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  1. As the person a couple spots above me said....”STOP TAKING THE BAIT”. You constantly lecture viewers about this...take you own advice. There’s no reason to post a twitlonger/argue on Twitter/mention in the pre-stream/and come on here if none of this is true. It looks so over the top defensive. And for gods sake...if you’ve received a dozen emails about financial help...again as the guy above said...simply send a generic response.
  2. Bigger5000

    Please include Carmageddon 1 in the indie's marathon

    What did he end up making yesterday?
  3. Bigger5000

    Thanksgiving message from Phil - support

    I mean he’s simply going to have to make more money I guess? That’s a good bit to make on top of his bills...hard to see it coming from the streams/YouTube. I’d still like to know the consequences aside from late penalties. I mean has the govt threatened garnishment of wages or mentioned his house?
  4. Bigger5000

    Thanksgiving message from Phil - support

    So at what point does the lose his house come into it?
  5. Bigger5000

    Thanksgiving message from Phil - support

    So if he doesn’t get 16k...what’s the consequence?
  6. Bigger5000

    Thanksgiving message from Phil - support

    So needs 16k plus whatever he pays for bills and you want him to stream less. How in the world does that make any sense at all?