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  1. Hello @Phil are there any upcoming games that you need art for? I can create something custom for you. Just let me know the details
  2. I made another new stream slide, this one is good to let people know that the stream is starting soon I used some retro gaming sprites to make it more fun just like the other fanart that Phil loves Edit: I showed my brother and he suggested some changes to make it more fun.
  3. That person edited their post after I posted. I believe they originally said just Myst also. My vote is for "Myst: Masterpiece Edition" which is just a modern port of the original game I believe and not random updated graphics
  4. The Quiet Man Myst Milon's Secret Castle Takeshi’s Challenge Flywrench
  5. I watch Phil's streams to escape the drama of my real life. When I watch, there is no electric bill, internet bill, or a family that needs food and shelter. It's just Phi and me.
  6. Good news everyone - Phil canceled his Netflix subscription! That's $8 a month he'll save from now on
  7. For the next episode of Life is Strange.
  8. Who??? Even the most hardcore dedicated fans eventually hate that music.
  9. I suggest making the prestream longer. I think some new viewers need to know that 11 years ago Phil started on Youtube as a hobby and he only started it full time after losing his helicopter job
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