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  1. musicboy

    Any Guilty Gear fans or players?

    Okay, to start it off, my top 8 favourites are: Jam Dizzy May Millia Rage Baiken Sol Badguy Potemkin Ramlethal Valentine
  2. musicboy

    A Game for Phil

    Cool! I understand.
  3. musicboy

    Your favorite quote(s) by video-game characters

    Chun Li: "I'm the strongest woman in the world." "I want to be the girl, with the most bracelets."
  4. musicboy

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Hey KGhaleon, there was a rumour last year, or the year before, that claimed that nintendo is financing the development, of Tekken X Street Fighter. I don't know how true it is though. But I found it quite interesting.
  5. musicboy

    Comic Book Talk

    Conan? Wow! Somehow, this is not too surprising. It kinda makes sense too.
  6. musicboy

    Your favorite quote(s) by video-game characters

    Shao Kahn from MK2. "Feel the power,........of Shao Kahn!" "You will die mortal." "Prepare to die." "You,..............know nothing!" Epic final boss quotes dudes!!
  7. musicboy

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    I might not be, a super big anime/cosplay fan, but I don't doubt you on that at all. Because some of those anime cosplayer girls, apparently sell and advertise, stinky, icky pics, surprisingly, on some site called patreon. I remember seeing numerous anime fans, complaining about those silly chicks, on various game and anime forums. That's how I found out, about the whole patreon thing. I agree with you on what you said. But not all of those cosplayer/anime girls, are annoying, attention loving and corny, as many youths call them. As for the so called deprived nerds, who give them too much attention, yeah, they are another issue.
  8. musicboy

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Not all of them are weird, annoying, corny, attention hungry babes though.
  9. musicboy

    Comic Book Talk

    Anytime I hear that name, I immediately think of resident evil.
  10. musicboy

    Comic Book Talk

    That is very cool to hear. I noticed that alot of companies these days, are having their own streaming services. Lets hope that they all do, productive stuff with them.
  11. musicboy

    Favorite game when you were a kid

    Zelda Links Awakening on Gameboy. I'm hoping for a Zelda Links Awakening 2.
  12. musicboy

    Bayonetta 3

    I think alot of gamers, were hoping for more info, on Bayonetta 3 in the nintendo direct yesterday. But Nintendo did say, they have more in store for us. Let's hope they do show something, for the next one, or sometime soon, during the year.
  13. musicboy

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Dark Order

    I watched the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order trailer, on the nintendo direct yesterday. It looks kinda cool. And I was surprised to find out, that Tecmo Team Ninja, were the devs behind it. I was like,.........Dude, what the heck?!
  14. musicboy

    Your favorite quote(s) by video-game characters

    Mario: Shine get!! From Super Mario Sunshine.
  15. musicboy

    possible metroid prime echos playtrhough?

    I liked the first game way more. It was really adventurous. But I wouldn't mind seeing him play Metroid Prime 2. However, he did mention a few times, that he didn't think alot of his fans, would want to see him, play through Metroid Prime 2. But if there is demand for it, he might probably play it. But then again, it's even possible, he might think about playing it, during/for some of his "chill streams."