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  1. To be continued? Ahhhhh,.......dlc micro transactions incoming. Lol!
  2. Yeah, lmms is really nice. There is even a portable version of it, on portable apps.com, that you can install on your pen drive, and carry it around and use it on another pc.
  3. Dude, Nightwing will win that fight. Nightwing for the win.
  4. Lol! Japanese players to the rescue. Those Japanese love these type of games, where you wander around large open spaces, and fight monsters. Like for example PSO on the dreamcast is another one. 20 years later, and they still play it online on private servers. The same with the one on the gamecube. Yeah, that Goss Harag is sick! I saw the ice swords thing, and breaking them, in a vid a few days ago. Monster Hunter has alot of really cool boss monsters and mechanics. And the wirebug thing, reminds me of Samus Aran's grapple beam.
  5. I think he might one day play on NullDC Bear. A dreamcast emulator that has been online for a long while now. But the interesting thing is, he'll encounter alot of unexpected appearances in various fighting games, from Maximillian Dood, Justin Wong and alot of old school dreamcast gamers, playing on it, since alot of them play online on it. One good thing about fighting games on the dreamcast, is that you'll always, almost find competition and people playing online.
  6. I took a small rest from gaming because of the easter holiday. But the last games I played were: SF Alpha 2 on snes Project Justice 2 Virtua Fighter 3tb I had alot of fun playing those games. Another thing, that last boss in Project Justice called Hyo, is a pain in the butt even in easy mode. Lol!
  7. Sorry to hear you were sick for easter. I hope you are feeling better. Anyway, good to see you are enjoying the 4 star and upward village missions.
  8. Cool! I'll check it out.
  9. Good to see you're playing it. I was curious about this game for a while now. I haven't played it yet, but from what I've seen, the game looks cool.
  10. The music in Metropolis Street Racer is really nice. I like when racing games have cool sounding music. It goes well with the quests and races.
  11. The Wooing of Beppo Tate. It's a fun Caribbean story about Jamaican school kids, dealing with life in Jamaica, and a mysterious food thief. No spoilers from me.
  12. Loki wearing a T shirt? That is so disturbing.
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