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  1. Are you ready? Go!!
  2. musicboy

    (Arcade/Sim) Racing game discussion!

    I'm back to playing, Daytona USA 2001. That game is amazingly, so much fun.
  3. musicboy

    Pit Fighter

    I get this strange feeling, that Pit Fighter, is going to make a return one day.
  4. musicboy

    Beat 'em up multiplayer action games!

    Hey, there's a new Battle Toads game, announced for the Xbox One and PC. It's toad brawlin' time!!
  5. musicboy

    E3 2019

    Lots of nice nintendo games this year. I can't wait to see, what they show tomorrow.
  6. musicboy

    Comic Book Talk

    Hugh Jackman is the best Wolverine.
  7. musicboy

    Fantasy Fights 2.0

    "Feel the power, of Shao Kahn!" Shao Kahn it is.
  8. musicboy

    Fantasy Fights 2.0

    Yeah, he looks like an awesome character. And him appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy, makes sense too.
  9. musicboy

    Food Thread

    Since the original OP posted a recipe, I think I'll post a recipe here too. Hopefully soon.
  10. Hey, I forgot to mention. I'm a fan of Phantasy Star Online, on the dreamcast and gamecube. The game is alot of fun. Especially, if you have others to play with you, in multiplayer.
  11. musicboy

    (Arcade/Sim) Racing game discussion!

    A racing game that is brought up alot, is Speed Devils by Ubisoft. I've never played it, but I heard that the first Speed Devils game, despite being a bit over rated, was actually more fun, and had more content and cool stuff to do and unlock. The Speed Devils online version that came afterwards, had less content, with believe it or not, downgraded graphics and stuff. But made up for it with online play. And yeah, I'm also not a fan, of the cheesy, scary overedgy face in the logo. I think I'll check it out, one of these days, moreso the first game.
  12. musicboy

    Cool Yu-Gi-Oh Card Designs

    Wow! Yu-Gi-Oh cards.
  13. musicboy

    Fantasy Fights 2.0

    Beta Ray Bill? I heard about him a few times though. But dude,........what da heck is that? That is one strange, Thor looking super hero Korbinite alien dude, or whatever he is. Dude, Raiden wins this match. Plain and simple.
  14. Yep. But I heard in the US, there are comic book auctions, for old rare comics. And some of them sell, for about $4000 plus dollars sometimes. I know that there are some, older comic book fans out there, that will pay that amount of money for a comic. It must be alot fun for them, hunting around, for rare old comics. It's possible, it might be worth something to a few people. Probably more. And as the old people say, "One mans trash, is another man's treasure."
  15. musicboy

    Food Thread

    Yeah exactly. Ewwwwwww! Sometimes I wonder, what goes in in the minds, of those old Japanese anime artists and producers.