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  1. brandonbeans

    So who do you guys like playing, in SF3 Third Strike etc?

    Ryu and Dudley.
  2. brandonbeans

    Scariest game you've played?

    Resident Evil 3 Dino Crisis
  3. brandonbeans

    Any recommended XBOX 360 EXCLUSIVE games?

    Kameo = Really good game. Nuff said.
  4. brandonbeans

    So what's your take, on these Battle Royal styled games?

    The whole battle royale genre is okay. But it's a bit too overhyped though. I might play one, one of these days, when I see a battle royale game, that suits my style.
  5. I plan on watching his Sekiro playthroughs soon.
  6. brandonbeans

    Sony not going to E3 2019

    "Sony not going to E3?" Not too surprising.
  7. brandonbeans

    Favorite Competitive Racing Game?

    Daytona, F-Zero GX and Mario Kart.
  8. brandonbeans

    Any Guilty Gear fans or players?

    Sol Badguy is da way!! Jam (Everyone loves the cutie.) Baiken (I haven't played her much though. But she was always cool.)
  9. brandonbeans

    World Heroes fighting game.

    Mudman Forever!! Don't mess, with the tribal shaman dude.
  10. brandonbeans

    So what games are you currently playing now?

    I'm enjoying the heck, outta the first Powerstone. The second game is cool, and I like the cowboy dude. But that first Powerstone game is lit.
  11. brandonbeans

    Pit Fighter

    Pit Fighter? Ewwwww!
  12. brandonbeans

    can anyone suggested political discussion forums

  13. brandonbeans

    Any Fighters History players here?

    Ray Tornado!!
  14. brandonbeans

    Which RARE franchises, would you like to see, make a return?

    Definitely Jet Force Gemini. And a new Diddy Kong Racing game, would be good too.