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  1. Anytime my internet lags too much, or there is too much cringey depressing stuff, appearing on the internet or youtube, I log off and instead play games like Bejewelled, or snes and dreamcast games, or do art for game dev work, for the rest of the day and night.
  2. musicboy


    I hope you made, a good bit of money though.
  3. Cool! PS: Oh no, in my previous post, I should have said Team Fortress 2. Lol!
  4. Wow, that is scary! Nice work dude.
  5. The Soul Calibur 1 soundtrack, both the arcade version and dreamcast version, is fantastic and awesome. The music in that game is very exciting, and goes well with the battles. Check out Maxi's Indian Port ost in that game. I also like Talim's music in Soul Calibur 2 too.
  6. I think he might play it and Xenobutts 2, sorry I meant Xenoblade Chronicles 2, if he is in the mood to play it, and if viewers are really interested in watching him play it.
  7. Wow! Capcom is laying it hard, with these bosses.
  8. Definitely the Skrull dude Titannus. But wow, there's something about Titannus, that reminds me of Thanos.
  9. I love the music in Soul Blade. The ost in that game, sounds like it is carrying you, on an amazing adventure.
  10. Aye, thanks dude.
  11. Not my kinda game, but I like Team Fortress more.
  12. Yeah. It's kinda strange when I think about it.
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