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  1. Every main viewer who "derails" and trolls and "misbehaves"
  2. If the day comes where I decide to go to phil's streams, I will just go for my own viewing pleasure and maybe engage phil when questions arise. I'm never having any type of any relationship with those immature, children scum that go to watch phil. How is it so hard to just be cool and mature and not do anything ridiculous and stupid, like for example complaining about Phil's prestreams being too long and then when he actually does start and quickly end the prestream, all his viewers just act like complete ridiculous idiots saying what phil said they said on his most recent prestream. I completely, absolutely hate those scumbag kids that go to watch phil. Why waste your life trying to ruin Phil's streams, spread retarded conspiracy theories, trying to ruin his life. If you hate or dislike him, just don't watch him and go elsewhere, but no, a large part of Phil's fanbase are a bunch of purely sociopathic, obsessed pieces of human garbage completely undeserving of the life they are very foolishly wasting and squandering. This is why I don't go to his streams. 1. I'm too busy with my own stuff. 2. If I did choose to, I don't know how to get to his streams. 3. Every single piece of walking garbage that go to watch him completely offend with the intellectually devoid, completely stupid and immature BS that they do. They are completely beneath me and will never have any kind of relationship with me. Now don't completely misunderstand me, I know not every single viewer is like this
  3. Memes are nonexistent to me. And they should be. Only hive minded, follower scum follow those. Plus I have listened to every single prestream since like 2017 so I feel like I know his prestreams inside and out
  4. Just to put it bluntly, I don't like most of the regulars on Phil's prestreams. To me, they all seem like massively immature, retarded children. Most of the time, its like Phil is a kindergarten teacher, reprimanding and calming down a bunch of loud, unruly, dumb little *****. I love the harsh words he gave to pwdubs about campaigning for another who got banned. Now if only he could be that direct and blunt all the time.
  5. No. I'm making a educated guess. Be honest with yourself, its the most likely reason. How are people getting money when no one is working
  6. I really do want Phil to escape this horrendous financial situation but I gotta be honest. It just might be possible that vest streak might last through this entire time that this quarantine may last. I think this is lasting only because of people's unemployment benefits. Of course I'd never blindly throw $ at someone because I'm completely blinded by nostalgia. I'm too intelligent to ever do that. All my money only goes towards food and mainly to myself and my incredible sense of self-preservation. My 3 (2 of them my most important family members) family members all passing away within the last 8 months. I refuse to ever let anything happen to me. In their honor
  7. I'm gonna be honest. About 60 to 70% of Phil's entire fanbase are extremely ignorant, stupid, immature, meme following scum. I listen to every prestream that he does and I hear what alot of those worthless, mentally retarded, children do. For example, on Phil's most recent prestream, snowcarl and pwdubs. If it were me (I cannot tolerate or stand any form of stupidity) I would just permaban or or if possible, get them all IP banned. Another example, alot of you complain about basically everything he does, doing prestreams or his medical condition that hes explained already like a trillion times already. The entire existence of this planet would benefit hugely if all of you negative, stupid children would just disappear
  8. I don't know how to edit posts on here but I just thought of a 2nd question. I'm rewatching your sekiro playthrough. Whatever happened to swaggins? He used to be one of your regulars. I remember you saying he lost his mind or something. What happened with him again?
  9. I have listened to every pre stream for 2 yrs and never heard you mention some guy called treybin (I forgot the name) you permabanned someone on pt 1 of your Luigi's mansion 3 playthrough for mentioning a costume of him or her. What's your dislike of this person all about anyway?
  10. Sekiro new game + with kuro's charm. (Chip damage when you block)
  11. I will edit this as i come up with more questions. I don't remember if you addressed this already. I think you did but ill ask anyway. Your CT condo. I know its a financial drain on you. If you just stopped making payments on it, what would happen? Wouldn't it be a good idea if you did?
  12. I think you may have elaborated on this already but I don't remember. What ever happened to theairiedlord and your old friend minh from that vlog from when you first moved in that condo in Connecticut that you watched in that retrospective?
  13. I just finished listening to your 74th episode of ask the King and I came up with this right now. Let's say for example YouTube right now just like machinima disappeared and died. Where exactly would you archive your gameplays if YouTube were to ever disappear? I'm busy alot so I'll never be able to go to your streams. If YouTube goes, I may never be able to watch you again. All the detractors aside, how would you go about this? 2nd question. I don't know if you ever answered this but what happened to the aeriedlord? I forgot how to spell his name.
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