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  1. Now that I've seen some games, I can now say good for him for recording himself playing a video game and uploading it to Youtube, I guess.
  2. One more attempt. This time I managed to to get the buggy cheermotes below maximum size in the initial render, so I didn't have to run them through the compressor that might've been making them flicker. The cowboy one actually only needed to be shrunken by a fraction of a kilobyte, lol.
  3. I'm new at this so I don't know why the gif of you bopping around glitches out, maybe it's because of how fast it moves around, or maybe it's a compression thing. I made a new version. This one's also compressed a lot, but maybe it'll behave better since it's slower. I'll try to make something else if it still doesn't behave. I also redid the one with the gun so it shows your face from the start, which means the thumbnail on the bits page shouldn't be blank.
  4. Here are the cheermotes I mentioned doing before. They should be in the parameters that Twitch put out, but if they're not I think I can fix/improve them. I couldn't think of a fifth one to do and I was really excited to post what I already had. I'll try to make one more if I can think of something good.
  5. I'll let you know when I see some games.
  6. I surprised Phil hasn't implemented cheermotes for his channel. I made a quick proof of concept for one. If it's well received, I might take the time to make a full set that's more complex and in the size parameters.
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