the eShop is. You dont have to take the truth seriously but at the end of the day its still the truth.
  12. Pretty sure I said Surface TABLET. Yup. I did. Options. I could run a session of Fallout if I wanted, I could play GTA V. I can play almost any game I could at home on my computer. I have played all of the games in my steam library because I bought them. And I have the option to play them on the go. You're really pulling on straws if your mentioning the eShop. The eShop is full of garbage and you know it. It is a meme at this point. Unless you want the few classics released on older systems then its worthless. I got emulators for that. Im not even trying to bash the thing, its just some Switch fanboys like to pretend its the best mobile device to have. No. No its not. The thing doesnt even have a proper internet browser and it dies quickly. You paid $300 for the Switch to play the 5 Mario/Zelda games thats on it and whatever they decide to port over after several years of the games initial release is fine with you. Just say that.
  13. Very wrong. Though it may seem mediocre now Killzone was definately a system seller exclusive and it was a launch title. The first year the PS4 had 15-20 exclusives. The Switch as far as system seller exclusives has Zelda BOTW (which isnt an exclusive because you can get it on the WiiU) Mario Odyssey, Smash Bros.... And thats it as far as system sellers. 3 exclusive system selling games after 2 years is pathetic not to mention one of them is on the Wii U. And im not comparing the PS4 to the Switch where they at right now. Im comparing the PS4 at 2 years and the Switch at 2 years and its obvious what was way better at the time. And I still dont understand why the thing is still $300 when you can get the other two consoles for that or cheaper and they have bigger & better libraries. I travel alot and in my travels ive only seen one kid with a Switch and he was hugging a charger. Everybody else has tablets or laptops. Me personally I have a Surface tablet with a dock to sit it on top of a controller. I have my Steam games and a whole library of Nintendo Wii games on standby if I want to play Mario. Oh and lets say I want to brows the internet, i donthave to pull out another device i can oause the game and multitask properly. THE SWITCH DOESNT EVEN HAVE A PROPER INTERNET BROWSER. WTF? There is absolutely no reason to own a Switch unless you want to deprive yourself of performance and play the 5 games you cant play anywhere else for 3 hours until it dies or you find a plug. No thank you. But enjoy your hardware.
  14. Yea but its a new release of a very old game and they are only doing it to artificially expand thier third party library. Im not being antagonistic, I apologize if you're intimidated by my comments. I like the Switch. Its just not something I would buy because of the lack of games even though its been out for almost 2 years.
  15. Thats good. Glad you enjoy 2 out of the 5 games that 90% of Switch owners play and Skyrim thats been out forever. The Switch just isnt for me. Handful of good exclusive games, the rest is just re-releases and remakes even though its been out for almost 2 years. Controls suck. No thank you. I have way better options out there.
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