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  1. I wouldn't be surprised, if Microsoft or Sony, made hand held console/gaming, on the go peripherals like the switch. The mobility of the switch , is actually, one of the main draw attractions of the switch. The other main one, being that nintendo, has a wide library of 1st party games, that other consoles don't have. The only other console company, that could compete with nintendo in that category, is sega. But they have been out of the console business for a while now.
  2. What da heck is that? I feel sorry for that poor horse and jockey. Lol!
  3. So I took a rest, off of racing sim games for a while, and started playing San Francisco Rush 2049, sometime last week. And wooah! That game is alot of fun. But unfortunately, the AI cars are tough to beat, even on easy mode. But despite that, it's still alot of fun. I suggest you guys check it out, whenever you guys have time. It's a really cool game.
  4. Yeah. I had alot of fun, with that super mario sunshine game. "Shine Get!"
  5. Dude! What the heck happened to Luffy? O_O
  6. "It's time, ta Silver the Surfer!"
  7. I've been watching some review/playthrough vids, of Gear Club 2 on the nintendo switch. Some gamers say the game is crap, but others say the game is actually good. Personally, I find that the game looks cool. And I like the snow mountain stage alot.
  8. musicboy

    Pit Fighter

    Yep. It's so bad, it became a classic.
  9. That one reminds me, of Jeanne D'Arc from World Heroes.
  10. @MoraMoria Those two eyes, in the background of the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu vid, look so creepy. Lol!
  11. That silly quote, is like almost not true at all. Lol!
  12. F1 World Grand Prix 2 music track. Some of the tracks, might sound like music from my parents days, but dang, they sound cool in this racing game. They make the races feel hype, and make training more fun too.
  13. Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown Ultra Street Fighter 2 Samurai Showdown (The new one.)
  14. Ha! Ha! Yeah. I would have said Thor. But Shao Kahn overall, is in a special, epic category.
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