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  1. That is some really interesting info dude.
  2. I definitely want to play the first game, and this one too.
  3. Cleopatra's Fortune. It's an anime Egyptian tetris styled puzzle game.
  4. I've never played it before, but I've heard many times, that Illbreed is a very, very disturbing horror game.
  5. DuckStation? I've heard about it a few times before. I've never used it yet though. Edit: Wow! I forgot there is an android version too. How the heck did I forget that? Lol!
  6. Lol! But your post above, was really interesting to read though.
  7. Final Fight 3 on snes. This game is fun.
  8. I'll be playing Final Fight 3 soon on snes. Something tells me I'll be in for a tough fight. x_X
  9. Call of Duty games. Originally, this series was great, but it has become so lame and over rated, it's embarrassing. Or as some of their fans would say, it's addicting but boring. Now how the heck, do both of those terms work together, and be mentioned in the same sentence? Lol!
  10. Thinking about it, it's possible that nintendo might be secretly making a switch pro, and might reveal it later on. Me personally, I think the switch pro or something close to it, is a real thing.
  11. Fighting Force 2. I know that historically, alot of Fighting Force 1 fans hate this game, but love the original which was a multiplayer beat em up, like Final Fight and Streets of Rage. But this sequel is a run and gun shooter action game, and while the game is not so bad, the controls are kinda clunky and a bit awful, and sometimes ruins the game experience. Like for example, enemies are behind you, you try to turn around to attack them or run away, and the game takes forever to do so, and you get shot in the back or get attacked repeatedly. Lol. Luckily, despite the bad controls,
  12. If he ever does another cooking episode, I hope he makes a home made pizza. That would be really cool.
  13. Ni No Kuni 2. I still have a few more episodes to watch.
  14. Who could forget that 80's martial arts lady Cynthia Rothrock.
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