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  1. Onaga kicks Sentry's butt. Thing unfortunately beats Jax. PS: I'm back again dudes! Hope you guys are doing fine.
  2. For real? Well good thing, you know about their channel now.
  3. Yeah! The one on the dreamcast was alot of fun. The one thing that was disappointing, is that it didn't have a true, final, bad guy villain end boss. Also, let's hope the new one is actually good. I know that over the years, alot of fans have been disappointed, with the direction the series has gone. And this new one is getting alot of mixed views. Something tells me that the new Guilty Gear, is going to be a 50/50 some fans love it, other fans hate it scenario.
  4. I definitely recommend playing, sega's Daytona USA racing games, and Sega Rally racing games. They are alot of fun. Oh yeah, one more thing........ "Game over Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"
  5. Nah! That style of anime cartoon fighting games, is not my style. But I like anime fighting games, like Guilty Gear X and Blaze Blue.
  6. Check them out whenever you have time. Yovideogames is his other channel, where all of the doods get together, to play fighting games and other types of games.
  7. I've heard about some of them, but don't know much about them.
  8. Yeah. I heard Maximillian Dood, say the same thing too.
  9. @MasterOfAwesomeness Gear 4th form? Interesting. That sounds like something from Guilty Gear.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised, if Microsoft or Sony, made hand held console/gaming, on the go peripherals like the switch. The mobility of the switch , is actually, one of the main draw attractions of the switch. The other main one, being that nintendo, has a wide library of 1st party games, that other consoles don't have. The only other console company, that could compete with nintendo in that category, is sega. But they have been out of the console business for a while now.
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