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  1. Just recreate DSP's house in a video game engine and then walk around in VR
  2. The River City Girls are my girlfriends
  3. I think more so than just being a "marathon" it has to be an event that is different than normal gameplay streams. This means having a gimmick for the marathong either inagme (like achievement hunting or 100%ing, etc. Or out of game like wearing a costume, doing special things like karaoke for large donations or Co-op gameplay.
  4. I hope @PhiI doesn't mind me creating this thread for his sweetheart Katherine on the day of her blessed birth! She needs to know there are true and honest DSP fans who love and respect her as The Queen to our King! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAT!!! (Feel free to celebrate Kat's day by leaving positive and encouraging messages of love and hope for her in this thread.)
  5. A drunk man tells DSP to shut up through their paper thin walls followed by silence and 30 seconds of boring gameplay with no commentary and then a single "drunkshutthefuckup" comment in the background. Epic!!! Something I've heard Phil reference at least 3 times in the past couple years and is extremely boring and dumb. I double nominate this for the Retrospective Rage-O-Thon.
  6. It's hard to draw on a laptop mouse. I might redo the Phil drawing at home if he complains.
  7. I never saw a frog with a goatee before. If you want Phil to use it on stream you just have to post it on the fan art thread
  8. I made a new slide for @Phil on my laptop today. I was thinking how the slideshow doesn't have any good slides about being a prestream. What do you think??? lol Hope you like it.
  9. One time I saw a video of someone unpacking cards and one of them was just a picture of a kitchen
  10. I drew this during GTA and NFL but I'm not sure if I like it enough to submit it for Phil to use on stream. and yes. That's MISTER Jasper!
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