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  1. Halloween? Interesting.
  2. This tune called Gravity by Pixie Lott. This is the cahill remix. And no, that is not Ashley Tisdale.
  3. Capcom vs. SNK Millenium Fight 2000 on the dreamcast.
  4. No worries dude. I understand.
  5. I think Luke Cage wins this. PS: It's nice to see this Fantasy Fights thing back again.
  6. Virtua Fighter 3tb on the sega dreamcast.
  7. He can actually play fighting games really well. I can't wait to see him play KOF 15 when it's released.
  8. Nintendo is definitely a ninja company when it comes to secrets. Lol!
  9. I actually enjoyed watching him play it. I remember tuning in, to one of his Divinity streams during the last 10 minutes, not realising he was going to end the stream, and I saw him fight some giant worm things. I don't know much about the Divinity games, but that was really fun to watch.
  10. Thanks for all of that Sonic info dude. Dude what the heck? That story is ewwww! Yuck!
  11. @MoraMoria Those are alot of nice options. Thanks Mora. I remember Robopon in your previous post. That game looks interesting. Pokemon Conquest? Wow! That is a rare one. I think I heard about it sometime last year.
  12. Okay. So I'm thinking of playing another Jrpg. The problem is, there are so many. I have no idea which one to play.
  13. Wow! So in one of his old school Street Fighter throwback vids from mid July of this year, Phil said he enjoyed playing Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown. That is really nice. I wish he would play it again though.
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