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  1. Weekly fighting games would be much more interesting and make more sense than playing a bad port of a 30 year old game weekly with the same 4-6 guys and crying about netcode every 15 seconds.
  2. Can we put a limit on how many clips one person can nominate? The last time Derich posted about 38 videos and approximately 100% of them were boring and pointless and everyone in chat just about rioted. He's already added way too many here and will probably post more.
  3. Forum Users: "Phil is anti social! We've known him for 10 years and he's only ever interacted with about half a dozen people and almost all of those are gone because he shut them out of his life" Phil: "I had several acquaintances over the years who want nothing to do with me. You're an idiot" Wow dude you fuckin owned him.
  4. Hi Phil I thought up a new question for your Ask The King Question and Answer style interactive stream. Did you ever go to summer camp as a kid?
  5. I think he just doesnt like sharing the spotlight so multiplayer games are off the table. It's all about Phil.
  6. Hello Phil, Since you skipped all these questions I posted for last Ask the King but you still complained about not having many questions I'll post the unused ones here again for you! Feel free to answer them this time. Also I'll try to think up some new ones in the coming weeks. When is Jasper's birthday? Happy New Year! I was thinking about the new year and the future. Last year (2019) you talked with your mom and she encouraged you to take action and plan to step back from streaming and you made a promise to her that you would work on it. Have you m
  7. This entire 8 minute video of Monkey Island 2 The first 1 minute of this video of Starcraft 2 Where Phil plays a really cool Easter egg shooter game.
  8. There are hundreds, if not thousands of hours of footage that prove you wrong.
  9. Phil has said multiple times that cropping games in OBS is too hard
  10. Its not like the forum is that expensive. It only costs Phil around 2000 euros a year.
  11. I can't believe Phil slept on this one. Its so cool
  12. I only heard Phil explain how the Hype train works about 60 or 80 times in 5 minutes so I'm not really sure I fully understand it yet. I hope he lets us all know how the Hype Train works and counts it down for us more often.
  13. Hullo Phil, What was your favorite hamburger you ever ate? Mine was a cheeseburger I cooked on a BBQ in 2016. It had cheddar cheese and a big slice of tomato and onion on it. I put a bit of mayo on the bun. It was really good.
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