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  1. Yeah, no surprise. There are alot of comics and video games, that people have not heard about, or unfortunately, have been forgotten.
  2. musicboy

    Beat 'em up multiplayer action games!

    We need some new sequels, to all of the old beat 'em up games. Eg. Final Fight, Double Dragon, Bad Dudes, Golden Axe etc.
  3. musicboy

    (Arcade/Sim) Racing game discussion!

    The Indy 500 arcade car racing game, is really fun. I remember playing it and even X-men vs. Street Fighter, many years ago after school. The music, loud car engine sounds and speed, made you feel like you were in a real race. Wow! I haven't played that car racing game, in over a decade. Lol!
  4. musicboy

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Cool! So you're ready to race then? Vrooooom! Vrooooooom!
  5. musicboy

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Dude. What in the world, did I just see there? Yeah, that was a bad move. Elmo is going to destroy everyone, with his cuddly cuteyness. No weapon or magic spell, can protect, from his sorcery.
  6. musicboy

    Beat 'em up multiplayer action games!

    Ha! Ha! That last one was a silly joke. I don't think Mattel, would ever allow Barbie, Ken and crew, to be in a game beat 'em up game, like that. Lol! Unless they made the game, similar to the Simpsons arcade game, then it's probably possible. But yeah, that Barbie and Ken: Beat 'em up bean brawlers aka. Barbie and Ken heroic adventures, really does sound, like a real title.
  7. So who here likes beat 'em up games? Eg. Final Fight, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Gaunlet, Double Dragon etc. And which ones are your favs? Here's some of mine dudes: Final Fight 1, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game, the old Golden Axe games, Bad Dudes, Gaunlet Legends on gamecube, Double Dragon on game boy, X-men arcade game. Barbie and Ken: Beat 'em up bean brawlers aka. Barbie and Ken heroic adventures.
  8. musicboy

    Sharon/Terry Bogard MADNESS (FEXL)

    That Fighting Layer EX fighting game is really nice. I have to play it one day. I'm glad that Sharon is back. But Terry Bogart, wooah, now that is cool.
  9. musicboy

    Silver Surfer

    If ever the Marvel vs. Capcom series, by some blessing, gets great again, I hope they put Silver Surfer in it.
  10. musicboy

    Anyone here ever played Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver? :)

    Okay, after a good break from Soul Reaver, I started back playing it. And after solving some semi tough puzzles, in the cathedral stage, I realise I am now stuck.
  11. musicboy

    (Arcade/Sim) Racing game discussion!

    F1 World Grand Prix 2 has some nice race courses. I love the Italy course. That's the course I use, for training. When you select a course, the game has a mode, where they teach you tips, on how to drive and what strategies to use, to turn some of the corners, on the particular course that you have selected. That's a pretty neat feature. Apparently, the actual real life F1 drivers, were the ones who supplied the tips, used in that game mode. Wooah!
  12. musicboy

    Fantasy Fights 2.0

    Gladiator wins this one. PS: Nice to see, we got a new Fantasy Fight.
  13. musicboy

    What Are You Reading?

    I'm reading some dreamcast game manual pdf's, and reading moveslists for fighting game characters, these days.
  14. musicboy

    Pit Fighter

    @MoraMoria Yep. I agree with what you said. Especially the essence part. That is spot on. The retro style sprite designs and clunky animations, are what makes Pit Fighter, Pit Fighter. There are just some things, that can't be replaced.
  15. musicboy

    Silver Surfer

    I agree. It was such an utterly, retarded idea.