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  1. Wow im thoroughly suprised im not banned. But what Im shockingly surprised of is Phil renigging or finding a loophole to barely playing or flatout not play a game he said he would. I am shocked.
  2. No. No no no no. Phil. Its not the trolls, its not haters that are bringing you down. Its YOU. You control how you spend your money and you put yourself in this situation. You think you're the first person to not be able to afford some shit that you could of years ago? The internet is a volatile business. Dont you have a business degree? How do you not know basic business knowledge? Maybe you do you just like throwing blame on everybody but yourself. Phil, very few people outside your fanbase like you for a reason. You have to drop this facade that you dont do anything wrong when you absolutely do. All. The. Time. You have to drop lying and spinning the truth. Do you not realize that you have every day of your life for the last 10 years up on the internet to reference from? I remember when you slandered Twitch, this game developer, that Youtuber and yet you like to pretend you are the good guy that everybody hates for no reason. Hell, just a couple of days ago you went to a Twitch stream and acted like one of your detrators do in your very own stream. You acted out and of course both the streamers and viewers retaliated. THIS IS THE VERY SAME BEHAVIOR YOU DONT TOLERATE IN YOUR OWN STREAM! So no. You blame whoever you can blame for your problems to make yourself feel better. But the root of your problems is you. Everybody makes mistakes, but the thing about being an adult is realizing you made a mistake and fix it. Only a child blames every thing on everybody else. Realize you put you in this debt. Buying BMWs when you barely drive, a house clear across the country for no real good reason, buying action figures, throwing hundreds into an internet connection that's apparently not very good, paying $50 a month to watch half naked grown men pretend they are being hurt.. Like, i remember you blew hundreds on a fucking WWE phone game and you went to the phone games forums to gloat about it WHILE YOU WERE TELLING FANS MONEY WAS RUNNING LOW. I mean theres is alot of shit financial blunders you made. I dont know if you're going to get the $16,000 you need, but if I was you, I would start making plans to sell the damn house and live a much more reasonable and affordable life. But whatever, im pretty sure the 8 people that still come here already knows this and this post will "mysteriously" be deleted as soon as Phil logs in.
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