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  1. Super Edit: I was just informed that you and another guy Amityville just come here to defend Phil, bait people to getting banned for your own emusment, and are a waste of time talking too. Looking at both your post histories that seems to be somewhat true, especially with Amityville. So nevermind.
  2. Because you have used this technique before and nothing has happened like when you announced you received a Switch, PS4 Pro, and 4K TV. You think if the trolls had that much power those people who have donated wouldn't of been exposed already? You're GMail (which im sure is connected to your Youtube/Google account) has never been hacked and never will because its greatly secured. Thats the only way this fictional person would be outted. Even so, if you're that worried about getting hacked, all you have to do is delete the email and no-one would know. Talk about adding nothing to the conversation, why did you even post anything?
  3. I agree. In my opinion I think its a long shot, maybe even a Moonshot's chance DSP will get that $16,000. He would have to have the success of August when Tut was here and the success of last January with the 1st Tax fundraiser consecutively each month until April. Even with Christmas I dont think this month is going to be that successful, let alone the low ad revenue months of January, February, and March. Only way I could see any shot of it is being more transparent about his tax situation, and I don't mean with just saying more details. Documents from last tax situation which he says it helped get his current projection might give the fans a bit more morale to donate.
  4. Thank you for your honesty. If you would of mentioned this fact from the start, this would of went way more smoother. It seemed like you was trying to avoid saying this when it was obvious it was what you were doing, just not admitting to it. You wouldnt want a big donation be said public so you could see more donation money later down the line. I get it. Unfortunately you made this way worse than it had to be, Ive read 2 or 3 different stories from you and like a half a dozen inconsistencies. I didnt get why you said it was all his idea to go behind the scenes and then after reading the email he actually recommended to go public as "Anonymous". I still dont get the problem of saying the dollar amount and calling it a donation from "Anonymous" would put the real donator at risk of being doxxed when you've used this technique before with the Switch and TV donations and nothing has happened. I dont know why you would still give a semi serious respone to a "potentional donator" when you had a suspicion of trolling because you just recieved 12 other emails that turned out to be trolls. There are several questionable decisions you made that overall made this situation blow up when you could of just mentioned one small fact and none of this would of happened. I hope you find a way out if this rut DSP, a great first step would be being upfront and telling the whole truth the first time. Don't tell half truths to try to make yourself look better because there are 1,000s of people out there that are going to find the dirty side of the truth you're not telling and try their best to make you look like a complete liar. Also a few tips DSP. Any email that is talking about giving you a large amount of money and doesnt have an avatar, a face, or a real name or company attached? Its probably fake. And if the off chance one of these "miracle donations" is real? As a man that is trying to get out of a major tax situation, its probably not a good idea for someone to Western Union you a large amount of money so you kick off 2019 with thousands of untraced dollars. Getting "Under the Table" money is not ever a good idea in the long run. Cheers.