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  1. I suspect this is a troll account baiting you into actually providing proof of other emails, which he’s not entitled to do nor does it actually matter. The point stands clear, Phil doesn’t owe anyone anything. If you show up and actually want to have a good time you show your support and if not then that’s fine. Whether or not Phil discloses any of his income is no one’s business but his own. Phil is NOT forcing you to donate. If he says he needs $16,000, and he has $30,000 already, that doesn’t change what you would have wanted to donate for in the first place. This is common sense. If he ends up exceeding his goal then that’s wonderful, and your support is going to be appreciated just the same. What we we are witnessing right now is a guy who has dedicated 10 years of his life to something he is passionate about, and take it or leave it, needs your support now more than ever. If you dont think Phil deserves it, then honestly don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Detractors have gotten him to this point and they will continue to bring him down.
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