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  1. There are hundreds, if not thousands of hours of footage that prove you wrong.
  2. Phil has said multiple times that cropping games in OBS is too hard
  3. So his paypal account is a personal not a business account?
  4. It would require Phil to register as a legal business
  5. Its not like the forum is that expensive. It only costs Phil around 2000 euros a year.
  6. I can't believe Phil slept on this one. Its so cool
  7. I only heard Phil explain how the Hype train works about 60 or 80 times in 5 minutes so I'm not really sure I fully understand it yet. I hope he lets us all know how the Hype Train works and counts it down for us more often.
  8. Hullo Phil, What was your favorite hamburger you ever ate? Mine was a cheeseburger I cooked on a BBQ in 2016. It had cheddar cheese and a big slice of tomato and onion on it. I put a bit of mayo on the bun. It was really good.
  9. I call this piece "The Face of Twitch" I showed my art teacher and she was really impressed. It's a bit different and more cartoon than my regular style so I know Phil will love it.
  10. Phil will be very happy when he sees all these games people nominated
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