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  1. brandonbeans

    2018 Ultimate Video Games Battle (2nd Round - December 14th-December 17th)

    God of Wars The Messenger (What day heck is this game about?) Lol! Guacamelee! 2 Dragon Ball FighterZ Monster Hunter: World Tetris Effect Octopath Traveler F1 2018 Mega Man 11 Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Super Smash Bros. Ultimate SoulCalibur VI Overcooked! 2 Beat Saber (First time I'm hearing about this game.) Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom
  2. brandonbeans

    Phil should play Mutant Year Zero!

    Yeah, that game looks interesting. For some strange reason, it reminds me of the Looney Toons characters.
  3. brandonbeans

    2018 Ultimate Video Games Battle (2nd Round - December 14th-December 17th)

    Guacamelee 2 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4  Yakuza 6: A Song of Life Octopath Travelers Shadow of the Tomb Raiders Overcooked 2 Mega Man 11 MLB The Show 18
  4. brandonbeans

    Nintendo is FINALLY allowing creators to monetize content

    Yeah. That's an interesting point you made there.
  5. brandonbeans

    So who's buying the Switch?

    I'm thinking about buying one.
  6. brandonbeans

    Death Battle - Thanos vs. Darkseid

    Yeah, this one is a tough one. I'll check out the vid in a while.
  7. brandonbeans

    Nintendo is FINALLY allowing creators to monetize content

    About time nintendo.
  8. Hey Dsp! How are you going dude? I recently found out you had a website, so I decided to join the forum. I've been following your channel for a while now, and I really enjoyed your Ultra Street Fighter 2 and even your SF 30th anniversary online battles. Especially when you play, SF2 Hyper Fighting and Super SF2 Turbo. And I like when you battle against, those annoying Evil Ryu's, V.Ken's and annoying air fireball spamming Akuma's, in Ultra SF2. And I will admit, I enjoyed your Ultra Street Fighter 2 online battles alot. And your DeeJay is really good. I have a few questions: A) Back in the early 90's, had alot of cool fighting games, that sadly disappeared off of the map. Eg. World Heroes, Fighters History, Primal Rage, Superior Soldiers etc. My question is, which old school forgotten fighting game, would you like to see, make a return? B) In one of your vids, you said that you played, alot of fighting games in the early 90's. My question is, who did your play or main, in these famous fighting games, that I listed below. Fighters History World Heroes Fatal Fury Samurai Showdown Superior Soldiers Mortal Kombat 2 Killer Instinct 1 and 2 C) I heard rumours, that the 3d fighting game, Virtua Fighter, the game that started the whole 3d fighting game genre, might be making a return, at an undisclosed date, with Virtua Fighter 6. Yippee! If VF6 is released one day, will you buy it? And what characters did you play, in the previous Virtua Fighter games? And who is your favourite Virtua Fighter character? My fav is Vanessa Lewis, Jean Kujo and Sarah Bryant. D) In one of your recent vids, you said you like pizza alot. What are your favourite toppings on a pizza? Hope you have a great Christmas holiday season. Take care and God bless dude. Big smile and thumbs up to you. Peace.